Race Fan Review Offered by Betfan

Race Fan is a brand new to market horse racing tipster service which is being operated by the Betfan tipster stable. The tipster who actually provides selections is not named.

Introduction to Race Fan

In recent months I feel like I have seen a very different side to Betfan. The services that they have been offering are more measured. They are slightly less radical in terms of claims and perhaps most importantly, the end result looks a lot like what is advertised. Race Fan however looks initially like a spectacular return to form for a number of different reasons that I want to cover. It does however begin with a classic Betfan headline.

“Discover How YOU Can Turn A Few Minutes A Day Into A Wonderful New Income Working From Home!”.

I mean, they’re not wrong I suppose. The truth is that I believe that it is entirely feasible to use Race Fan to create a second income from home. What I do have questions about however is quite how successful the service is compared to the picture that is painted by Betfan. With this in mind, let’s take a look at Race Fan and see whether or not it is a winner or falls at the first hurdle.

What Does Race Fan Offer?

Betfan have a way of doing things and they do not tend to deviate too far from this model. Especially when it comes to the operation of their tipster services, and honestly, this is no bad thing. Selections are sent directly out to Race Fan subscribers on a daily basis. This is done via email as well as being uploaded to a special member’s area on the Betfan website.

The content of the emails issued by Race Fan is of a high standard, as you would probably expect from arguably the largest tipster stable in the UK.

The bets that are advised through Race Fan are all incredibly straight forward. The vast majority (and by that it is probably fairer to say almost all) are simple back to win bets.

There are however the occasional bets which are each way and there is also a single double which has made its way in. The volume of bets is very low which helps to protect the betting bank, especially when you factor in the staking plan for Race Fan. Talking of which…

In recent times I have seen Betfan move away from staking 5 points on every bet. This is great as it means that the results are much more reflective of what you can expect from the service. Unfortunately, Race Fan is something of a return to this with almost all bets advised to 5 point level stakes.

There are of course the odd ones that don’t follow this exactly, but that is the case in the main.

One of the things that is arguably fortunate and definitely stands out as the most impressive aspects of Race Fan is the strike rate. Over 12 months, the tipster behind the service has maintained a strike rate of 49.56%.

This is a fantastic undertaking and is arguably one of the most impressive results I have seen for some time. Now don’t get me wrong, Race Fan is not really concerned with long odds which helps, but there is still a fair old range that you will be betting on.

How Does Race Fan Work?

We are not really told a whole lot about what the selection process for Race Fan entails. Betfan say that the tipster behind the service has, over many years, “built a team of top horse racing contacts” that allow him to be a successful bettor.

Supposedly, said tipster has been a professional gambler for around 20 years with a firm focus on horse racing. He says that in his time he managed to become very friendly with an on course gambler “when he was at his best”. This led to the unnamed tipster learning a great deal about horse racing betting.

Of course this doesn’t really give us any insight which is a disappointmnent. The truth of the matter however is that Race Fan comes with 12 months of proofing. Furthermore, this proofing has been carried out through a tipster stable whose results I ultimately trust in the form of Betfan (even if I take them with a pinch of salt).

This is a lot of mitigation and for my money, goes some way to making up for a lack of information.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are just two options provided by Betfan if you want to subscribe to Race Fan. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £60 plus VAT. It is worth keeping in mind that as is the case with all Betfan products, the monthly subscription actually means every 28 days so you will pay this 13 times. Alternatively, you can sign up to a quarterly subscription which runs every 90 days and is priced at £135 plus VAT.

It is also worth noting the fact that as is the case with all products from Betfan, there is no real money back guarantee in place. The team do say that they review refund requests although these are not typically granted.

What is the Rate of Return?

The proofing for Race Fan shows a profit of 1028.09 points at the time of writing from the start of July 2017 through to the end of July 2018. This is a fantastic result and there can be no mistake about this. It is however important, at least in my opinion, to ensure that there is some context kept for these numbers, namely the staking plan.

Drop Race Fan down to flat stakes and you are looking at a much less impressive 209.29 points of profit. Now, irrespective of how much you are staking the ROI still stands at 61.53% which is a strong result.

Conclusion on Race Fan

There are a few things that I want to address with Race Fan which I think are very good. And that doesn’t mean that I am going to tear the service down either. Honestly, I just think that this is a little bit polarising and depending on your view on betting, will depend on whether you see it as a good service.

Starting with the ROI. 61.53% is incredible. Using level stakes of any kind, you have essentially tripled your initial betting bank in a year. Start with £1,000, make £2,000 profit. Those are very good results (and of course feel free to scale that up). The strike rate is solid as well. Naturally there are losing streaks with Race Fan but any tipster who can get close to 50% is doing something right.

Whilst the ROI is good, the staking plan is rather risky in my book.

Whilst 1,000 points sounds great (and like Betfan say, £100 per point would make you £100,000 tax free in a year!), it racks up quickly because of the stakes. £100 per point sounds reasonable. £500 per bet is beyond what most people can afford, but that isn’t how it is phrased.

I also think that the costs are incredible. Including VAT, you will be pay £72 per month for Race Fan. This is a hell of a lot and you could comfortably put together a decent little portfolio for this kind of money.

Ultimately, I am not keen on Race Fan however this is a little bit of a personal choice. I don’t believe in necessarily throwing large amounts of money at something in order to get a decent return. The fact of the matter however is that if you don’t mind high stakes betting, then you can do a lot worse than Race Fan.


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I am afraid that having tried it for 14 days, this looks like another Betfan service that appears excellent on paper, i.e. historic data, but in reality is less than excellent, to put in diplomatic terms. A win rate of 17% and down by 34.5 points so far is not exactly what I thought I’d bought when I joined the service. Granted, two weeks is not a lot, but having tried a number of other Betfan services I am not convinced that this is about to change anytime soon.

What is also disappointing is the lack of response from Betfan or the services themselves. You just get your daily emails with the tip and that’s it. No real comments on how things are going or why things aren’t going to plan. You get the feeling they don’t care and as long as you pay the subscription, everything’s fine as far as they are concerned.

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From: Simon Roberts