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Race Formula is a new to market horse racing tipster service which comes courtesy of tipster Joe Joyce in conjunction with his team of experts. There are some very bold claims made in terms of the profit potential.

Introduction to the Race Formula service

Honestly, Joe Joyce has done a phenomenal job of putting together a very strong sounding service. In fact, if I were to take the sales material for Race Formula on face value, I would be inclined to sign myself straight up because honestly, it doesn’t get much better than what is supposedly on offer.

Of course, my time in this industry has taught me that everything is rarely what it appears to be and as such, I am inclined to treat Race Formula with a healthy dose of cynicism. Of course, I could be wrong and Joe Joyce could really have hit the holy grail of sports betting and I wouldn’t like to write that possibility off off hand.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at Race Formula.  

racing-formula-reviewWhat Does Race Formula Offer?

Whilst the inner workings of Race Formula are apparently very impressive, the logistics are much more straight forward. Joe Joyce has selections sent out each morning by one of his team – Garima Patel – directly to subscribers via email. The content of these emails is decidedly basic which is unfortunate.

From there, Joe Joyce says that you can place your Race Formula selections logging into “your betting account, be that William Hill, Betfair, Betfred, Bet- whatever”. This shows that there is little consideration for where the best odds are being offered which is disappointing.  

Moving on to the bets themselves, we are told that you will be told “exactly how to bet”, however from what I have seen of Race Formula so far you will be dealing mostly with win bets.

The odds that you are advised to back at are decidedly middling however Oddschecker and a decent number of betting accounts will likely make all the difference here. In terms of the volume of bets, you can once again expect those middle of the road numbers from Race Formula. I have  suspicions that this is design however (for reasons that I will explore in full below).

In terms of a staking plan for Race Formula, well, there doesn’t seem to be one. This is particularly disconcerting as all of the claimed profits are in pounds and pence rather than points.

Whilst Joe Joyce has clearly missed something quite important, I would be inclined to stick to level stake with a pretty big betting bank if I were going to follow along with Race Formula. I can see Joe Joyce’s selections having quite substantial losing runs and you will need to accommodate these (unfortunately).

Whilst there is a lot of information that is missing, one thing that Joe Joyce is very keen to shout from the rooftops about is the strike rate According to the sales material for Race Formula, this stands at a mind boggling 85%.

This kind of number would be outstanding for a lay betting tipster service, but for a back to win service it is truly incredible. It should be noted however that there is absolutely no proofing provided to back this claim up and as such, I am treating it with a lot of doubt.  

How Does Race Formula Work?

Key to the concept of Race Formula is the fact that Joe Joyce has an entire team of professionals surrounding him, each of whom supposedly brings something different to the table. If you buy into the sales material, through their combined skills, they are able to find the almost dead certs that Race Formula produces. This team is comprised of the following members:

  • Joe Joyce is the CEO of Race Formula and head of the operation. Quite what specific skills he brings to the table is something that isn’t really explored.
  • Jordan White is “your typical London city guy”. He supposedly handles the business side of Race Formula “right down to managing accounts”.
  • Howard and Dennis Brooke are supposedly the latest in a long line of successful punters “who have been bleeding the bookies dry for generations”.
  • Arianne Price is referred to in the following context “If I were to say that Arianne knows EVERYONE in horse racing, I’d hardly be exaggerating”. Joe Joyce says that she handles insider relations for Race Formula.
  • Garima Patel is apparently fresh out of Oxford University with a “first class honors degree in Computer Science”. She supposedly handles “techy stuff” and verifies pics each and every day.
  • Robby Moore is said to be Joe Joyce’s second in command “and a man I trust more than my own family”. The sales material claims that he has been a professional punter for more than 20 years with an “impeccable track record when it comes to horse racing”.

All of this of course sounds great, suggesting that Race Formula is some hybrid of insider information, an algorithmic approach as well as drawing on knowledge from experienced bettors. This would be marvellous if you actually put any stock into Joe Joyce’s claims for Race Formula. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that I do for a number of reasons that I will explore a little later.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing Race Formula is supposedly being offered up as something of a pre offer before it goes live properly. The sales material makes reference to “FIVE pre-sales memberships”, after which there will be 50 more memberships offered for general release.

I don’t believe that this is anything more than a crude sales technique however. In terms of costing, Joe Joyce is asking a one time payment of just £29.99 in order to receive selections “for as long as [they’re] in business”.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining figure for Race Formula is that you can expect to make at around £85,000 per year through the service.

This is based off earnings that Joe Joyce supposedly enjoyed in the last year. Elsewhere, the service is referred to as making upwards of £7,000 on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, there is no context for what kind of stakes you would have to bet in order to produce this kind of income.

Conclusion on Race Formula

I will be blunt when talking about Race Formula. I don’t believe for a single minute that this is a genuine tipster service. Whilst I think that Joe Joyce has done a very good job of creating something that appears to be authentic, the operative word there is appears. There is no getting around the fact that the whole set up with the team sounds like a really strong thing and I can see how people get sucked into it.

The fact of the matter however is that there simply isn’t any evidence at all that this works outsider of a very questionable screenshot of a betting account. Even applying some logic to the claimed results.

To £100 stakes (which is at the top end of what I believe most people looking at this would bet), you would be looking at 70 points per month. You would also be looking 850 points per year. Now some of the most profitable services I have looked at have managed to end a year on 1,000 points but this has always been the result of something like a Lucky 15 coming in.

This lack of evidence and proofing is all very questionable, however it is only a small part of what convinces me that I wouldn’t be inclined to invest in Race Formula if I’m honest. The nail in the coffin here is something that is much less obvious on an initial glance as it lies in what I refer to as the “back end”.

The vendor who is selling Race Formula is one that I am familiar with and that is down to the large quantity of services that they have been involved in. Unfortunately, none of them have shown any signs of longevity and I have no reason to believe that Race Formula will be any different.

With this in mind, I really wouldn’t recommend this. There are a lot of tipster services on the market that are genuine that I would look to first. They admittedly might not make the £85,000 per year that Joe Joyce claims Race Formula will make, but frankly, it is very unlikely that Race Formula will either.


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From: Simon Roberts