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Race Profits UK is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by Geoff Dodds. There are some questionable results, and even more questionable marketing.

Introduction to Race Profits UK

Let’s be clear here. Geoff Dodds isn’t messing around. You only have to look at the headline on the sales page for his service, Race Profits UK. “This Page Is For Anyone That Is SICK Of Being RIPPED OFF and Sucked In By BULLSH*T Schemes That Just Don’t Work…”. Hell yes Geoff Dodds! I too am sick of seeing these products being advertised week in and week out with no real evidence backing up their ridiculous claims of massive, low risk income.

Sorry, there might have been some sarcasm stuck in my throat a bit there. Honestly, I always find this tone of marketing quite interesting. I say this because in my experience, genuine tipsters are rarely willing to take this approach. It is usually the tipsters that fall into this same category that they are so willing to call out as “BULLSH*T Schemes”. And probably not surprisingly, this isn’t that much different.

Nonetheless, I am a professional. I will keep an open mind when looking at Geoff Dodds’s service. After all, Race Profits UK could well be the one that breaks the mould. Am I convinced that it will be? Honestly, no. Even a preliminary skimming of the copy suggests that this is going to be riddled with flaws, but let’s jump in and see if I am proven wrong here.  

What Does Race Profits UK Offer?

Right from the get go, I want to say that Geoff Dodds’ sales pitch reads like a speech from Donald Trump. I’m not trying to get political here, but the way the claims read are… Well, you could very easily imagine him saying them. Self aggrandising and critical of anything that doesn’t fit the narrative. This is important because for a change, in talking about what Race Profits UK offers, I want to reel off a list of things that Geoff Dodds says you can expect.

  • Bet’s selected in less than 20 minutes a day!
  • Steady streams of winning bets!
  • No guesswork, No decisions, No stress!
  • Not a bunch of low priced, favourite win slections [sic]!
  • No complicated software
  • Lots of action!
  • Cash in on BIG Winning Bets!

Sounds impressive right? And yet, it is somehow rather at odds with a system that seems to be a rather straightforward affair. Let’s start by trying to categorise and break down some of these claims.

First things first, logistically, Race Profits UK does nothing to break new ground. It is everything that you have come to expect from those tipster services that seem to come out every other week with big claims. “All you NEED is the willingness to put the daily selections I give you into action” claims Geoff Dodds.

This actually means receiving a daily email with a handful of selections. Rather unfortunately although not at all surprisingly, these contain pretty much minimal information. Don’t get me wrong, Race Profits UK doesn’t leave you high and dry, but you won’t get any advice on where to place bets etc. You are very much on your own.

Because of this, I cannot recommend enough that if you were to follow Race Profits UK, you should be looking to take advantage of an odds comparison site. A look at Geoff Dodds’s rather dubious evidence suggests that he simply bets through Betfair’s Sportsbook, but this isn’t necessarily the best approach.

The fact of the matter is that whilst some bookies generally provide better odds than others, you should always be looking to maximise your returns, ideally with BOG. Of course, this simply isn’t viable all of the time.

Moving on to the bets themselves… Well, it’s a very interesting approach. You see, each day, Geoff Dodds sends out five selections. And you are then supposed to place these as an accumulator. This is a big part of why it is so important to ensure that you are getting those best possible odds. Because let’s be honest here, you aren’t going to be winning large accas very often.

In terms of the volume of bets, despite there ultimately being those five selections, you are still ultimately placing just one bet per day. As such, even using an odds comparison site, this shouldn’t take too much time out of your day.

One thing that should be talked about is the range of odds. You would probably expect to see a fair old range here. After all, Geoff Dodds himself says that you can “Cash in on BIG Winning Bets”, and you are dealing with some pretty big accumulators. In theory, this of course means that you should see some massive odds. From what I have seen though, I’m not overly impressed by the value that is available here.

Staking wise, all that we are actually told by Geoff Dodds is that Race Profits UK “DOESN’T require HUGE stakes!”. Of course, this sounds great, right until you realise that actually you really aren’t told how much you should be betting outside of a somewhat esoteric mention of £26 bets per day. In actual fact, this seems to be a part of a wider effort to obfuscate very important information. Presumably, one should take this to actually mean level stakes of 1 point per bet.

Here’s the thing. You simply can’t expect to win very often if you are dealing with 5 fold accumulators. That’s pretty much a mathematical certainty. Now rather frustratingly, what Geoff Dodds doesn’t do is actually talk about the strike rate for his accas. This isn’t mentioned anywhere in the sales material, nor is there any proofing.

What this means as a punter is that you should be ready for some very significant draw-down on your betting bank. Unfortunately, there is no information on what this betting bank should be either. Realistically, what I will say, is that if I were particularly inclined to follow Race Profits UK, then I’d probably look to have at least 200 points available to me. This should mean that you can at least afford to absorb the inevitable, and very likely substantial losing streaks.  

How Does Race Profits UK Work?

The fundamental idea behind Race Profits UK is, let’s be honest, quite a simple one. You are betting on accumulators that inherently have pretty long odds. As such, you aren’t going to win often. But when you do, you do have the potential to win big. Which is of course, a key part of the sales pitch that Geoff Dodds makes.

Unfortunately, this is only one small part of how Race Profits UK works. In actual fact, I don’t really see simply betting on accumulators as a strategy in and of itself. There certainly doesn’t seem to be anything more than this that Geoff Dodds either presents, or I have been able to extrapolate from the service.

The really important thing here is the selection process. Now, this is always important. But when you are taking the advice of somebody who is giving you bets that by their nature aren’t likely to come in, it is imperative that you understand where those selections are coming from. Not surprisingly, this information just isn’t there with Race Profits UK.

Arguably the single most concerning point that I have here is Geoff Dodds’s claim that he only works around 15-20 minutes. This concern is cemented in place when he says that bets are “selected in less than 20 minutes a day!”.

Decent tipsters will see identifying bets as a full time job. I know people who will literally lock themselves away for 8 hours a day working to find the selections that they want to bet on. Frankly, I want to know what miracle system Geoff Dodds has discovered that allows him to find five selections for an accumulator, for Race Profits UK, in less than 20 minutes. But of course, we won’t get that, will we?  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you want to sign up for Race Profits UK. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at “just” £30 (plus VAT). This gives you access to selections for a period of 30 days.

Alternatively, and representing much better value, Geoff Dodds also offers a 6 monthly subscription. This is priced at £90 (again, plus VAT), however, here we are told that this is a substantial discount on the “real value” for this 6 month period of £180. A number that I am rather sceptical about, if I’m honest.

One of the few things that I believe that Race Profits UK can be categorically praised for is the fact that Geoff Dodds does mention Clickbank’s 30 day money back guarantee. This is very clearly mentioned in the sales material for which at least some credit is due.  

What is the Rate of Return?

The sales material for Race Profits UK claims that using those £26 daily bets, you can turn this into “£4,000 MONTHLY PROFITS… THAT YOU CAN REPEAT MULTIPLE TIMES A MONTH!” (whatever that last part means. It isn’t really clarified). More specifically, we are told that he personally makes over £3,946 every month.

As well as that, we are told that Race Profits UK is a “REAL way to make between £500 – £1,000 per week”, which of course brings that number down to potentially £2,000 – £4,000 per month. Of course, this is all entirely unsubstantiated. The only thing that could be seen as evidence is a highly questionable and heavily cropped screenshot of a Betfair account. This shows £47,352.91 in it.

What is particularly interesting to me though is that we can actually quantify all of these “pounds and pence” profits as Geoff Dodds tells us that he personally bets £26. This would put the average monthly profits at 151.77 points. A number that is, if I’m completely blunt, ludicrous. Especially in the face of any real evidence.

Conclusion for Race Profits UK

 I don’t think that you have to look particularly hard at Race Profits UK to see that it is simply riddled with issues. So much so that I don’t really know where to start. Something that I often find myself saying, but here… It’s just taken to another level. There doesn’t seem to be a single redeeming feature to Geoff Dodds’s service (except possibly the money back guarantee, but even that comes with caveats in my opinion).

Perhaps I should circle right back to the start and talk a little bit about some of the copy and the words that Geoff Dodds chooses to use. For example, we are told that “Race Profits UK is the ONLY profitable horse racing system out there”. I can tell you for a fact that this is a patently untrue statement. I have seen plenty of profitable horse racing systems. In actual fact, some of the best examples have been recommended here on this website.

I also find that there is a little bit of irony in that headline I started talking about whereby Geoff Dodds claims that “This Page Is For Anyone That Is SICK Of Being RIPPED OFF and Sucked In By BULLSH*T Schemes That Just Don’t Work…”.

The fact of the matter is that the marketing for Race Profits UK seems to be based more around the idea of Geoff Dodds disparaging other betting services rather than justifying his own. In my experience, this is typically a pretty substantial red flag.

Moving away from that, I have some very valid concerns RE the system itself. That is to say, the selection process behind Race Profits UK. Geoff Dodds refers to this as being “a SIMPLE but VERY PROFITABLE method” that he has been using for the last couple of years (a period of time that I would have loved to have seen proofing for).

To hammer home a point from earlier, we are also told that this allows selections to be made in just 20 minutes. That’s just a ridiculously small amount of time. Honestly, I don’t think you could look at all the races in a day in 20 minutes, let alone identify five selections which all have a decent chance of winning.

And once again, whilst very much stating my scepticism about this, I also have to return to Geoff Dodds’s claims about other systems. Where he states that Race Profits UK isn’t “one of “those” software programs that just kick out garbage selections” or his reference to “magic” software. It might not be, but it’s definitely in that ball park.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the only reason that I can see to recommend Race Profits UK is that profit potential. The problem with this is that I don’t believe that it is genuine. 151 points per month as an average is way above and beyond what even the best betting systems will bring in with any consistency.

As such, I can’t help but be cynical about those results. Truth be told, I am rather cynical about all of Race Profits UK. The clear focus here is on talking down other systems. An approach that I am never a fan of. Especially because I know for a fact that there are a lot of systems out there that are profitable.

In my experience, those services that take the marketing approach that Geoff Dodds does don’t tend to be very good. They make themselves sound like the best (or “ONLY”) service on the market for making money. Generally speaking, this is with a view to bringing in those who may not know better.

With all of this in mind, I would be inclined to give Race Profits UK a very wide berth. The claims that do sound like a good thing are unsubstantiated and unproven. Without that, they don’t really stand for much. And looking at the bigger picture, this isn’t even that cheap. There are some very good tipsters out there that you can sign up with for the same price.  


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