Quantum Betting Club Review

Quantum Betting Club is a new to market horse racing tipster service that is seemingly unlike anything else. We are told that it is able to leverage some very powerful computing hardware and advanced algorithms to generate substantive profits.

Introduction to Quantum Betting Club

Where does the future of betting and tipping lie? That isn’t something that I really tend to think about, however, the subject of today’s review has really got me thinking. Now we all know that there are a few common approaches to betting. You might have a man on the inside. You may calculate where a horse has been priced wrong and has value. Increasingly, there are tipsters claiming to have mathematical algorithms that they use.

An algorithm is really a fancy word for a set of instructions. And what is usually meant by this is that if a certain set of conditions are met, a horse will be tipped. There are pros and cons to this. But what about if you were to take them to the next level? Which is where today’s subject, Quantum Betting Club comes into play. Because that is exactly what the team behind the service claim they have done.

So, with this in mind I am quite keen to have a good look at this product. I am a massive nerd really and this is kind of in my wheelhouse. And if the claims made are true, then this will be something completely revolutionary. But all of that is a pretty big if. With that in mind, let’s get straight into Quantum Betting Club and see whether or not it can deliver.

What Does Quantum Betting Club Offer?

Having a look through the sales material for Quantum Betting Club, you wouldn’t be unreasonable if you came into it expecting something unlike anything that you’d ever seen before. I mean, the claims that are made are just incredible. And if any of it is true, this is by far and away one of the biggest developments in computing for a number of years, let alone betting.

And it is because of this that in some respects, am rather surprised to learn that what you are actually getting access to is a very simple daily horse racing tipster service. Sure, I can appreciate that ultimately, it is the hardware and software that makes this impressive. But I was hoping for a little bit more… Well, fanfare, I suppose?

Instead, we are told in the sales material that all that you have to do is log into your email every morning, place your bets using their “super accurate predictions”, and cash in your profits. It’s a bit underwhelming.

Especially because even this logistical side of things is immediately fraught with issues in my opinion. First of all, whilst the selections do in fact come in the morning, it can be quite late in the day. Inevitably, this has an impact on the kind of odds that you are able to get. Secondly, the “predictions” that you receive lack a lot of information.

This means that as well as having quite limited odds available to you because of the timing, you have no idea what represents good value. Considering that we are told factoring in odds is a big part of Quantum Betting Club (I will come to this a little later on), I really did expect more here. As it is, I fall back to that default advice of “make sure you use an odds comparison website to maximise your returns”.

Now, what kind of bets can you expect exactly? Given the incredibly high strike rates that are involved, you would very reasonably be forgiven for thinking that you are looking at some kind of lay betting service. You would be wrong. Quantum Betting Club seems to exclusively recommend horses be backed to win, which makes the claimed results even more impressive.

What this does mean that at the very least, this should be easy to follow, however there are a few considerations that you need to make. Firstly, this is a pretty high volume service. You will often see as many as five selections being advised. This can become a little time consuming if you are shopping around on odds.

Something that you really will want to do. You see, the sales material for Quantum Betting Club makes it seem as though you will be getting high odds winners. But the reality of what I have seen of this is very different. In actual fact, you are looking at quite middling odds as a best case scenario.

Coming to the “numbers” side of things a bit, when I have been looking at Quantum Betting Club and working things out, I have based everything on level stakes of 1 point per bet. This is however somewhat speculative on my behalf because the team don’t actually provide any specific staking advice. Disappointingly, you are pretty much on your own.

I have also worked on the theory that a 100 point betting bank should suffice. If those claimed results were actually attainable, you should only really need about 10 points, however, they don’t seem to be. As such, I would anticipate a much bigger drawdown than 1 point being required.

You see, one of the most appealing elements of Quantum Betting Club is the strike rate. The “proofing” that is provided shows an average strike rate of 90.67% over ten “testers”. More than 9 out of 10 bets winning is an incredible feat. Unfortunately, my experiences here are very much not in line with this expectation.

How Does Quantum Betting Club Work?

So, how does all of Quantum Betting Club work? Well, we are told that the service is operated by “members of the scientific research community” who have taken advantage of “the pioneering way of applying the power of Quantum Mechanics and Computing to predicting future events”. This sounds impressive, but to me seems more like a bunch of buzz words thrown together.

From here, we are told that quantum computing essentially allows them team to mathematically assign, process, and predict every possible likely outcome for a scenario. For example, a horse race. An area that we are told was focussed on because of the large amount of data that can be fed into it.

The sales material then goes on to talk about how you are receiving “the best predictions science can offer based on the laws of quantum physics” and that ultimately, they can predict other systems that are thought to be unpredictable. But conveniently, we are also told that you don’t have to worry about “the complicated scientific stuff”. Which is probably why they don’t actually talk about it. That or… Well, it’s all a bit of BS.

You see, I don’t think it is difficult to look at all of this and see that the marketing for Quantum Betting Club is based around obfuscating information. There are plenty of impressive sounding concepts thrown around, however, I don’t believe that they are actually true. Instead, I think the main goal here is to simply sound convincing to those who aren’t knowledgeable about a very complex area of science.

What is the Initial Investment?

The sales material for Quantum Betting Club is very clear. The market price for the kind of breakthrough that they have encountered here is about £999.99. This is because you could easily make this back in a day, we are told. However, there is a code of ethics which limits what the tram can charge before their profits are too much.

Because of this, if you want to sign up, there is a simple one time cost of £29.99 plus VAT. This is seemingly the bargain of the century then, right?

It is worth noting that this is being sold through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. Something that is at least well advertised on the sales page for Quantum Betting Club.  

What is the Rate of Return?

I’ll be honest. If you buy into everything about Quantum Betting Club so far, then there is little denying that it sounds impressive and appealing. However, the most important element in my book is of course always the profit potential, and apparently, that is incredibly substantial here.

The headlining number is that winnings have exceeded £200,000. That is a massive amount, however it doesn’t actually have any context outside of a questionable screenshot of a William Hill account. From there, we are told that on average you will make £3,800 in your first week. We are also told that testers have enjoyed monthly profits of around £15,000.

Conclusion for Quantum Betting Club

I’ll be honest. I’ve seen a lot of wild and wacky claims about what a tipster service involves in my time. From secret betting cabals to corrupt bookies and hundreds of other ludicrous setups that could be pulled from a terrible Tom Clancy novel. But this… This is very new.

So, here’s the very interesting thing. Quantum computing is actually a thing. And it is immensely interesting if, as you would expect, immensely complicated. Now I will attempt to break down my own rudimentary understanding of the subject shortly. But what I can say is that it doesn’t really have anything to do with… well, predicting horse racing.

What quantum computing is being designed to do is allow computers to operate in more ways than just the 1’s and 0’s that make up binary code (effectively, the language that all computers use). In the future, these quantum computers will effectively have more capacity because they won’t be restricted to that binary language.

Now in theory, this does mean that in the future, this technology could be applied to horse racing. But the fact is that the technology as it stands is still very much in the experimental phase. The idea that you could use it for the kinds of calculations Quantum Betting Club claims are happening in the background is ludicrous.

Knowing all of that, I can pretty much instantly dismiss all of this as crap. But I appreciate that this is based on some very niche knowledge. So let’s examine some of the more apparent problems that exist.

First things first, those income claims. £200,000 is a number that some bettors may be able to attain. But this is based off a very good betting system and using £1,000 stakes. Something that frankly, I wouldn’t imagine anybody reading this would be able to fund. But frankly, even if you were funding this. Bookies would shut you down pronto. They don’t like big winners.

Secondly, that strike rate. 90% is very clearly rubbish to me. It simply isn’t in line with what I have experienced and there isn’t any evidence to back this up. Whilst there is “proofing” of sorts, this is simply a report that purports to show what results a number of testers of Quantum Betting Club have achieved.

So where does this leave Quantum Betting Club as a service? Well… It doesn’t bode well in the slightest to be honest. Not only is the core premise demonstrably not plausible (you only have to look at new relating to the topic to see that it is still a long way from complete), but you can rest assured that it will not be going towards horse racing predictions for a very long time.

On top of this, whilst those claims are impressive, I do feel like the burden of proof somewhat lies with Quantum Betting Club. After all, they’re the ones saying that these are genuine results. Genuine results that are categorically not in line with the kind of results that have been seen recently.

About the best thing that I can say here is that it is cheap, and you can get your money back. But that isn’t really a very good reason to be recommending a tipster service. The realities of this seem to be  that you are dealing with a massively questionable service and ultimately, that will show in what you get back from your investment.

As such, I am supremely confident in saying that Quantum Betting Club should be given a very wide berth.  


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