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Pro Betting Network Review

Pro Betting Network is a stable of tipsters covering a variety of sports as well as more obscure bets. The service is offered by Oxfordshire Press Ltd.

What does the product offer?

Pro Betting Network is a tipster website that provides a huge number of different tips for various sports including football, rugby and tennis. Selections don’t appear to be daily but they are made available online which means that they can be accessed anywhere. The actual bets themselves are hugely varied with a number of different betting types offered.

How does the product work?

There are 6 tipsters behind Pro Betting Network, all with “code names” with the exception of one Peter Mac who seems to be at the head of the service. Each tipster claims to have a background in a number of disciplines. For example whilst “Mr. Black” an alleged top pro snooker player offers snooker and golf selections, “Mr. Hack” uses his contacts in the media to predict and offer betting advice on media awards shows and the like. All in all this is a mixed bag of networking and statistical analysis depending on the service and the tipster.

What is the initial investment?

Access to Pro Betting Network costs £19 per month or £199 per year. Each subscription comes with a 14 day trial period to decide if this Pro Betting Network is for you.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t really any specific claims made about how much you can earn with Pro Betting Network. Most of the information displayed is regarding the value extracted from the odds with some bets going as high as 50/1 and some even higher than this.


Arguably the best part of Pro Betting Network is the value that it represents. The pricing is more than fair for what is on offer and the fact that there is a huge part of this. The results aren’t covered in detail which is disappointing although from my research this isn’t a service that will produce a lot of wins. That having been said according to the results that Pro Betting Network publish (note that these aren’t proofed) the service is in profit. All in all this may well be worth a look. There are a variety of sports covered and all this is for very little liability.



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TO PRO BETTING NETWORK.Hope you can help.On my latest bank statement ifind that two direct debits have been taken from my account.One for 20 pounds on 1st MARCH and one for 19 pounds on7th Maech.Could you explain why.I have not received any selections from you for ages.I used to get selection from NICK PULLEN but of late they are a rarity.Could you look into this matter and explain what is happening or in my case what is NOT happening.I await your comments.ARTHUR HARFORD

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