Price Equalisation Method Review

Price Equalisation Method is a horse racing betting system devised by Andrew David and marketed by Agora Lifestyles that involves observing Betfair marketing.

What does the product offer?

Price Equalisation Method is a guide to a method of horse racing betting that according to Andrew David is able to “follow the bookies” in order to profit. Price Equalisation Method is a Betfair based system however Andrew David says that there is no technical knowhow, analysis or slaving over charts to get this to work. In fact, by all accounts following Price Equalisation Method is a pretty simple procedure (as I shall look at below).  Unfortunately there is no proofing provide for Price Equalisation Method however there is some insight into how you can expect Andrew David’s system to perform. In the two years that basic results are supplied for (the main sales page for Price Equalisation Method is woefully out of date) less than a quarter of all months were losing months which is based on observing just 2 races each weekday and 7 races on a Saturday. Also provided is a bonus report on another system.

How does the product work?

As Andrew David says, it is difficult to go into the details of Price Equalisation Method without giving too much away however there are some things that I can divulge which should give you an idea of what it entails. Essentially Price Equalisation Method is based around looking at market movement on Betfair. This is because at certain points before a race there will be a huge injection of cash from bookies. This means that you can essentially copy what they are doing.

What is the initial investment?

Agora Lifestyles are selling Price Equalisation Method for a one time cost of £137. This also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee in which you can claim a refund with Andrew David saying that trialing Price Equalisation Method should take you around 3 weeks to really get a good idea of earnings etc.

What is the rate of return?

In a single year Andrew David claims that Price Equalisation Method made him 90 points of profit. This doesn’t sound a lot by any stretch of the imagination however this is a betting system so profits should be obtainable year on year. Furthermore, this figure appears to be based on rather minimal betting.


There are a lot of betting systems out there that promise the world and don’t really make any effort to deliver on this but this doesn’t seem to be the case at all for Price Equalisation Method. There isn’t much evidence on the sales page for Price Equalisation Method but research has uncovered plenty of people who have used it successfully.

My only reservations here are that like the sales page for Price Equalisation Method, much of the information is a tad outdated. That having been said the principles of the system are solid and there is real potential for Price Equalisation Method to actually do what it says on the tin.



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Im not sure Andrew David fully understands his own system he certainly doesnt realise the potential of it. I proved to Andrew David that you can use this system the night before, i sent my selections so i could prove my point. Yes i have improved his basic system , he is obviously correct that the Betfair market becomes very accurate just before the off but this can be used on any race . Most bookies will soon restrict anyone using this method but Bet365 continue to take my bets, like any system there are ups and downs but this profits. This can be used on the exchanges and i cant see how anyone can really stop it.
Andrew David is so close here but hes just a marketing man who has probably never used it.

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