Punting 2 Winning Review

Punting 2 Winning is a new horse racing tipster service that claims to come from one Brian Smith however there are a number of questions surrounding the product.

What does Punting 2 Winning offer?

According to “Brian Smith”, Punting 2 Winning is a new horse racing tipster service that he claims will produce a long term consistent profit for people. The fact is that despite currently being marketed rather aggressively through a number of affiliate channels there is very little information available about what Punting 2 Winning provides, even on its sales page. The only thing that is really claimed that could be in any way viewed as substantial is that Brian Smith says that the occasional bad month will be more than covered by the good months. Naturally there is no proofing to back any of this up.

How does Punting 2 Winning work?

From what little I can garner Punting 2 Winning is a rather typical tipster service however in terms of the selection process, I am not in the slightest it surprised to find that there is no discussion on what exactly this entails. In fact, the only thing that is really said on the matter is a long and rather familiar story in which after 15 years of hardship through betting Brian Smith finally developed a system. This is now allegedly the foundation of Punting 2 Winning.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing you can get access to Punting 2 Winning and Brian Smiths’ selections for the rest of the year, all for a one time cost of £30. Once this time has elapsed there is no mention about how much the service will cost. You do get a 60 day money back guarantee with Punting 2 Winning as service is sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

Blazoned underneath the header for Punting 2 Winning is a “screenshot” of Brian Smith’s betting account through William Hill showing over £16,000 in there. Furthermore, there is a claim underneath this that claims a profit so far for 2015 of 247 points however this is once again not proofed.

Conclusion on Punting 2 Winning 

There is very little information surrounding Punting 2 Winning and it was only by looking into the website that I was able to find anything out. Punting 2 Winning was registered by Loco Chimp Ltd, a brand new internet marketing firm that themselves only registered in late April. This is all a little bit questionable to me with my suspicious seemingly backed up by the fact that “Brian Smith’s” photo is actually a university lecturer.

The format of Punting 2 Winning is one that I have seen before that promises profits and a one time cost that typically extends beyond Clickbank’s money back guarantee. There is never any proofing (despite Brian Smith claiming that he has 15 years betting experience) and details are scarce. Punting 2 Winning fits this mould to a T and in my opinion is probably better avoided.



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From: Simon Roberts