Pyramid Racing Review

Pyramid Racing is a horse racing tipster service which is currently being offered through the Pro Betting Club stable of tipsters. So far, the service has shown somewhat consistent results.

Introduction to Pyramid Racing

When it comes to tipster services, I can’t help but feel like there is a lot put on tipsters to be… Well, a bit flash. It seems like every other week there’s some big new gimmick or idea. Things like bringing a few selections together into giant accas, laying bets with incredibly risky recovery staking plans, only backing a horse when the other horses in a race have lost their last 3 races and Mars is in Aries. That kind of thing. When honestly, what I’d really like to see are just decent tips that produce consistent profits.

This brings me to Pyramid Racing, a service that Pro Betting Club actively refer to as showing “good returns on a consistent basis”. In theory, this is true. The service has indeed attained a respectable profit. But that isn’t what stood out to me. What I really like here is a no nonsense approach to betting that, in theory, anybody can follow along with. This lack of superfluousness makes for a service that actually seems to be quite stable.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Pyramid Racing is this amazing service that doesn’t warrant any scrutiny. In actual fact, looking through Pro Betting Club’s proofing for the service, there are a few things that stand out to me as potentially being a touch risky. It is simply a case of balancing this out against the potential and seeing where it lands. So, with that said, let’s get to it.

What Does Pyramid Racing Offer?

I cannot stress enough just how infrequent it is that a tipster service lands on my desk that just… makes sense, for want of a better explanation. So, when something does land like that, it is something that I do find myself getting a little bit excited about. Not in a “bouncing off the walls” respect, more, “this might have legs and you don’t see that very often”.

So, first things first, Pyramid Racing is incredibly straight forward. I feel like I say this quite often, but here it is most definitely applicable. And this is something that you can apply to multiple aspects of the service. From the betting itself, to the logistics, and even the staking plan. Everything that Pro Betting Club are doing here is nice and simple.

First things first, let’s talk about the logistical elements of the service. Pro Betting Club are no strangers to this, so their side of things is pretty much impeccable. Selections are made available directly via email, as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the website. There is plenty of information included with these emails, importantly, insight into odds. It all bodes well for Pyramid Racing.

The other aspect of the management side of things pertains to the tipster behind the service. They seem to have a pretty good handle on what they are looking for. This means that selections are made available on a near daily basis, and importantly, early. If you are following Pyramid Racing, this allows you to time to actually try and get those advised odds.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the bets themselves. Once again, everything is… Well, it’s refreshingly simple. Probably not surprisingly. All bets are to be backed each way, with coverage provided for both National Hunt and flat racing. This alone makes Pyramid Racing stand out at least somewhat compared to services that I have looked at more recently which typically involve convoluted betting approaches.

There is a decent range of odds, something that I feel like you would probably expect from a service that is predominantly concerned with backing bets each way. Specifically, the tipster behind Pyramid Racing has tipped bets at odds of 201.0, however, the majority of bets fall into more middling odds of 3.00 up to around 8.0. This is a respectable range to be betting at in my opinion. Especially given Pro Betting Club explicitly mention value a number of times.

Whilst we’re on the topic of the bets themselves, I want to take a moment to address the volume of bets. Pro Betting Club make a bit of a point of saying that “There is usually at least 1 selection a day, and to date a maximum of 4 bets per day”. This may be generally true of Pyramid Racing, but more recent results have shown a larger volume of bets with some days having as many as 7 bets.

Naturally, this can start to add up on the staking front. Especially because Pyramid Racing does involve each way betting. Pro Betting Club’s proofing is all done to 2 points per bet (1pt to place, 1pt to win). It also says however that you should be staking 1 point per bet. This means on that day where there were 7 bets, you’re staking either 17 or 14 points. In and of itself, that really doesn’t sound like a huge number, however, there is also consideration for the betting bank.

Because we are told that a betting bank of just 75 points is recommended which seems to be based off 1 point per bet. That means that putting that day where you staked 7 points, you were putting almost 10% of your betting bank at risk. And on that day, there was just one horse that placed, meaning that you lost most of that stake. This only has to happen a few times for Pyramid Racing to be seriously in the red for you.

Now, in theory, an average strike rate of 36.29% should go a long way towards alleviating fears of this repeating, however, I am not certain that this average strike rate is necessarily representative of more recent results.  As such, I would be a little wary of putting too much weight on this.

How Does Pyramid Racing Work?

When it comes to how Pyramid Racing works, information is unfortunately a little in short supply. Something that I have come to expect from services from Pro Betting Club, if I’m honest. The fact of the matter is that they don’t seem to be overly concerned with talking about how a service works, instead preferring vague statements.

In the case of Pyramid Racing, we are told that this is a service based around “20 years of knowledge and intense study”. There is also mention made of “all selections are carefully researched”.  I’ll admit, this is slightly better insight than nothing, but I would still like to have seen more here. At least enough to get some idea of what is involved and what you are getting yourself into.

The other thing that is mentioned in terms of how Pyramid Racing works is the concept of value. This is something that is incredibly vague and is a term thrown around that much these days. Unfortunately, it means that even this doesn’t carry much weight. Whilst it would seem that the proofing reflects there being some value here, without context, I remain at least somewhat sceptical.

And that brings me to the single thing that Pro Betting Club actually do unequivocally do well. They provide some very comprehensive proofing for the services, all of which is handled via third party site Proofed Tipsters. This means that as well as getting an idea of what sort of ups and downs you can expect from Pyramid Racing, it is also probably fair to say that the results are all above board.

What is the Initial Investment?

want to sign up to Pyramid Racing there are just two options available. Firstly, there is a monthly subscription. This is priced at £39.50 per month. This is the cheapest in terms of cost, but it does mean losing value. Alternatively, you can get sign up on a quarterly basis which is priced at £89.50 every 3 months (representing a saving of £29 on the monthly rate). This is a much higher outlay, but represents a pretty significant saving.

Of note is the fact that whilst Pro Betting Club don’t actually make mention of it, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. This is backed up by the fact that payment for the service is handled through Clickbank. They are generally pretty good with this sort of thing, so long as you don’t serially return products.

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing, Pro Betting Club claim that Pyramid Racing is at a profit of 212.24 points since July 2020. That would make a for a very impressive set of results. Unfortunately, I do think that there is so me context for all of this that probably needs to be highlighted. Because these numbers aren’t representative of the bigger picture in my opinion.

First of all, the 212 point profit seems to have come from the proofing that Proofed Tipsters provide for Pyramid Racing. However, as mentioned, their staking plan is very different to the one that is mentioned. There, they are staking 1 point on the place bet, and 1 point on the win bet. This isn’t a huge discrepancy, and there is probably a reasonable explanation. But it doesn’t look great for Pro Betting Club when a discrepancy does exist. 

The other element is that a look at the results show profits of 57.62, 63.75, and 45.88 points in the first 3 months. In the months following that, there have been profits of 9.91, 33.72, and 3.76 points. A drastic and marked difference that is only punctuated by a small loss of 2.4 points for last month. 

Conclusion for Pyramid Racing

Whilst there are definitely one or two elements of Pyramid Racing that are a little bit confusing (insert joke about mystical powers and Pyramids here), the fact of the matter is that what Pro Betting Club are doing here is almost akin to tipping 101. It simply isn’t that complex, and that is something that I feel is probably worth celebrating in this day and age.

The fact of the matter is that some tipster services are a complicated beast these days, bringing together different staking plans, betting strategies, and God knows what else. All to try and eke out a few extra points of profit. And when this does work (and that is a very substantive when), it can work well. But this kind of betting really isn’t for everybody.

And it is with that framing in mind that I was quite excited to get into Pyramid Racing. In the short period of time it has been available, Pyramid Racing is theoretically on par to see a profit of 420 points in a 12 month period. That is way more than I would expect from even a top performing tipster in a year. But let’s be realistic, the recent form suggests that maintaining these kinds of numbers simply isn’t going to happen.

This is in direct contrast to the rather interesting claim that Pro Betting Club make in which they say that you are “guaranteed” to make a profit in the long term following this. Presumably, this is down to the fact that you are dealing with a value based approach that, theoretically, on a long enough time scale, will end up in profit.

Unfortunately, what we don’t have with tipster services is an infinite period of time to follow bets, or an infinite betting bank with which to follow stakes. In actual fact, if you are following Pro Betting Club’s advice to the letter for Pyramid Racing, you have something that is actually quite modest. A marked difference.  

So, would I recommend Pyramid Racing? As it currently is, no, I don’t think that I can. Whilst £39.50 is about in line with what I would expect to pay for a tipster service, I would like to see some more consistent results before I actually committed to this. At the moment, it’s all just a bit everywhere. With that said, I will say that this is a service that is probably worth keeping half an eye on.

The truth is that there have been some very strong results in the past. And as much as I will generally put a bit more weight on more recent form, they are in the recent past too. In theory, Pro Betting Club could find their feet with this again and get back to those big winning ways. Not even those huge numbers, if they could consistently deliver even half of those early results, it would be a very good option. Until then, your money may work better for you elsewhere.


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