Press Man Report Review

Press Man Report is a horse racing tipster service which is operated through the Matt Mitter’s Value Rater service. It claims to draw on inside information in order to produce strong profits.

Introduction to Press Man Report

I feel like half of this job is looking at the marketing as much as the product. This is because it is often one of the biggest indicators of what you can expect. This typically applies when it comes to one of the multitudes of highly questionable tipster services on the market which claim silly results off the back of very little work.

Sometimes though, you are looking at well established tipster groups or names that are genuinely quite well known in the betting world. In the case of Press Man Report, it is the former that applies with Value Rater being one of the more trustworthy sources of tips on the market. This means that when they make claims about snagging a leading reporter to provide them with tips, I am inclined to pay attention. So with some excitement, let’s take a look at Press Man Report and what is on offer here.

What Does Press Man Report Offer?

Compared to the vast majority of horse racing tipster services on the market, Press Man Report is actually rather unique. Each Sunday there is uploaded to the Value Rater member’s area information which  details where you can expect reports from in the coming week. These are based off where the tipster behind Press Man Report is going to be reporting from.

This will be for events running Wednesday to Saturday (Value Rater refer to these as “the key racing days”) which is a long way from what most punters are used to from their tipsters.

press-man-report-reviewOn the days where the tipster behind the service is reporting, you will receive a “Press Man Report” (hence the name) which Value Rater claim is “punting dynamite”. These are sent out before midday and contain selections as well as a staking plan. Rather more interestingly, it also contains information which the tipster has supposedly gathered upon arrival at the course.

When it is all put together, this does make Press Man Report one of the more interesting and informative tipsters on the market.

All of this is very positive and most importantly, it is all genuine information. Where a lot of tipsters will give you the bare minimum for their selections, the tipster behind Press Man Report is going well above and beyond.

Even the report which is issued on the Sundays contains more information than a lot of tipster services that I have looked at. In spite of all of this, Press Man Report is no more difficult to follow than even the most basic of services.

In terms of the strike rate for Press Man Report, whilst there are no claims made by Value Rater directly, there is full proofing provided and I can carry out some calculations from this. Of some 215 bets, there are 150 which have ultimately lost. This means that the strike rate for Press Man Report stands around 30%, a respectable figure given the odds which are involved.

How Does Press Man Report Work?

It goes without saying that Press Man Report is ultimately based around the fact that the tipster behind the service is a genuine insider. Whilst I am typically sceptical of this kind of claim as there is usually very little evidence involved, there is something different about Value Rater’s offering. This in no small part comes down to the reports that are put out.

These eponymous Press Man Reports appear to be genuinely authored by somebody in the know. Even the arrangement of an initial report with tips coming at a later date fits this.

To go into a little more detail on this, Matt Mitter of Value Rater says that “The Press Man” who is the tipster behind Press Man Report is one of the leading members of the Press Room. This allows him unprecedented access to trainers, jockeys, owners and other members of the press.

As well as inevitably drawing on general knowledge and experience that comes with the job, that insider knowledge and being trackside allows additional insight that I think it is fair to say a lot of tipsters may miss.

What is the Initial Investment?

Typically Press Man Report is not cheap which given what is involved seems fair enough. Value Rater are asking £45 per month for selections. Alternatively, and representing better value, you can sign up on a quarterly basis at a cost of £99.99.

It is also worth noting that at the time of writing, both of these options are available with 75% off meaning £11.25 for your first month and £25 for your first quarter. This is a limited time offer only however.

It is probably worth mentioning that payment for Press Man Report is handled through a proprietary Value Rater payment screen. There is also no mention of any money back guarantee being in place so I wouldn’t buy into the service expecting a refund.

What is the Rate of Return?

Press Man Report launched in November of 2017 and since then, it has produced an overall points profit of 65.73 points. Whilst this could easily be construed as a bit of a disappointment, there is a much bigger picture to consider. The ROI sits at 24.3% which is a respectable number.

Conclusion to Press Man Report

I have heard the words inside information so many times that it almost doesn’t mean anything to me. It seems like everybody in the horse racing industry has a mate on the inside and I am not particularly inclined to question this.

Here is what their Youtube Video states:

The quality of information that they get however is massively different. Let’s be honest, bunging a stable hand £50 down the pub is never going to be comparable to what Value Rater are offering with Press Man Report.

The big question that I have if I am completely honest is one of value for money. Value Rater are asking quite a lot at £45 per month for Press Man Report. Especially when you consider that the profit, especially when worked out on a monthly basis, is pretty minimal. Of course the ROI does show that there is still money to be made here however it does require pretty big stakes. If you are in a position to do this, then Press Man Report starts to look a lot better.

The other factor that I think comes into play with Press Man Report is the future potential. I can see no reason to doubt that there is indeed a genuine media insider behind the service. A look at the set up demonstrates that. With this comes the ever present possibility that there is a big win waiting just around the corner. Honestly, this creates something of an impasse from a practical point of view.

Here are my final thoughts for Press Man Report though. The service is expensive and it does not apologise for it (although if you can get in on the special offers currently on offer then you are laughing). Personally, I am of the opinion that there is probably better value to be had elsewhere if you are willing to look around.

If you are looking to invest serious money in a serious service though, I could potentially see Press Man Report working out for you longer term, as it is not a short term income booster.


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From: Simon Roberts