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Pythagorean System Review – Tony Chau

Pythagorean System is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is being sold by the same tipster known as “The Whale” (aka. Tony Chau) Here he claims to have a new service making substantial profit.

Introduction to Pythagorean System

It isn’t very often that I pay attention to what is happening in the US in terms of betting. Sure, there is Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City where casinos are rife, but by and large, betting as we know it here in the UK isn’t really a thing. None the less, when “The Whale” came onto my radar, it was difficult not to pay some attention. I was massively underwhelmed.

Today though, I am coming back to his newest launch which is Pythagorean System. Sifting through the incredibly weighty tome that is his sales material and looking at the claims that are made, this is definitely a bang on winner. Right?

Well, there are a lot of issues with this service that overlap with his service “The Whale Picks”, most of which are down to the fact that Tony Chau is involved. I will cover all of this in detail a little later on, but for now, let’s get down to brass tacks and see whether or not Pythagorean System really can use ancient methods to make you big money. 

What Does Pythagorean System Offer?

I will admit that I have been a little bit enigmatic so far, and that is with pretty good reason. This is mostly down to the fact that whilst Tony Chau fills some 4,500 words into the sales material for Pythagorean System, what he actually tells you isn’t a whole lot. Instead, there is a strong focus on rambling hyperbole.

So, what do you actually get? There isn’t really a short answer to this if I’m honest. As those who may be familiar with Tony Chau, he does a very good job of not just obfuscating information, but also, his systems are often quite often convoluted and seemingly quite complicated, in a way that is also just about accessible. You’ll see what I mean.

What you are effectively getting with Pythagorean System is a relatively consistent tipster service which provides you with spread betting tips that are supposedly undervalued. I should note that Tony Chau makes reference to his picks being “daily”, however the limited proofing that is provided shows that this simply isn’t the case.

Despite the fact that this is a very different kind of tipster service to what we see here in the UK, there is still a lot of overlap in terms of the logistics side of things. By this I mean that selections are sent out to Pythagorean System subscribers directly via email. Quite what these selections include depends on the package that you sign up for, but I will come to this a little later.

Now, as Pythagorean System is a spread betting service, this won’t simply be a case of popping off to the bookies to place your bets. For those who aren’t familiar with US spread betting, it differs in so much as you are betting on a difference between the scores of two teams, with said difference set by a bookmaker.

Here in the UK, this is a bit of a niche thing and spread betting means something a bit different. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to find somewhere offering this type of betting. If you are in the US, then you will be fine with all of this.

If you are in the UK though (which most of our readership are), it can be worth shopping around. Whilst it isn’t always the case by any stretch, the looser laws on betting here mean that there is the potential to get better odds from a bookie or on an exchange than what Tony Chau makes back on a spread. 

Now, as you would probably expect from a US based tipster service, Pythagorean System is concerned with advising selections for the major US sports. This means NHL, NBA, NFL, and MBL (ice hockey, basketball, American football, and baseball).

Tony Chau runs a slick operation and this also applies to his staking plan. All bets are given a “star” rating that can range from half a star all the way up to 6 stars. These can very easily be adjusted as a points system meaning that you will bet anywhere from half a point to 6 points at a time. This is based off how strong a given bet that is advised to Pythagorean System subscribers should be.

Finally, I want to touch on the strike rate. Tony Chau provides some very limited proofing for Pythagorean System. There are 115 bets that we are shown, of these just 17 supposedly lost. This would make for a strike rate of just over 85%, a phenomenal looking number. This is of course if you buy into this vague and not particularly well substantiated proofing.

How Does Pythagorean System Work?

Whilst Tony Chau doesn’t have a lot to say about what his service actually entails, he is more than happy to tell you what his selection process for Pythagorean System is. It is certainly an… Interesting… Approach to betting, with some very peculiar claims that are made. None the less, I can also see how it has been crafted from a marketing stand point.

For those who aren’t familiar with Pythagoras Theorem, it is a well known mathematical formula used for calculating the length of a side on a right angle triangle. According to Tony Chau, you can use this to plot how a team is performing against how they should be performing, and ultimately whether there is value to be had.

We are told that as well as this, Pythagorean System also involves a number of entirely unspecified additional considerations to this basic formula. It all sounds pretty impressive, and if you don’t look at it too hard, it makes a certain kind of sense with a number of well designed graphics.

 This is an element of the marketing that is particularly strong. This point about marketing will be pertinent a little later on. Of course, whilst Tony Chau does a great job of talking about his service in a light that makes some sense, there are also element that are frankly, insane.

For example, as well as these diagrams, there are also pictures of Stonehenge and talk about how that factors in (it doesn’t). There is talk of the great history of the place and how it “taps in” to Pythagoras Theorem. A formula that wasn’t developed until some 2,500 years after the construction of Stonehenge. So, Tony Chau is as much full of it, as he is convincing.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options that are available for Pythagorean System, all of which differ significantly in terms of their offerings. The first and the cheapest option is referred to as the “PROVE IT TO ME” package. This is priced at $29 (supposedly down on the actual $100 value) and gives you unlimited selections until “you are up in profits”.

Next, there is the “Premium Package”. This is priced at an eye-watering $99 per month which supposedly represents a significant discount on the claimed “actual value” of $200 per month. This gives you just one selection “per day”.

Finally, you can sign up to the “Pythagorean Ultimate VIP Picks Package”. This mouthful will set you back $199 per month (supposedly a very substantial discount on the “regular price” of $500). This effectively gives you full access to all selections that Tony Chau offers.

It is worth noting that all of these options are sold through Clickbank which means that whichever subscription you choose, Pythagorean System does come with a 60 day money back guarantee. To be fair to Tony Chau, this is something that is well advertised on the sales page.  

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the returns for Pythagorean System, Tony Chau is selling the service off the back of $55,995 profit to level returns of $1,000. Now, it should be noted that because of the way American spread betting works, there are a significant range of stakes placed in order to obtain this result. In fact, the proofing shows losses that range from $8,000 down to just $500.

With that out of the way, if you are following the staking plan for the service, you would have potentially made $166,920 which represents a massive increase in profit. This does of course open up your potential liabilities however.

Conclusion for Pythagorean System

Looking at something like Pythagorean System, there are a lot of different things that you need to consider. And a big part of that if I’m honest, is the person behind everything, Tony Chau. He is an interesting character who is well known for selling himself as a brand to aspire to.

He is even a celebrity of sorts in the US, having made a number of appearances on programmes buying lavish properties. What is noteworthy about this is part of the “Tony Chau” brand, he refers to himself as an internet marketer. Not a professional bettor.

This is a very important distinction to make as this tells me that first and foremost, his concerns are with selling products. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t know of a single reputable tipster in the UK who isn’t ultimately aiming for the same thing, but at least they are in fact a reputable tipster. Something that I am not convinced can be said about Tony Chau.

Moving on to Pythagorean System as a service, I can honestly say that I’m just not that impressed, if I’m honest. The numbers that are claimed aren’t ridiculous, however they really have to be kept in context of those incredibly large stakes. If you scale those $8,000 losses down to $80, you are looking at making just $559.95, a pitiful number really.

When I have looked at Tony Chau’s other services before now, they have been built on the idea of these huge wins. However, they have all involved massive stakes and when you scale them down, you can easily see how misleading these numbers are. It isn’t to say that Pythagorean System definitely isn’t capable of delivering, but you are paying a premium for those results.

The fact of the matter is this, I can think of 10 UK based tipster services off the top of my head that have a comparable performance when you actually look at the points profits. The difference is that they will cost you between £30 and £50 per month, rather than the ridiculous amounts that Tony Chau is asking.

On top of this, even the core principle of the service is a highly questionable one. I mean, all of that crap about Stonehenge has nothing to do with anything. It is a clear example of the fact that Tony Chau is first and foremost a marketer and not somebody whose betting advice you should be following.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see how his “Pythagorean System” looks appealing. There is a certain degree of logic to what is said, and actually, trying to find value in bets is a tried and tested way of making profit. But a lot of that is just smoke and mirrors in my opinion.

What Tony Chau is actually offering through Pythagorean System is a very crude approach that based off my experience has little grounding in reality. It is quite apparent to me that this has been designed to sound good rather than necessarily having any real point.

Not at all surprisingly, I wouldn’t recommend Pythagorean System. This is mostly down to the four  reasons that I have discussed. It is expensive. It isn’t actually all that profitable. I don’t believe that it has any merit. And Tony Chau is not really a tipster. The fact that he refers to himself as a purveyor of products first and foremost tells me everything that I need to know.


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