Race Ratings Pro Review

Race Ratings Pro is a product for teaching users about creating their own betting system. Creator Michael Wilding shares techniques used by betting syndicates.

What does the product offer?

Race Ratings Pro is a training course that teachers users about developing a betting system using a ratings system. The information made available by Michael Wilding is claimed to have its foundations in American betting syndicates and the methodology that they employ. The training comes in the form of 11 modules which are video based. Race Ratings Pro allegedly covers all aspects of ratings, how they work and how to employ them to your benefit.

How does the product work?

According to Michael Wilding the seeds of Race Ratings Pro were sown during a chance meeting with an American bettor who was part of a larger syndicate. After an alleged discussion about the technique syndicates use Michael Wilding went home and set about modifying the systems so that they could be utilised by a single person. The system is heavily steeped in analysis and requires quite a lot of work in getting your system right.

What is the initial investment?

Race Ratings Pro is available for a one off payment of £49.99 (plus VAT for EU residents). As the product is marketed through Betfan there is no money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of the rate of return this is something that isn’t really discussed. As Race Ratings Pro is fundamentally about increasing ones knowledge I would expect results to be qualitative rather than quantitative.


Race Ratings Pro has some potential although I am concerned by how much of this is based un proofed results. The statement that Race Ratings Pro uses methods used by betting syndicates is an interesting our approach to a rather tired section of money making methods. Because of the lack of expected earnings it becomes more complicated in weighing up the value of Race Ratings Pro. One thing that Michael Wilding does so well is explaining how Race Ratings Pro works.

This is something that given the lack of money back guarantee is a must have. All in am inclined to say that Race Ratings Pro is a tad on the expensive side, especially given the lack of tangible evidence of it working properly.



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