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Profit on the Euros is a brand new sports betting tipster service which is operated by Gary Thorburn. He claims that his betting advice can provide you with substantial profits on the upcoming Euro 2020 (2021?) tournament.

Introduction to Profit on the Euros

There are always patterns in this line of work. Tipster services seem to come and go based around a huge range of trends. These could be certain types of bets, they could be staking strategies, but there is one that reigns supreme. A massive sporting event. Of course, the Euro’s are coming soon having been deferred from last year due to the whole Corona-virus Pandemic. So here we are, in 2021, having the football tournament from 2020. And with this comes a ruck of tipster services, almost all of which claim some huge profits.

Today, I am looking at one of them in the shape of Profit on the Euros. This is a tipster service that makes some genuinely impressive claims about profit. And more importantly, Gary Thorburn seems to be well place to advise tips that are capable of this feat. He talks plenty about his betting background, he talks about his results from the last Euro’s and furthermore, he is doing all this at an incredibly low price. Which of course you could easily mistake for thinking that this is an absolute dream as far as tipster services go.

Unfortunately, I am less convinced. The fact of the matter is this. For everything that Gary Thorburn says about how impressive his betting history is, there is a very distinctive lack of evidence. Something that is actually very apparent if you are willing to question… Well, pretty much anything about Profit on the Euros. So, with some very substantial question marks hanging over it, let’s get down to business and see whether or not this is a service that is worth a bit of a punt.

What Does Profit on the Euros Offer?

When I look at a tipster service, there can be a lot of different reasons that it might be difficult to start. Sometimes, there is a lot going on. Other times, there are so many things of importance it is difficult to find the most important. And then sometimes, there is just a straight up lack of information. Profit on the Euros definitely falls into this category.

Here’s the thing. What you are getting into here isn’t a complicated tipster service. Not by a long shot, if I’m really honest. What Gary Thorburn is doing isn’t going to revolutionise betting, and it is even questionable how much of a profit it can actually make. I know that in my mind, there are a lot of holes in Profit on the Euros. But I will get to all of this in time.

Let’s start by talking about what Profit on the Euros actually entails. This is honestly about as straight forward a tipster service as you could expect to see in terms of the logistics. Gary Thorburn sends out his selections directly via email (typically the evening before a game kicks off), there are some longer form ante bets, and there is an increase in betting towards the end of the tournament.

Now, there are a few things to note here. Firstly, there is the fact that from what I have seen so far, you are getting very minimal information with said emails. Something that becomes incredibly poignant a little later on. The other thing that is interesting to me is that Gary Thorburn says that he will send out tips to Profit on the Euros subscribers for all 51 games, which is… well it’s a big claim, to say the least.

So, what kind of bets will you be placing? I hear you ask. Well, there isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason. Gary Thorburn says that “One Market Doesn’t Fit All” and I will absolutely agree with him here. This means that if you are following Profit on the Euros you can expect to see a number of different markets covered from backing single bets, to various goals markets, and accumulators of these too. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my mind.

In theory, exploiting this range of bet types opens the door up the door to a hell of a lot of value, but the reality is that is hard to really say. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of support when it comes to Profit on the Euros in terms of odds advice etc. And with that in mind, there is only really one solution that I drag out time and again. If you want to use this, you should be considering an odds comparison site.

The fact of the matter is this.  There is a ceiling to how much value there is in a bet. Let’s consider the future game between France and Portugal. France won the World Cup, Portugal won the last Euro’s. Let’s say you could get odds of 3/1 on France. That would be value. However, Portugal have a lot going for them, so backing France at evens isn’t a value bet in my mind. The reward isn’t worth the risk.

Because of that lack of insight into odds, you’re going on your own. And the best way you can maximise your value is to simply get the best possible odds that you can. That is no replacement, but it does mean if you are following Profit on the Euros, you are doing everything you can to help yourself.

Now, there are only really a few numbers related things that are worth talking about here. The first is the stakes. Gary Thorburn seems to favour level stakes of just 1 point per bet. This means that you aren’t stretching your bank for Profit on the Euros too much (not that you’re really given advice on what this should be I would hasten to add).

The other thing is the strike rate. Interestingly, Gary Thorburn is keen to brag about how Profit on the Euros performed last Euro’s (something that I somehow entirely managed to miss, despite following tipster services very closely). Something that he doesn’t talk about however is how often he won, instead preferring to talk about how much he won. This is a little bit of a concern to me.  

How Does Profit on the Euros Work?

Gary Thorburn does a great job of talking about how Profit on the Euros works, all without actually saying anything. However, in my mind, there are two key claims that need to be explored in order to really understand what is going on behind the scenes here, and they are both quite different impacting very different things.

The first is a claim by Gary Thorburn that his “betting expertise comes from betting on the top 4 leagues in Europe on a regular basis, the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga”. Leagues that he has supposedly been betting on for over 10 seasons now profitably. And apparently, that knowledge can be adapted to cover the international fixtures that the Euro’s produces. That makes some sort of sense, but having that for all 51 games seems like a big stretch in my opinion.  

The other element is the betting markets that are covered. Gary Thorburn’s suggestion that “One Market Doesn’t Fit All” definitely tracks for me. And I can definitely see the value in exploiting the markets that are available. Unfortunately, what we aren’t really told is what criteria is being used when deciding which market to use for Profit on the Euros. There is simply this vague notion that some are better than others.

And all of this may have been acceptable if there were… Well, anything in the way of evidence backing these claims up. But there isn’t. All of Gary Thorburn’s sales pitch for Profit on the Euros can very crudely be boiled down to taking his word for it that he knows what he is doing. The problem that I have with this is that he also happens to be the one person who stands to profit from the service, regardless of what happens.

What is the Initial Investment?

Access to Profit on the Euros seems to be incredibly good value. For the full 51 games of betting, Gary Thorburn is asking a one time payment of just £17 (plus VAT). This means that you’re paying just 33 pence for selections for each game. It also equates to around a month of betting. Put simply, this is a very cheap option.

There are however some rather disconcerting developments in my mind. One of these is the fact that Gary Thorburn fails to mention the fact that there is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place for Profit on the Euros. Something that is offered by virtue of the fact that the service is being sold through Clickbank. This also means that you shouldn’t have any problem claiming this as they are generally very good at ensuring that this happens when requested.

What is the Rate of Return?

Of course, the most appealing element of Profit on the Euros is the income potential. And this is of course the most important part to most people (reasonably so, I would hasten to add). The headline boasts that you can make £1,000+ to £10 bets, which of course means a profit in excess of 100 points. A number that seems to be based off Gary Thorburn’s claimed result for the last Euro’s which supposedly saw a profit of 131.45 points.

But I want to really put those numbers in context. This means that based off the 51 games, Gary Thorburn will effectively produce 2 points of profit per game for Profit on the Euros. I know that this isn’t that straight forward with some of the ante post bets, but it does give you a good idea of just how bold that claim is. And unfortunately, I just am not convinced. Especially because you are really just taking his word for it that this is an achievable result.

Conclusion for Profit on the Euros

There is a hell of a lot that concerns me about Profit on the Euros. From start to finish, Gary Thorburn is worryingly vague on details. Something that isn’t generally conducive to a strong tipster service. Where a lot of the genuine services that I have looked at have produced strong profits and are very open about this, they are able to provide evidence backing it up.

Here, you are just having to put blind faith in Gary Thorburn for… Well, pretty much everything. This starts with the selections which don’t come with much information. To me, there is little reason not to provide advised odds. Especially with odds comparison sites so widely available to people. They can quickly and easily see what you are recommending, what is available to them, and whether or not that represents a smart bet. Instead, you’re on your own.

Then there is the way that Profit on the Euros supposedly works. Or rather, Gary Thorburn suggests it works. Because he is seemingly some kind of footballing guru. As mentioned, there is all of that talk about how he has been betting on the main European Leagues. And there is a clear implication to this, namely that Profit on the Euros is coming from a place of knowledge. Something that the supposed results from 2016 should demonstrate.

But once again, this all involves just taking Gary Thorburn’s word for it. There isn’t any proofing for… Well, anything. And with 10 seasons of betting and a supposedly profitable Euro 2016, I would expect there to be something. That is a hell of a lot of betting to do without keeping any record. Which is concerning.

And of course, there are the profits. What are supposed to believe is that Profit on the Euros has made more money in a month than some respectable tipsters might make in 6 months. That is something that I might be able to get behind, but once again, you are simply taking Gary Thorburn’s word on the matter.

As the icing on the cake, let’s not forget the incredibly suspicious way that the money back guarantee for Profit on the Euros is conveniently not mentioned by Gary Thorburn. If everything else were in order, then I might be able to chalk this up to simple oversight. But nothing else is in order, so it’s hard to see it in any sort of positive light in my mind.  

Honestly, I just can’t find a reason to really believe that Profit on the Euros is genuine and above board. God knows I’ve tried. But even at the incredibly low price of just £17, I just can’t see how Gary Thorburn is going to actually provide tips that have any real chance of winning. He certainly doesn’t give me much reason to believe… well any of it. This really isn’t something I can recommend at all.  


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