Pro Bet Alliance Review

Pro Bet Alliance is a long standing tipster service from Winning Information Network that claims to be able to provide strong profits to users.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for Pro Bet Alliance makes it sound like a frankly incredible offering with Winning Information Network claiming that you are gaining access to a top quality horse racing inner circle in the sale material. There is plenty of hype around this with Pro Bet Alliance claiming that the inner circle must remain secret and as such the details will never be released.

The facts about Pro Bet Alliance is that it is a low volume and highly selective tipster service that has been designed to win often.

Selections are advised early on the day they are available with the majority being win bets with the occasional each way bet on longer odds. The staking plan for Pro Bet Alliance is rather straightforward with level stakes of 5 points advised per bet.

The strike rate over the last 12 months stands at 30.4% however this doesn’t paint a full picture in terms of results.

How does the product work?

As mentioned, Winning Information Network make reference to a top secret inner circle who make selections and that he is a “businessman” within a network of bettors that have allegedly developed a number of “powerful and reliable systems”.

As you would expect there is unfortunately no evidence to back this up. Whilst I accept that no tipster will give away their system I do feel that Winning Information Network don’t provide nearly enough information given the results.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Pro Bet Alliance is being offered on a monthly and quarterly option (which actually run for 28 days and 90 days) and are sold at a cost of £57 and £125 respectively.

There isn’t any real money back guarantee in place however Winning Information Network do follow the usual Betfan approach saying that refunds aren’t typically offered however requests will be looked at.

What is the rate of return?

Over the last 12 months Pro Bet Alliance has actually produced a loss which simply isn’t good enough. At the time of writing this is 41.58 points however you also need to factor in the cost of the service which even at the cheaper quarterly rate would mean additional costs of £500.


The long and short of Pro Bet Alliance is that it has lost out on money and in a rather substantial way. The worst part is that this hasn’t even been a rapid decline that could be as a result of a few off bets, it has been a long and sustained loss.

The occasional month is inevitable with any tipster service but the fact is that there has been a steady decline since August in 2014. I simply don’t see any value in Pro Bet Alliance and can’t recommend enough avoiding the service. Especially since for the same amount each month you could get two profitable tipster services.



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From: Simon Roberts