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Race King Review

Race King is a horse racing tipster service which comes from Steve G. He claims that his service has generated some very substantial profits

Introduction Race King

There are a lot of reasons that you may want to consider a tipster service, but the most important element is undoubtedly the amount of money that you can make. Now, there are a lot of services that come out and make ridiculous claims of tens of thousands of pounds with no real evidence to back the claims up, or no real context for these claimed profits either.

race-king-reviewRace King appears to buck this trend however with some £15,000 worth of profit generated in just 5 months this year. These numbers are very strong, but what really stands out is the fact that Steve G provides what he claims is full proofing for the service as well. Surely this is a no brainer then right? Let’s have a look and see.

What Does Race King Offer?

There is a lot that can be said for Race King, however one of the things that I can really appreciate is the fact that Steve G has put together a very straight forward tipster service. All of the bets that are advised are either straight win bets, or each way.

This makes for an experience that should allow a wide variety of people to get on with betting. It is worth noting however that there are a range of odds involved with Race King, a number of which are longer odds and as such, whilst Steve G does advise of odds, you will likely need to act very swiftly if you want to obtain the best possible results (and as always, an account with a BOG bookmaker will service you well).

In terms of how the service works, Steve G has put out services before now (a point that I will be returning to a little later), and this shows in the execution of the logistics of Race King. Selections are issued on a near daily basis to subscribers which are sent out directly via email.

I have said near daily, as Steve G says that they only bet between Tuesday and Saturday “because mostly low class racing occurs” on the Sunday and Monday. This is a very important aspect of how Race King works and I will be picking this up shortly.

In terms of staking, there is a plan in place and in keeping with other elements of Race King, it is a very straight forward affair. Steve G recommends that all bets are advised to 1 point stakes on win bets and 0.5 points each way on the relevant bets. Given that this can be a high volume service on occasion, this works out well.

It is of note that a 100 point betting bank is advised if you want to be able to absorb losing streaks with Race King. Whilst these aren’t necessarily long, they can be somewhat frequent.

This is a fact that isn’t necessarily reflected in the claimed strike rate for Race King.

Steve G says that the service has maintained an average strike rate of 49.8%. This is a very respectable number, however it is important to note that this is over a relatively short space of time. Furthermore, whilst there is a range of odds involved, for every long shot, Steve G advises a lot of much shorter odds through Race King.

As a brief note, it is worth noting that if you want to subscribe to Race King, you get a 3 month membership to Football Winner, a tipster service which is operated by Steve Hudson.

How Does Race King Work?

I mentioned earlier the fact that selections are only issued on certain days (also mentioning he class of racing) and the fact that it is a big part of how Race King works.

Effectively, Steve G says that out of all of the racing that happens in the UK, only certain classes are worth betting on. The idea is that when you look at the lower quality races (going down to class 7), you have “many unproven horses, amateur jockeys and unreliable form”. These are the bets that the bookies supposedly want you to place. These are also races that are “hard to read”.

As is implied, Steve G effectively says that by focusing on classes that have more proven form and races that are more likely to operate “as expected”. This means that as a tipster, he is much better position to identify winning horse.

This makes a certain amount of sense and honestly, the fundamental idea of being selective about what you bet on isn’t a bad one. The fact of the matter is that it is much easier to beat the bookie by focusing on specifics rather than betting on anything. This definitely works in the favour of Race King.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options that are available if you want to subscribe to Race King. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £14.95 per month. Alternatively, at the time of writing, Steve G is offering an annual subscription or just £79.

This is a significant reduction on the claimed value of £179.40. It is worth noting that because Race King is being sold through Clickbank, this does mean that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that you aren’t happy with the service.

What is the Rate of Return?

According to the proofing for Race King, Steve G has produced a profit of 150.98 points in some 5 months. This means that the headlining profit of £15,098 is actually based off £100 stakes.

This is all pretty respectable and would set the service up for an annual profit of some 360 points of profit which represents a decent figure. Arguably more impressive than the points profit is Steve G’s claim that Race King has produced an ROI that stands at 51.9%. This number is however based off a relatively small sample size.  

Conclusion on Race King

Fundamentally, I like the package that Steve G has put together in Race King. There is a lot that makes sense such as narrowing down your field of racing on which you bet. There is even more sense in focusing on races where there is a well recorded history of form. The results are strong enough and honestly, what Steve G is asking for Race King makes it a very attractive proposition indeed.

So, this is a full recommendation, right? Whilst there are a lot of positives, there are some more poignant things that perhaps should be considered if you are going to consider Race King. One of the things that I have mentioned is the fact that Steve G has put out other services before now, and these are what I want to turn a bit of an eye to.

Now, I will admit that there is getting around the fact that Racing Expert Tips (the service which I am looking at) is not Race King. There may be differences in the results, but given the small sample size that exists in terms of proofing here, I don’t think that it is entirely incomparable.

As a service, Racing Expert Tips launched in January 2016, so some 3.5 years ago at the time of writing. Since then, it has produced an overall profit of just 232.33 points. This is important as the service was launched off the back of not dissimilar results to Race King way back when. As such, I do have some questions about the longer term profitability that is on offer here.

With that having been said, I can see the appeal. £15 per month isn’t a lot for a tipster service. If you can get even half of the results that Steve G supposedly got over the last 5 months in the next 5 months, you will still be in profit, even if you are betting just £1 per bet (albeit by just a few pence) once you consider your subs.

Personally, this isn’t a tipster service that I would follow. As it currently stands, I think it would be fair to say that I can see potential here. If in 6 months, Steve G has reproduced the results to date for Race King, then it might be worth consideration.

Personally though, given previous products and the fact that this appears to have been launched off the back of a few particularly strong months, I wouldn’t be inclined to put too much into Race King.


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I wish I had read this before subscribing to this service. In 4 weeks over May/June there were 58 tips. ( including some racing expert tips which were provided to me to soften the blow of my disastrous experience) Four won at 10/11, one won at 6/4 and there were 10 placers at under 7/1. The rest including quite a few well fancied, short odds runners lost.
Cost me a fortune though thankfully I recovered my subscription through click bank.

I am looking for a reliable and profitable tipster service, have you come across any that you would recommend

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