Pro Bet App Review

Pro Bet App is a product from Nicholas Firth that comes in the form of an app that can allegedly deliver a substantial profit for users.

What does the product offer?

Pro Bet App is sold as one click software that “enables the struggling punter to easily rocket any betting account”. To top this off, Nicholas Firth says that you require no computer skills or experience to actually use Pro Bet App. In fact, there is plenty that Pro Bet App can allegedly do for you however there is very little evidence to back any of this up. As touched upon, Pro Bet App is a piece of software which has been programmed by Nicholas Firth with a view to automatically betting for you.

However it is also worth pointing out that Pro Bet App also comes with a complete user guide to the software. In order to place any bets you have to make a deposit through a bookmaker of Nicholas Firth’s choice which at the time of writing is Sports Winner.

It is worth noting that there is very little in the way of additional information. This means that there are no details about the strike rate, staking plan used etc. outside of what the software decides you should be doing.

How does the product work?

According to Nicholas Firth, all selections that Pro Bet App comes with are “agreed” selections that come from over 100 different tipster services. The software compiles all of this data and where there are numbers matches, these selections are “agreed”.

This all sounds well and good however I remain sceptical of these claims and there is certainly no real evidence that this is the actual selection process.

What is the initial investment?

Nicholas Firth is advertising Pro Bet App as being entirely free and in some respects he is giving away the software. However as touched upon earlier, in order to get your free copy you have to make a minimum deposit through Sports Winner.

Nicholas Firth appears to push users for the maximum bonus of £200 though.

What is the rate of return?

The potential income from Pro Bet App is the only thing that is stated clearly with Nicholas Firth claiming to have made over £53,000 in 3 months exactly starting with just £5. This allegedly is based on a guaranteed income of 2.8 points of profit per day.


Whilst Pro Bet App is a new product, the methods of marketing aren’t anything new to me and have actually been employed before on binary options trading products.

The similarities are abundant with the focus of Pro Bet App being on the allegedly high rates of income whilst also talking in great detail about how east a source of income Pro Bet App actual is.

With binary options products all of the trading is placed directly (as is the case with Pro Bet App) and this is problematic for more reasons than I care to get into here. The most likely situation with Pro Bet App is that it exists in order to allow the creator to claim a referral commission with each new signee up to Sports Winner.


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From: Simon Roberts