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Quick Cash System Review

Quick Cash System is a piece of binary options trading software created by Sarah Markel that claims to be able to make you a millionaire in 100 days.

What does the product offer?

Sarah Markel claims that in Quick Cash System, she has created a new method of binary options that is guaranteed to make you money by only picking winning trades. The software is claimed to be push button with very little input actually required. Not surprisingly, Quick Cash System requires you to sign up for a new broker (at the time of writing Sarah Markel is directing you to however this does appear to change). When you register with Quick Cash System you will be contacted by one of Sarah Markel’s “Elite Brokers” who “have just one job. To turn your initial deposit into $1 million in 100 days”.

How does Quick Cash System work?

Interestingly there is absolutely nothing about how Quick Cash System works. Sarah Markel makes no effort to discuss what currency pairs the software trades on, what time scales you would look at or even where it finds information on trades to make. In fact, the closest to information that is provided is that Quick Cash System utilises “Real-time, reliable signals” on various underlying assets from across all global markets. Given the claims that Quick Cash System is guaranteed to win and automatically trades for you, I find this to be rather concerning personally.

What is the initial investment?

Quick Cash System is being advertised as being a “free product” and in some ways this is the case as you aren’t technically paying for that per se. As mentioned however you do have to make a minimum deposit through Titan Trade which is a minimum of $250 with no money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

As I’ve mentioned, Quick Cash System is claimed to be able to make you $1 million within 100 days. “Example” trades include making from around $800,000 in 90 days all the way up to $1.2 million.

Conclusion on Quick Cash System

I am yet to find a binary options product that I really believe can work and Quick Cash System is unfortunately no different. There are plenty of claims made but the fact is that there is absolutely no proof to back it up whatsoever. There is also the constant fact hanging over Quick Cash System that you have no indication about how the software is allegedly identifying these trades. The fact is that this kind of binary options trading has yet to truly demonstrate that it is capable of matching the claims and the fact that there are such exceedingly lengthy disclaimers attached to them speaks volumes.

The fact is that most examples of this kind of product serve only to make the marketers money through referrals to their “chosen broker”. Whilst these are usually claimed to have the most integrity or the fairest or the fastest paying out, the reality is that they are usually the brokers offering the best referral rates. I cannot recommend enough avoiding Quick Cash System and products like it.



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From: Simon Roberts