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Pro Soccer Review

Pro Soccer is a football statistics database that uses the information to make predictions on games.

What does the product offer?

Pro Soccer provides users with up to date predictions on football games as well as a host of statistics to back them up. The statistics themselves are varied and cover a variety of things from the obvious, such as win lose rates over the last 12 games or the average age of the team, through to some more obscure examples such as the value of the top 20 players and the distance between the home and away side. As well as football predictions there are also basketball, tennis and ice hockey predictions.

How does the product work?

Pro Soccer seems to use previous games as the primary indicator in making predictions about the winners. Pro Soccer uses a system that ranks the difficulty of the last 12 games as well as how comfortable the win was. This form table seems to then provide the foundation for selections. The potential outcomes are then given a percentile chance of occurring (e.g. Australia vs Spain in the World cup has 4% chance of Australia winning, an 18% chance of a draw and a 78% chance of Spain winning).

What is the initial investment?

Pro Soccer is an entirely free service and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that this will change any time soon.

What is the rate of return?

Because Pro Soccer is a tool rather than a direct money making product it is difficult to state how much you could expect to make. As part of a betting system it could prove profitable but purely using the predictions that it comes up with would unlikely generate much profit as the predicted results are pretty much the same as those of the bookies.


Pro Soccer is an invaluable tool for anybody who has an interest in football betting. The information available isn’t unique to Pro Soccer, but the way it is compiled makes it easy to read. The actual website is somewhat difficult to navigate however when once you are used to it this ceases to be a problem.

All in all I wholeheartedly recommend Pro Soccer, especially since you don’t have any risk in looking.



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From: Simon Roberts