Quick Earners Cloud Review

Quick Earners Cloud is a product by Rob Benwell that provides users with a free, optimised website that makes money in the cloud.

What does the product offer?

Essentially Quick Earners Cloud provides users with a free website that according to creator Rob Benwell will allow them to make a guaranteed profit, each day in the cloud. The websites are built by the Quick Earners Cloud team and come ready to be monetised. In order to claim your free Quick Earners Cloud website you must take up hosting through Cloud Pro Hosting. As well as the website you will receive a free “premium” domain.

How does the product work?

This is one area that Rob Benwell doesn’t seem to cover at all. He places the combined value of The Cloud at $100 billion, with Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft making up most of this. But he claims that by hosting your marketing website in the cloud you are able to make more money somehow. During the promotional material for Quick Earners Cloud he even admits that he doesn’t know why this is. I am incredibly sceptical about all this for reasons I shall explain later.

What is the initial investment?

Whilst Quick Earners Cloud is technically free signing up to Cloud Pro Hosting isn’t. You can sign up for six months, one year, two years or three years. These cost $14.95 per month, $12.71 per month, $11.21 per month and $8.97 per month respectively. All of these costs are paid up front.

What is the rate of return?

According to Rob Benwell you can expect to earn $700 per day at least by using a Quick Earners Cloud website.


I am not entirely certain that when Rob Benwell sat down to write the copy for Quick Earners Cloud that he actually understood what cloud computing is. The Cloud is very basically a shared resource that other users access information on over a network. There aren’t multibillion dollar sales happening as a result of this (at least not in the way that Quick Earners Cloud suggests). In fact, most cloud computing nowadays is used for storage of documents online for easy access. With that in mind it is very easy to see that what Quick Earners Cloud allegedly does makes no sense.

The most likely situation here is that Rob Benwell is in a position to generate commissions by getting people to sign up for Cloud Pro Hosting for which he provides a basic WordPress site. I’d look to avoid this one.



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From: Simon Roberts