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Progressive Winners Review

Progressive Winners is a subscription based tipping service developed by Chris of

What does the product offer?

Users will receive a daily email (sent before 6am weekdays and 10am on weekends) with details of the selections for that day. The selections themselves are for Turf Flat, All Weather and National Hunt races. Progressive Winners came about from The Gamblers Marketplace’s involvement with a tipster challenge operated in conjunction with The Total Betting Club.

How does the product work?

There are no details about the basis for the tips which straight away I find worrying. I see no reason why tipsters cannot advise whether their choices are made based on contacts within the industry or studying of form without jeopardising the ins and outs of their system. The system does utilise a flat staking system and much of Progressive Winners seems to have been built around this.

What is the initial investment?

The service costs £29.95 per month. It is worth noting that there are no details of any money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

From April to July Progressive Winners claim to have generated a point profit of 181.86 which equates to 45.46 points profit per month. Unfortunately this doesn’t represent the full picture as detailed below.


Looking at the proofing results for Progressive Winners the claimed profits don’t necessarily make up the full picture. For example June made a loss of 120.52 points. This is far from the only loss though. If you look at the spread sheets for August and September, both of these months made up a loss also, in the case of September this was again over 100 points.

That means that on 3 different months there have been losses compared to 3 months of profit. When you offset the losses against the profits you are left with a staggeringly low figure of 18.92 points profit over 6 months. This is just over 3 points per month. You would need to stake over £10 per month just to make your subscription fee back! This all comes together to form a massive black flag over Progressive Winners. Personally, I’d avoid it.



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