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Property Lead Generation Review

Property Lead Generation is a service offered by Billy Farrell and Rory O’Mara to help property investors generate leads.

What does the product offer?

Property Lead Generation is very much a niche product, so much so in fact that it caters specifically to property investors who wish to invest in a certain area. Billy Farrell and Rory O’Mara provide this service by offering users an optimised website that advertises your services as an investor. Property Lead Generation websites are individually made but appear in many respect to follow a template. Property Lead Generation provides a plethora of additional content including graphics, videos and content.

How does the product work?

The core idea behind Property Lead Generation is that as a property investor, your business can grow through an online presence. Billy Farrell and Rory O’Mara help you to achieve this through their websites that appear to be well put together (based off the promotional video) however attempts to find the “high converting” website that Property Lead Generation uses an example proved fruitless.

What is the initial investment?

Property Lead Generation is not cheap coming in at a onetime cost of £997. This is however roughly in line with website creation costs. There is no money back guarantee etc. with Property Lead Generation but you do get ongoing support from the team.

What is the rate of return?

This is a difficult thing to gauge due to the nature of Property Lead Generation. It seems conceivable that having the web presence alone will increase the amount of business that comes your way. That having been said it is difficult to place a value on this.


As I have mentioned, Property Lead Generation is very much a niche product. If you operate within this niche and are without any web presence I can see some value in Property Lead Generation to a degree. The biggest question hangs over the alleged increase in leads that you will get. As I have said, it is definitely a possibility and it wouldn’t take much to recoup your investment, but this does only apply to a very narrow band of people.



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From: Simon Roberts