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Profit Builder Pro Review

Profit Builder Pro is a betting system created by Andrew David that actually brings together several different betting systems into one larger product.

What does the product offer?

Andrew David says that he has created Profit Builder Pro to be as simple as possible and that he tasked himself with making a betting plan that’s quick and easy to run each day. The end result is Profit Builder Pro. There are four different systems contained within Profit Builder Pro which cover two different sports. Whilst 3 of the systems cover horse racing the final one has actually been designed for use in football betting. Andrew David points out that Profit Builder Pro is not a high stakes gambling system but has been designed to slowly build your bank. It is entirely optional which of the betting systems that make up Profit Builder Pro you use however it is recommended that if you want to maximise profits then you should be using more of the systems. There is no proofing and therefore strike rate however Andrew David claims that no system has had a losing month. As a bonus, Profit Builder Pro also comes with 2 additional bonus systems.

How does Profit Builder Pro work?

This all depends on which of the systems that you use. The first of Profit Builder Pro’s systems uses reverse forecasts to allow you to make profit each weekend and is essentially just 2 simple rules. The second strategy involves betting on odds on shots based around identifying certain price triggers. The third system is criteria based with Andrew David saying that when you have met all 3 on a horse you should place your bet. The final option is for football and is based around in game betting.

What is the initial investment?

Profit Builder Pro sells for a one time cost of £144 through Canonbury Publishing which is definitely at the top end of the market in terms of cost. It does however come with a 30 day money back guarantee should you have any problems,

What is the rate of return?

Over a 12 month period Andrew David claims that Profit Builder Pro has collectively made 617 points of profit. Each system has performed differently with the worst example making 104 points and the most profitable making almost double this amount.

Conclusion on Profit Builder Pro

Andrew David is well known enough for his betting systems and some examples have gone on to perform well. The question now is whether or not this can be applied to Profit Builder Pro. There is definitely more merit to some systems than others however this will ultimately depend on how you choose to bet. The lack of proofing or detailed results is rather frustrating and frankly, something that I would expect from any betting system that claims to have been making money for a year This only leaves the question of price and really I feel that this is the make or break point. The fact is that Profit Builder Pro is expensive. There is no getting around it and personally I feel that it is one of the weakest points in an otherwise OK system.



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