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Quick Start Marketing Review Mick Foster

Quick Start Marketing is a product designed for customers who wish to build their own online empire. It is created by one Mick Foster who claims to have had over a decade of online experience in terms of marketing and publishing information.

Available for the reasonable sounding price of $5.99 Quick Start Marketing will supply you with the tools you need to get an online business running. This includes specific information on how to construct your website into an authority sight. Where to find free web traffic sources and ideas, as well methods of marketing your company for nominal costs. The guide appears to be less of a step by step guide but instead offers a general overview of the current online market and some generalised pointers and tips for consideration.

If Quick Start Marketing and Mr. Foster are to be believed you will “generate an unstoppable flood of traffic to your websites”. Unfortunately there is no evidence that this will be the case at all. There is little to suggest that the product offers anything substantial enough to really help a fledgling business get off the ground, instead preferring to offer blanket advice that is stretched so thinly that it fails to be of any real use to anybody.

Another point for concern in that lies in Mr. Foster’s sales pitch is that he provides no evidence what so ever of his previous decade plus years of experience. Combine this with no firm examples of what Quick Start Marketing can do for you leads to one conclusion. The dividends paid by this will be qualitative rather than quantitative. This comes down to the old chestnut of any results being subjective. The only mention of any real figures come from an entirely unsubstantiated claim that Mr. Foster was able to generate $7,470 in less than 72 hours without having a product.

What the sales pitch comes down to appears to be a lot of bark and no real bite. There are no examples or even any real presentation of what is on offer to help your business grow, instead preferring blanket terms that are open to interpretation. The biggest concern of mine when reviewing this is that it looks a lot like somebody sat down with a marketing jargon book and compiled terms they liked without really understanding what any of it means.

The fact is that setting up any business is a complex procedure that requires specialist information, knowledge and understanding, and any product that claims to offer a blueprint that will help you get a successful business off the ground, without supplying any details will always have to remain suspect to me. To top off any doubt that exists Quick Start Marketing is one of the few packages I have seen that do not offer a refund on their product.



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