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Puntology Review

Puntology is a training course developed by Michael Wilding in which he teaches subscribers how to develop their own winning horse racing betting system.

What does the product offer?

Puntology offers subscribers 52 weeks of training courses with one module being released each week. Each module comes as a PDF, typically spread over 2-5 pages and includes the training and also activities to carry out to further your knowledge and understanding. Puntology has been designed to predominantly be used for races in the UK and Ireland. Michael Wilding says that the system that he shows you how to develop through Puntology will be based on extracting value from bets using your own unique ratings system.

How does the product work?

Michael Wilding claims to have been making money from professional betting for 10 years during which time he developed his own system. He claims that Puntology is a condensed version of the experiences he had, ultimately focussing on sharing what works with users.

What is the initial investment?

Puntology is marketed at £24.99 (plus VAT for EU residents) per month for 12 months. This means a total amount of around £360 inclusive of VAT for the year. Because Michael Wilding sells Puntology through Clickbank there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place for the product.

What is the rate of return?

Actual figures on income are not discussed in the sales material for Puntology however Michael Wilding refers to making a full time income using the system. I would personally take this to mean earnings of between £15,000 and £18,000 per year however this is a speculative figure.


Whilst Michael Wilding claims that he has broken down Puntology into weekly modules to help people to follow all the information, I cannot help but feel that it is instead a cynical ploy to squeeze the maximum amount of money out of the product. There are other concerns that I have too, for example there are no examples of Michael Wilding’s alleged success. I would expect that most professional bettors keep records and if launching something like this I would expect some proof as a consumer. Unfortunately this is not provided. These two things alone are enough to make me question Puntology, but really the nail in the coffin is the price. Whilst Michael Wilding eschews most paid systems, the fact is that there are plenty that have proven profitable for a 3rd of the price of Puntology.



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From: Simon Roberts