Profit Star Method Review

Profit Star Method is a new horse racing tipster service from Adam Perdue in which he aims to provide users with access to his own personally rated selections on a near daily basis.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for Profit Star Method makes some rather bold claims in terms of its capabilities. Personally, I have some doubts about whether or not Adam Perdue can really deliver on this as I will explore. In terms of what you can expect from Profit Star Method as a service, it is a relatively straight forward affair with nothing that I would really consider different. There are around 3-4 selections per day when you average everything out which is perhaps a tad high.

The staking plan for Profit Star Method is rather interesting and it is something that I will look at below as it is key to how the system works.. In terms of the strike rate, across all bets it allegedly stands at 41.9% with the “5* Selections” holding a strike rate of 81.81%. With no proofing to back any of this up however, I remain rather sceptical of these figures.

How does the product work?

Adam Perdue provides very little in the way of information on what the selection process for Profit Star Method actually entails. In terms of the few details that are provided, they are rather vague and don’t offer much in the way of insight. The core idea behind Profit Star Method is that when selections are issued, they are ranked from 1 star to 5 stars.

These ratings indicate how certain Adam Perdue is that a bet will come in at, and resultantly, they also tell you how much you should stake with each star representing a point. Apparently it is rather rare however that Profit Star Method will issue higher than 3 stars however.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there are two options available if you want to buy into Profit Star Method. The first of these is a 90 day subscription which comes in at a cost of £45. Alternatively, you can buy a subscription to Adam Perdue’s selection for the whole year for £90.

It is worth pointing out that although the sales material for Profit Star Method doesn’t say anything about it, because the product is sold through Clickbank there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

The headlining number for Profit Star Method is that over a 3 month period the service made a profit of 189.24 points. Unfortunately, there isn’t really


There is very little about Profit Star Method that seems credible to me and unfortunately, Adam Perdue does nothing to alleviate this. It is very difficult to ignore the fact that there is absolutely no evidence to back up the claims either.

The nail in the coffin of Profit Star Method for me is that there is no mention of the money back guarantee that Clickbank offer whilst the minimum service length takes you well past this. With all of this in mind, I simply don’t see Profit Star Method as a genuine or viable tipster service and I would give it a very wide berth.


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From: Simon Roberts