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Project X is a piece of Forex trading software that provides users with indicators of when to trade. Creator Ian Williams describes it as his 30 years of experience in a box.

What does the product offer?

Project X has been designed from the ground up to be an easy to use Forex trading solution. The creator of Project X, Ian Williams, says that it is able to provide people with clear and concise information on what trades they should be making and when. The system is operational 24 hours a day (as are Forex markets). Also provided is a 12 month period of email mentoring from Ian Williams.

How does the product work?

According to Ian Williams he has put down his many years of experience into Project X. The software is allegedly able to analyse the markets in real time. This analysis allows Project X to highlight to users when there is a possible profitable trade.

What is the initial investment?

Project X is not cheap, Ian Williams is charging £995 + VAT for the system (as well £20 per month for live data streaming although this is free for the first month). There is however a 60 day money back guarantee in place should you be unhappy with Project X for any reason.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of return on investment, there are no specific claims made. Several of Ian Williams’ previous students claim to have made £1000 plus per week based on his methods. Using this as a bench mark, it seems reasonable to assume similar results from Project X.


Ian Williams’ name is pretty well known when it comes to Forex trading although this isn’t always in an entirely positive light. Personally I am very wary of any product like this as Forex trading simply cannot be condensed down to a few indicators. There is very little actual evidence of the product in action or profitability which is really key to any money making product. Personally I would give this one a miss.


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they will not give you a refund

Stay clear of anything from streetwise publishing. Tried this not happy with results a lot of trades signalled but many cancelled before being placed .
Tried to get refund they refused

If they could make so much money why tell people! I have tried many, many, Forex products and if anyone tells you will make money they are full of BS. It took me lots of time and money to find this out.

The only people who make the money are the people selling the dream…..

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From: Simon Roberts