Proform Racing Review

Proform Racing is a piece of software that provides its users with a whole host of statistics and details on races. It is claimed to be the leading piece of software in its field in the UK.

Introduction to Proform Racing

When it comes to betting software, there is a lot that is out there. Not at all surprisingly, this massive variety comes with a very significant gulf in quality. Which leads me to one of the more important questions that I hadn’t really considered before now. Which is best? Now straight up, that is a very subjective statement, but there are some objective ways that you can look at software when considering this.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest contenders for this title is today’s subject, Proform Racing. It potentially has it all. This is one of the best known, the most well respected, and most varied pieces of betting software on the market. Does bigger necessarily always mean better though? The fact of the matter is this. Everything that Proform Racing does comes with a price. This doesn’t just mean the financial elements, but other things you should be keeping in mind too.

proform-racing-reviewNone the less, I am very excited to have a look at this, purely off the reputation alone. This is software used by actual pros (we’re told). Not that this will stop me maintaining an objective look at Proform Racing. The truth of the matter is that in terms of what I, and people like me, are looking for is often quite different from the widely accepted “best” products.

What Does Proform Racing Offer?

Knowing where to start with Proform Racing is a bit of a difficult thing if I’m completely honest. There is just so much that is ultimately on offer here that there doesn’t necessarily seem to be an obvious point to just sort of… Well, jump in. None the less, I have to start somewhere. And given that this is fundamentally a piece of software, let’s start there.

 Proform Racing describes itself as “The Professionals Form Book”. And really, this is what much of the software is built around. Providing people with insight into the form of a horse. Now this kind of thing you can get pretty much anywhere, so straight away, this has to do something quite good.

And it actually does manage to deliver. You see, one of the strongest points about Proform Racing as a piece of software, and comparing it to its rivals is usability and interface. For some reason, most of the betting software that is out there on the market is just… Well, it’s a bit crap. And to a degree, this is with good reason. Most of the time, it’s a glorified database.

In some respects, Proform Racing falls into this same category. But where it succeeds is in making things relatively intuitive and fundamentally, easy to use. At least, in terms of actually viewing the information that you want. Actually implementing all of that can be a very different kettle of fish.

So, what exactly does this software do? Well, as the name implies, it is predominantly based around looking at the form of horses. This information is incredibly detailed and very well presented. At a glance, you can see how horses in a certain race are rated, what their pace is, and a host of other snippets.

There is also a much more detailed form guide for a given horse as well. This includes information about previous races and a brief description of their performances. Don’t expect Jane Eyre here, but a few statements give you an idea of how the horse ran, and importantly, how it might run in the future.

The software also allows you to set up criteria that for your own betting system. If a horse flags up that matches this criterion, you receive a notification. It’s all relatively simple to set up and works well, as you would expect.

 Honestly, setting all of this up takes a lot of time and knowledge of betting from the get go. And whilst I would definitely say that using Proform Racing is easier than using a lot of its competitors out there, it is still a long way from a walk in the park. With that said, the form software isn’t the only element that is provided.

Proform Racing comes with a number of additional “services”. These are all linked to the core software but provide some much more accessible ways of using it. The first one I want to look at is the “Bet Finder”. This is a rather nifty piece of kit that provides you with a number of different filters that identify bets.

These range from things like previous winners or placed horses, those who have a trainer in form, or horse that like that particular going or distance. What is noteworthy though is that you can also bring together multiples of these filters. It should be noted however that all of this is a bit of an inexact science unless you already know what you are doing to some degree.

One of the other tools that you get that definitely makes using Proform Racing easier is their “race guides”. These race guides effectively take the information that is contained in the core software and simplify everything. This makes it much easier to follow for those who don’t necessarily understand the more in depth stuff.

Again, you will still have to have some knowledge in order to apply the information. There aren’t really any shortcuts when it comes to using Proform Racing (which is a point that I want to pick up a little later on), but this is definitely less intense than seeing reams of data and numbers seemingly thrown at you.

How Does Proform Racing Work?

There are two elements as to how Proform Racing works. There is the element of how the software works and how the ratings are found etc., first and foremost. And there is the element of making money from it. One of these things is slightly easier to describe than the other, so that is where I will start.

Whilst the exact intricacies of how the software compiles everything is ultimately unknown, it doesn’t seem to be a stretch to make some assumptions. Much of which seems to, of course, be built on past results. And given how quickly Proform Racing updates after a race, this is clearly well monitored.

Honestly though, I don’t think I’m telling you anything too insightful there. Form and ratings are all calculated in fundamentally similar ways, and have been for a long time. What is interesting here though is that the software is, at the time of writing, almost 25 years old, which means there is a wealth of experience there that other services may be lacking.

The other element is of course implementing Proform Racing in a profitable fashion. This is a bit more difficult if I’m honest. Ultimately, this is a tool. How you choose to use it is going to vary massively from one person to another. And that is OK. There doesn’t have to be a right and a wrong answer. Furthermore, with some of the additional tools that come with the software, there are still entry points for less experienced bettors.

Really though, if you want to make the most out of Proform Racing, then you have to have some pretty extensive knowledge. Ideally, this will also include your own betting system. By combining your own understanding with the additional information that the software can provide, that is probably the sweet spot for those who will get the most out of this.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is simply no getting around the fact that Proform Racing is expensive. And with multiple different types of subscriptions, there are no guarantees that you are getting everything with your package.

Firstly, there is a free package available. This is barely worth mentioning and provides you with very limited access to some elements of Proform Racing. Honestly, I wouldn’t see this as any more than a way of seeing if this will work for you.

The next option is 1 day of access. This gives you a full 24 hours and provides you with a comprehensive suite of… Well, pretty much everything that Proform Racing offers. Realistically, this is the kind of thing that you might want if you were doing a day at the races, and at a cost of £10, is probably about right for this kind of scenario.

 If you want a longer subscription to Proform Racing, you can sign up and also receive access to the race guides. These come as a 1 week subscription which is priced at £20, or alternatively, you can sign up for 4 weeks for £50.

Finally, and supposedly the most popular option, you can sign up to Proform Racing for 8 weeks at a cost of £195. This is the “Platinum” package and it gives you unlimited access to everything that is offered. Realistically, I can only see this being of value to hardcore bettors and those in the industry.  

What is the Rate of Return?

When it comes to the income potential of something like Proform Racing, it is… Well, frankly, it’s a difficult thing to gauge. The nature of it means that there is no real or definitive answer as it will depend massively on your approach and experience. Ranging from the amounts that you choose to bet, which of the tools you are using, how good your own systems are, etc.

Realistically speaking, I think that it is very important to ascertain the fact that there is definitely potential to make money here. The information that is provided is undoubtedly top notch. You can definitely see that there are ways this could be leveraged to produce a profit.

Conclusion for Proform Racing

I want to start by talking about the positives of Proform Racing. Because there are a lot of them. Honestly, as far as this kind of thing goes, what is on offer here is by far and away superior to the vast majority of what you see on the market. And yet, fundamentally, it doesn’t do that much that I haven’t seen other services do before.

So what is the difference here? A lot of it in my book boils down to accessibility and just going that little bit further. Honestly, there is no getting around the fact that the user interface is just so much more streamlined and intuitive. This means that where other similar products are often just difficult to use, Proform Racing isn’t (comparatively speaking).

On top of that, there is just that little bit more detail that helps. The write ups on previous performances, whilst brief, do help you to really get an idea of wider context. One of my things with simply reeling off numbers has always been that they don’t always paint a full picture. This again, makes Proform Racing much better than the competition.

In terms of the additional services, there is arguably less value here. They’re definitely a decent addition to the wider service and open this up a lot for those that aren’t necessarily that confident dealing with all of the more complicated elements.

Which brings me to my first criticism. Of sorts. You see, one of the things that I like to think of when I’m reviewing something is how it will suit most people. After all, if you’re a betting expert, then you can feasibly make nothing more than a copy of The Racing Post work for you. But most people aren’t that.

And whilst there are those more accessible elements to Proform Racing, ultimately, I don’t think this will suit most people. Don’t get me wrong, it is a bloody fantastic piece of kit and if you are specifically looking for something that does what Proform Racing does, it is arguably the best product on the market. But for it to be that, you still have to have all of that understanding.

The second issue comes from the pricing. I feel that there is very limited value here. Again, for the right person, that £100 per month for full access will be a steal. Because they will be able to make a significant profit on this. But for context, I know of some very good betting systems that cost less than Proform Racing does per month, that will help almost anybody, make a decent profit. 

Truth be told, the best value option here in my opinion is the daily one, specifically for the context that I outlined. You’ve got a day at the races, and you fancy getting a bit more insight so you can hopefully top off a day out with a bit of profit. Paying a tenner for that isn’t a lot at all. And for one day, the pressure to win or lose is lessened, so you can have some fun with Proform Racing.

Ultimately, this is a very good product. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that it is one that I could recommend. There are no doubt plenty of people out there who are making some big time money out of this. And the testimonials from professionals in the industry cement the fact that for the right person, this is a definite winner. But most people just won’t get nearly enough out of it for the money involved.


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