Prestige Punter Review

Prestige_Punter_ReviewPrestige Punter is a new horse racing tipster service from the Tipster TV branch of Betfan. It is based around an allegedly unique system that has been extensively trialled over the last few years.

What does the product offer?

The promotional material for Prestige Punter comes with some pretty big claims by Tipster TV. For example, they state that with Prestige Punter you are 445% more likely to find winners than picking by chance (whatever that means) and that you have an outstanding 98% chance of making a profit in a 4 week period. In terms of what you can expect, Prestige Punter is definitely a selective tipster service, so much so that November had just 13 days when bets were available (although there can be as many as 9 bets on a day when there are selections available). The bets themselves are straight forward and all are win bets.

The staking plan for Prestige Punter is the extreme end of Betfans usual example and is based around 5 points per bet. One of the most impressive aspects of Prestige Punter is the strike rate which over two and a half years has averaged an outstanding 54.52%. Tipster TV also offer a bonus system form of “Selected Trainers” when you sign up for Prestige Punter.

How does the product work?

Tipster TV say that behind Prestige Punter is a very unique system that has been tipstertvkept under wraps for over 2 years whilst Betfan have been trialling it. Naturally they do not divulge any information whatsoever about what this system involves. The only thing that is said is purposely vague with Tipster TV saying that Prestige Punter only bets on horses in certain races which provides a better chance of picking the correct ones.

What is the initial investment?

Compared to some betting systems that Betfan put out (under all their various arms) where the price is usually at the very high end of the scale, Prestige Punter seems rather reasonable.

There are two options which are a monthly one at £38 per month or a quarterly option at £76 per quarter (28 days and 90 days respectively). Unfortunately there is no money back guarantee in place however Tipster TV do say that they will review requests.

What is the rate of return?

So far, the profits for Prestige Punter have been extremely strong with the service generating 826.07 points since March 2013. This represents an ROI of 20.29% and is based off Betfair SP.


There is very little to say about Prestige Punter that the numbers do not. If the results that Tipster TV are claiming then Prestige Punter is a sure fire thing.

The service has been operational for some time (according to the proofing) and during this the results have been some of the strongest that I have ever seen, There is just one concern that I have about Prestige Punter which is whether or not the service has been back tested or these are genuine results (something that isn’t clarified).

With that in mind I would probably watch Prestige Punter for a further month before I invested, just to make sure that the form continues.



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