Race D Base Review

Race D Base is a new product from Steve Davidson of Winningmore that collates data for horse racing and brings it all together in one place.

What does the product offer?

Race D Base comes as a downloadable piece of software that brings together everything that Steve Davidson suggests will allow you to improve your betting through increasing your understanding. To be fair to him, Race D Base is a pretty impressive piece of kit and brings together all kinds of bits of information.

These range from things like the jockey and the trainer to the horses age and weight. Obviously information like this can be invaluable however not all of it is as immediately important.

Once a race has been run (after 9.30 GMT), Race D Base also updates itself to give you details of the odds that were available (both through bookies and Betfair) as well as charting how these moved.

Everything is populated by the software which Steve Davidson says can then be used to refer back to at a later date. One of the features of Race D Base that is particularly noteworthy is that it does come with its own ratings system.

How does the product work?

Really, Race D Base exists for those who are perhaps looking to develop their own horse racing system. This is interesting because the main selling point to initially read through the sales material is that you don’t have to actively search out the data.

Something that is worth noting about Race D Base in my opinion, is that due to some of the data that is on offer, you have to run the software for some time. This is because the more information that you have, obviously, the more chance you have of identifying potential patterns etc.

What is the initial investment?

There are three options which are available for Race D Base, all of which are subscription based. The “best value” option is to sign up for Race D Base at a cost of £49.97 for 6 months.

The next option is to sign up for Race D Base for 3 months at a cost of £29.97 or alternatively, you can sign up on a monthly basis at a cost of £12.97. None of these options come with any money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

There is no advertised rate of return for Race D Base which is understandable. Realistically this is a tool rather than a direct money making product and results should be anticipated as qualitative rather than quantitative.


Race D Base is a well enough put together product however my issues here aren’t the product so much as what the point is. I can see how having all of the data that Race D Base provides can have some value, especially if you are seriously into horse racing betting.

The problem that I have with Race D Base is that the only thing that you get that isn’t available elsewhere for free is the ratings. If you feel that your time is worth that much, then Race D Base might be worth a look, however I am personally not sold on the value here.


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