Race Advisor Review

Race Advisor is a blogging website operated by Michael Wilding. The website covers a number of different aspects of horse racing and betting systems.

What does the product offer?

Michael Wilding’s blog, Race Advisor, is the culmination of his many years of studying horse racing and represents the sum of his knowledge. The website covers a variety of topics and the quality of content is exceptional, especially given that there is no charge for access. Although many of the strategies that are discussed by Michael Wilding are not necessarily going to return insane profits, but they are very well researched, well explained and definitely show potential to be profitable. To complement the blog posts there are also a series of online webinars where Michael Wilding discusses various topics again, related to horse racing. There are also reviews for other tipster services that appear to be well written and researched as well as links to 2 of Michael Wilding’s paid services.

How does the product work?

First and foremost the purpose of Race Advisor is to educate and to teach users to understand how horse racing systems work and how to apply this to your own betting. As mentioned above the information is concise, well explained and well-presented allowing users to quickly find what they want. To try and cover all the systems that Michael Wilding covers would take far too much time as there are a substantial number.

What is the initial investment?

Access to Race Advisor is absolutely free which given the amount of information available is staggering.

What is the rate of return?

As Race Advisor essentially is designed to teach users about horse racing all results should be considered qualitative rather than quantitative.


What isn’t there to like about Race Advisor? It is very rare that a product comes along that genuinely excites me this is one of them. Michael Wilding’s blog isn’t just about aimless rambling; he discusses systems that can legitimately make money, which can become foundations of more complex systems. They are critically discussed and each article is a genuinely interesting read. Signing up for the newsletter is also a must for fans of horse racing as it is here that Michael Wilding offers up his latest content, direct to your email each week.



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