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Quick-fire Betting Profits  is a product from Andrew David which is currently being marketed by Agora Lifestyles, and more recently Canonbury Publishing Ltd. He claims that by signing up for his assistance, you can become an independent income through betting.

Introduction to Quick-fire Betting Profits

There are a lot of different ways that you can expect to make money through betting, each with their own merits and negatives. The vast majority of what I look at are tipster services or betting systems in the shape of “if x then y”. What I mean by this is that you are told if a runner has won in their last 3 races over a shorter distance whilst the sun sets in Aquarius, then you should back it.

These are inherently flawed because systems of this nature cannot evolve. Tipster services come with their own challenges as well.

This finally brings me to Quick-fire Betting Profits  and training. There aren’t a huge amount of training courses on the market any more, at least, not that immediately spring to mind. Andrew David claims to be one of the best, saying Quick-fire Betting Profits  is “more like an investment strategy than a betting system”.

Did you receive the following mailing in the post?

quick fire betting profits review mailingThe above is exactly the kind of mailing that is generally associated with this kind of long-term subscription offering. Think about it, it can cost anywhere between £20,000 – £50,000 to send a bulk load of letters to a purchased ‘business-opportunity’ list (yes, you will be on a list somewhere…..), so the spoils to the publisher have to be worth such an outlay, and a nice juicy profit at the end of it.

…….The million-pound question however, is whether or not Quick-fire Betting Profits is any good, and worth the rather large price-tag….

What Does Quick-fire Betting Profits  Offer?

In many respects, there is a hell of a lot on offer with Quick-fire Betting Profits  and whilst I would love to get in depth on it all, that would take one hell of an article. Furthermore, it would mean divulging a lot of what Andrew David does and that isn’t really fair.

As such, I will be skimming over and summarising a lot of points. I am sure this will not suit some people, but if nothing else, I try to be reasonable to all parties. With that in mind, what are you actually getting with Quick-fire Betting Profits ?

At its crux, this is a very comprehensive guide that over a period of time provides a large number of different betting strategies and methods. All of this is backed up by Andrew David’s support to help ensure your betting success.

Now at this point, I will admit that Quick-fire Betting Profits  sounds like an attractive proposition. Andrew David has built a name for himself at this point with a number of well received betting services and products, including Little Acorns. As such, he is probably better qualified than most to provide this kind of information.

So, what are these different strategies and what can you ultimately expect from Quick-fire Betting Profits ? This is a very broad reaching question which lacks any definite or simple answer. Overall, there are 36 of the aforementioned betting strategies, each of which is supposedly aimed at making between £5 and £15 each day.

All of this is from stakes ranging from just £2 all the way up to £10. Andrew David says that from all of these, you can build “hand-pick the ones that suit you most” based on a variety of needs. These can then be used to build a portfolio with the sales material for Quick-fire Betting Profits  talking about freely dropping and adding systems to ensure that you stay profitable.

The whole thing is set up so that each month, you receive two new strategies from Andrew David. You can then trial them, see how they perform and whether or not there is a place in your strategy for said thing.

This means that in order to receive all of Quick-fire Betting Profits , you will ultimately end up waiting for 18 months before you have received everything. To be fair to Andrew David, from what  I have seen, all of the content from Quick-fire Betting Profits  is of a reasonable standard which you would expect given the pedigree of the service and the involvement of Agora Lifestyles. – and more recently promoted by Canonbury Publishing Ltd.

How Does Quick-fire Betting Profits  Work?

The ultimate answer to how Quick-fire Betting Profits  works boils down to Andrew David’s experience and trusting that the betting systems that he recommends are actually the right ones for you. This naturally involves a lot of trial and error and this is kind of where I feel that Quick-fire Betting Profits  starts to fall apart, a topic which I want to pick up a little but later on.

Another typical headline for this kind of product:


Ultimately though, you can expect strategies based around…

Well, all kinds of ways really. There are a number of different things that are taught, some of which I feel have the potential to be much more valuable than others in the longer term. This is a very mixed bag and I think that it is fair to say that there are some strategies which are suggested which honestly, are a little bit tired and have been seen before. Others are much more interesting and deserving of your time and attention.

What is the Initial Investment?

Andrew David offers your first 30 days with Quick-fire Betting Profits  for a lower than normal price of £9.95 – depending on which mailshot your receive… (although at the time of writing, there is a seemingly genuinely limited time offer where it is just £1). Once this has elapsed, all subsequent months are charged at £24.95. It is important to keep in mind that the definition of a month here is a very well defined 30 days.

If during your first 30 days of trialing Quick-fire Betting Profits , then you have an option to claim a full refund on the costs of the first month. It is also worth noting that if you cancel with Quick-fire Betting Profits , then you will cease to continue access to the different methods that have been shown to you to that date. If you pay for all 18 months of Quick-fire Betting Profits , then you receive unlimited access to the profit plans at no further cost.  

What is the Rate of Return?

As mentioned already, Andrew David says that the aim of Quick-fire Betting Profits  is to make around £10 per day from 3 of the systems. As such, you should supposedly be aiming to make £900 extra each month. As one system ceases to be successful, Andrew David says that you can swap it out with another method that is turning a profit. In theory, this kind of thing works very well, however I am not quite as sold on the practicalities here.

Conclusion on Quick-fire Betting Profits

There are a lot things about Quick-fire Betting Profits  that genuinely warrant some positive attention. First of all, there is the fact that Andrew David definitely knows his stuff. Little Acorns has been well received historically and has been operational for a long time. In the world of online betting services, that speaks volumes. What that doesn’t mean however, is that everything that is put out can be considered a success.

I have a lot of questions about Quick-fire Betting Profits  and it they are frankly with good reason. Namely, I am not entirely convinced about the validity of everything long term. Andrew David talks about taking advantage of methods that have produced a profit for 3 systems which is all well and good on paper. On the other hand of that though, the implication is that you have to monitor 33 other betting systems that may or may not be losing.

This should be somewhat offset by the fact that Andrew David offers some degree of mentorship, but I am not convinced. Arguably the biggest concern that I have surrounding Quick-fire Betting Profits  lies in the fact that you have to pay for all 18 months in order to keep access to the service.

This means that effectively, you will pay close to £450 for everything. This is a massive outlay in my opinion and I am just not convinced that Quick-fire Betting Profits  does enough to warrant it.

The way these type of subscriptions work, is that because you have already started paying, and maybe a couple of months in, then unless you continue to pay that £24.95 a month, then you feel that you have wasted your previous subscriptions, and then….. if you didn’t find what you were looking for in the early additions of the content, you’ll more than likely say things like:

“Next month might just be the month….”

All things considered, I am somewhat disappointed by Quick-fire Betting Profits . I can see what Andrew David has set out to do and the truth of the matter is if it were a more direct product (i.e. not spread over 18 months) and was a lot less, it may be worth consideration. The product has been deliberately spread out for maximum profit to the publisher, when the reality is, such products and subscriptions rare offer the quality required to profit.

After all, I do believe that deep inside Quick-fire Betting Profits  there is some solid theory. I couldn’t bring myself to recommend it, however.


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Comments (5)

What if i can grab all the 36 strategies for 100£? Should i buy it? Can the strategies really produce long term profit? Ty

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Ricardo,

In our opinion, we would not recommend it as per the review. The chances of those strategies working are slim, to none, hence why they are trying to package them up for those that are unaware of how betting really works.



What if i can grab all 36 strategies for 100£? Should i buy it? Can these strats really produce long term profit?

You cannot access anything if you cancel your membership… very unfair when you have paid for them. It’s the only time that Andrew did not answer e-mails. However, they were quick to remind me of the Little Acorns text msg service which was running out. If you paid monthly – he did stop subs for the first few months (well done). Zero contra in subs for those (me) who paid annually. Fortunately – I don’t need the text service any longer as I do this for free now.

Anyway, that is his business model.

I would NOT recommend you take up this ongoing membership. If you do… print off everything that he tells you to and then cancel it.

He will eventually realise that he needs to revamp his service.


Anything you pay for is on loan. As soon as you stop paying….. your access is denied and everything you have paid for…………
Well, you no longer have access to it.

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