Push Button Millionaire Review

Push Button Millionaire is a piece of binary options trading software developed by Ivan Block.

What does the product offer?

According to creator Ivan Block, Push Button Millionaire is fully automated push button binary options trading software. He also claims that Push Button Millionaire “wins” every time. In order to use Push Button Millionaire you have to use Ivan Block’s chosen broker, BTG Option.

How does the product work?

According to Ivan Block the foundations of Push Button Millionaire come from a chance meeting with a top Forex trader who had a secret system that Ivan Block developed into the software that is now available. There is nothing tangible provided though and much of the sales pitch seems to be selling you the idea of being rich rather than a real product.

What is the initial investment?

The software for Push Button Millionaire is provided free of charge but in order to get started you will have to make a deposit through Ivan Block’s chosen broker.

What is the rate of return?

According to the promotional video you can expect to make $1,000,000 in anywhere between 3 and 6 months.


Push Button Millionaire is part of an on-going trend that involves signing users up to a certain broker. The creator of the system will usually put across massive profitability with zero risk or cost, if you sign up with their chosen specialist broker. This is actually where the creators of these products make their money as they will usually receive a commission for referring users. There is very little evidence that the software works as advertised and I would personally look to avoid Push Button Millionaire and products like it.




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I am here to tell the truth about PB Millionaire..though not totally bogus..it isn’t what they present in the video..I feel duped and like a sucker fell for the hook. No way on united options can you join with only $200.00 they got my last $500.00 by being vague on the bonus policy. By that I mean they told me by chat that I could double my deposit and withdraw the $500.00 initial investment at a later date…I asked several time about this and felt assured that I could put my 500 back into my account before the weeks end….after all I was going to make lots of money as per Ivan (Liar)Blocks promise…I did win a couple of trades by bot but nothing anywhere as presented. Now I don’t even want the program or the United Options account and can’t seem to get that back either. Their policy says it may take months to get my money back (after approval). This is bordering on a scam and I don’t even think this Ivan(Liar)Block is a trader. Cant seem to catch up with him anywhere….If you are out there Mr.Block What about your promise to work with me if I am not making money like you said. I’m not making anything but I have lost a lot…where’s your help???

Paul L

Ivan Block’s sales video sure is convincing, but this pushbuttonmillionaire is a LIE. So, far 48 hours in, I invested $500 to Beeoptions.com and am left with about $100. The bot recommends trades that fail most of the time. The bot recommended both put and call options on the same binary trade within seconds, I fell for it and obviously lost money. Getting my $100 back will not be easy since the UK based firm releases money only on Thursdays, if you have $200 or more available to withdraw. I did speak with a New York based trader with Beeoptions named Tom Lewis, whose mission was to have me invest more.

Binary options are nothing but a gamble. I lost trades over .001 It is all or nothing. I let a bot suggest to me trades and blindly followed, like Ivan Block suggested. Ivan mislead me. I wonder how many other victims, like me there are. Damn you Ivan Block, you are just another liar and internet actor.

I was watching the video… And seriously? They all look like actors. Very bad actors. You can actually hire a people to write reviews like this on Fiverr.
Seriously, don’t trust any people that say that they’re going to tell you how to make money. No one is going to tell you their method. I mean why would they? If they’re making money, telling it to other people make it less effective. Just think about it.
You won’t become millionaire with any simple method.

Can somebody tell me who the first two brokers that push button millionnaire used as i forgot which broker i invested with. They seem to keep changing their brokers.

Kind Regards

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