Pro Race Consultants Review

Pro Race Consultants is a new independent horse racing tipster service which is operated by Patrick Jacobson and his team. The service is supposedly capable of producing massive profits which are “guaranteed”.

What does the product offer?

The headline for Pro Race Consultants says more about what the service can supposedly offer than I could, and that is this:

“Team of betting professionals travel the length and breadth of the UK to give you the most accurate trackside insights each morning”.

Of course, this sounds fantastic! Who wouldn’t want a tipster with this kind of information? Patrick Jacobson even talks about his alleged team (something I will get to below). So with this kind of promise in mind and a rather sceptical view (for reasons I will also explore), let’s look at what you are actually getting with Pro Race Consultants.

Pro Race Consultants is currently being pushed heavily by a large number of affiliates, all related to horse racing and there are certain things that one has come to expect. Pro Race Consultants ticks almost all of these boxes. It is a horse racing tipster service and selections are sent out to subscribers on a daily basis. These are sent out via email and don’t generally contain a lot of information about selections. You can typically expect a few bets per day in terms of numbers.

On the subject of numbers, I feel that it is important to highlight the fact that Pro Race Consultants doesn’t come with any specific staking plan. This is rather concerning for a number of reasons, but mostly it comes down to one big point. The income potential that Patrick Jacobson claims Pro Race Consultants is capable of is in pounds and pence, and it is worth highlighting that he “guarantees” this income (in an entirely none binding fashion of course). With no details of what to stake to make this money, it becomes a point of contention for me.

I also find it interesting to note that there is no claimed strike rate for Pro Race Consultants. This is about par for the course for these affiliate pushed products (that or ridiculously high claims), however it stands out for me here. Patrick Jacobson says that he has been running Pro Race Consultants for 14 years. Any tipster who has operated a service for even half of this length of time would have records, numbers etc. and so would publish them. The fact that they haven’t been this indicates (at least to me) that Patrick Jacobson hasn’t bothered to keep any results or he has something to hide, both of which are concerning.

How does the product work?

In terms of how Pro Race Consultants works, this is seemingly very straight forward. Patrick Jacobson boasts of having a team of 6 (including himself) behind the service, each of who visit local race tracks. Each of these supposedly covers an area and reports in. Each member of the Pro Race Consultants team supposedly has some background in betting or horse racing which I will touch upon as I look at them individually. The team is supposedly composed of the following

Tony and Rodney Harris – “The Birmingham Brothers”. This pair have supposedly been involved with Patrick Jacobson for 10 years and are both knowledgeable about horse racing. A trait which has been “passed down for generations”.

Martin Fisher – “The Diamond”. A London based operative who supposedly gets plenty of inside information.

Steve Wilcox – “Man in the North”. Supposedly covers all Northern race tracks and provides “invaluable data” on a daily basis.

Scott Michaels – “The Kid”. A Bristol based operative who has supposedly been “following his dad to the bookies since he was a nipper”.

Patrick Jacobson – The founder of the service who claims that he started the service with his (now late) brother as a natural progression from working in his Aunt’s stables.

Having got this Oceans 11 style roster out of the way, it is important to look at what the implication is. Patrick Jacobson is suggesting that he has a complete team of betting experts, each of which supposedly brings an edge to some degree or another. By combining their knowledge and skills, we are supposed to believe that they can generate the kind of profits claimed. I am highly sceptical of this however for reasons that I will explore.

What is the initial investment?

Given everything that you are getting access to, Pro Race Consultants seems almost suspiciously cheap. Patrick Jacobson is asking a one time payment of just £29.99 (pus VAT) in order to receive selections for a lifetime of tips. This is supposedly a simple show of sincerity in order to join the group. This offer is allegedly only open to 50 new members however (I believe this to be nothing more than a crude marketing ploy however).

It is worth pointing out that there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place for Pro Race Consultants as it is sold through Clickbank, a fact that Patrick Jacobson is keen to point out.

What is the rate of return?

This is of course the most important aspect of any tipster service and the claims made by Pro Race Consultants are rather substantial. “Every One” of Pro Race Consultants’s members are supposedly guaranteed to make £160,000+ per year. This is followed up with a claim that you can make £3,000 this week and £13,000 per month. It is important to keep in mind that there is no evidence to back this up outside of a questionable screenshot of a Betfair betting account.


There is an awful lot about Pro Race Consultants that I find to be questionable. I will start with the obvious things like a lack of proofing or the fact that there isn’t a staking plan for this guaranteed income. I would anticipate that even if I did believe these numbers (which I don’t), £100 per bet would still mean 1,600 points of profit over the year. This would however require a near miraculous performance from Patrick Jacobson and his team.

Furthermore, the fact that a tipster has supposedly been running a service for 14 years and either hasn’t kept records or hasn’t published them tells me one of two things. He is vastly unprofessional or the claimed results are falsified or exaggerated. Even giving the benefit of the doubt, I am inclined to lean towards the latter.

All of this pales in comparison to my biggest problem with Pro Race Consultants however and that is who is marketing the service. I am well aware that a lot of tipsters use a pen name for their services and that is fair enough. Pro Race Consultants however is being marketed by a Clickbank user who has marketed 3 products this year and substantially more than this overall. In my experience, these aren’t tipsters, they are internet marketers who are usually trying to make a quick buck.

With all of this in mind, I simply don’t see what aspect of Pro Race Consultants I would recommend. The fact is that there is not a shred of evidence that I can see that this is a genuine product. This means that even though Pro Race Consultants seemingly represents value for money, I don’t see it as being worth the risk. Truthfully, I think that you will simply lose more time and money trialling Pro Race Consultants than you would get back from it. With this in mind, I would recommend a pretty wide berth.

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I recently joined this service so far 90% loss. Also didn’t like when you go too pay up pops another bit of the service for more money. Click no then another offer comes up. so if took both offers would have nearly £100.
when you get tips they arrive in a format similar too another service backward bets. both “mailed by”

Another total c*n, I have proof that this is a total sc*m . Winners are few and far between total lie on the details they say in press. Very very similar to another con from Gavin Whitehall service. backward bets. I have months of proof they can’t pick a winner , if I actually backed these I would be broke. TOTAL C*N AND another money making scheme from the people who send out emails

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