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Race Reader Pro is a brand new horse racing tipster service that is being offered through the Bet Social tipster platform. They claim that the tips can “make raceday payday” courtesy of tipster Jonathan’s selections.  

Introduction to Race Reader Pro

I’m rather partial to a slogan. In actual fact, I’ve never really tried to hide the fact that I am quite interested in the marketing approach that tipsters take. In the case of Race Reader Pro, there was one thing that really stood out to me. “How Would You Like To Know How a Race Will Be Run Before It Starts?” asks the sales material. Well, isn’t that the dream of any bettor?

Now, I know, I know. These kinds of things aren’t meant to be taken literally. But Bet Social definitely do set a certain expectation. Now, that is all well and good. Anybody can set an expectation. God knows, I’ve seen enough tipster services try to set an expectation of making ten grand a week. Guess what happens with them? But I can’t help but feel that to some degree, Race Reader Pro is well positioned to deliver on this rather interesting claim.

But let’s be honest here. The job of any marketing is to create a certain ideological thing that you are buying into. In the case of Race Reader Pro, Bet Social are selling you wealth and profit. But delivering on that can be a very different kettle of fish. The fact is that there can be massive disparity between the claims made and the actual results. The question here is just which side of this gulf it comes out at.  

What Does Race Reader Pro Offer?

When it comes to writing about a tipster service, I always like to start with the logistics. Because really, these are the first hurdle that I think people will arrive at. Before anything else, if you don’t have time to follow a tipster’s bets or commit to their schedule. What is the point in trying? I know this doesn’t seem important but stick with me. Because it kind of is.

You see, Jonathan (the tipster behind Race Reader Pro) has a very clear approach to his betting that influences pretty much every element. Now I’ll talk about this in more detail shortly, but it mostly boils down to selectivity. Combine this with Bet Social who seem to have a pretty decent handle on tipster management (despite being relatively new to the scene) and you have some decent foundations.

But what does that mean for you as an Race Reader Pro subscriber? Well, first things first, this definitely isn’t a daily tipster service. There are, of course, periods where Jonathan sends out selections on a regular basis, but rarely will you get tips more than a few days in a row. This definitely helps to make everything a bit more manageable.

As you will probably be anticipating, selections are sent out directly via email. Typically speaking you can expect a decent window of time from Bet Social in order to place the bets. And you could be forgiven for thinking at this point that Race Reader Pro is just another tipster service taking the same approach as everybody else. But you’d be wrong.

You see, one of the best things about Race Reader Pro is that Jonathan actually includes a write up of why he has made selections. This means that the quality of email that you are getting from Bet Social is ultimately head and shoulders above the norm. And honestly, this approach becomes a bit of a saving grace for a lot of reasons that I hope will become apparent over the course of this review.

Moving away from that for a minute, I want to explore the bets that are involved. Because Jonathan doesn’t shy away from using different bet types in order to try and provide the most profit potential for Race Reader Pro. This means that you can expect to look at a range of win and each way bets, as well as smaller accas of these on occasion.

As you would expect from a service that we have already established is selective, Race Reader Pro isn’t high volume either. In actual fact, Bet Social’s proofing shows that by and large, the most bets you can expect to see on a given day is just 4. This makes for a service that is incredibly straight forward to follow.

Now what I haven’t really talked about are the odds that are involved. Jonathan clearly favours longer shots and value with Race Reader Pro. This isn’t unfounded. When you look at the proofing from Bet Social, in a little under 3 months, around 50% of the bets advised have had single figure odds. But even then, you are still looking at a lot of bets at odds of higher than 5.0 with the average odds coming in at 10.57 even to industry starting price.

Naturally, this kind of approach does mean that you won’t really win all that often. There have been just 13 horses that have won or placed that Jonathan has tipped through Race Reader Pro. This makes for a strike rate of around 15%. That is… Well, I’ll be frank. It just isn’t all that good. But that isn’t the be all and end all given those odds.

What I do find to be a little concerning about Race Reader Pro is the stakes that are involved. As we’ve already established, you aren’t winning often here. And when you’re generally staking 1.5 points on most each way bets (with the odd bet coming in at even more than this), it can add up. Win bets are at 1 point which is an improvement, but it’s still a lot to sink into a tipster service.

How Does Race Reader Pro Work?

The obvious solution when talking about how Race Reader Pro works is to simply point you to the fact that all bets receive a full write up. These are well detailed and Jonathan really makes it clear why he has selected a certain horse. Not only is this welcome, but I maintain that it should be “industry standard”.

But there is still an underlying “how” that we are also told about which instils some faith in Race Reader Pro. I’m trimming a lot of fat here, but Bet Social effectively say that Jonathan has spent time as a successful tipster before. He also ended up making a move into the bookmaking industry. Obviously, this is a combination that potentially sets up a tipster service quite nicely.

Now, we are told that when Jonathan was running his own tipster service prior to Race Reader Pro, he drew on an IT past to analyse the information that was available. This supposedly demonstrated considerable success. This approach is now combined with inside knowledge that working in the industry brings, as well as, we are told having “contacts”.

All of this is well and good, but ultimately, you are just taking the word of a tipster and their management company. However, when you combine all of this with the additional proofing that Bet Social provide, I think that it’s quite fair to say that you can look at Race Reader Pro and get a pretty good idea of what you are getting yourself into.

What is the Initial Investment?

When it comes to the pricing… Well, I’ll be blunt with you. Race Reader Pro isn’t exactly cheap. At £40 per month, it is somewhere around the top end of what I would typically recommend paying for a tipster service.

However, Bet Social do offer additional value if you sign up on a quarterly basis. This is priced at £80 per quarter and means an effective monthly cost of about £26.60. Which is of course much cheaper, at the cost of the additional outlay.

Now, at the time of writing, Bet Social are making Race Reader Pro available on a special offer, however, it is for limited numbers. This means that you can grab 3 weeks of selections for a one time cost of £5, after which you will revert to the subscription that you chose.

It is noteworthy that whichever option you choose, there is no money back guarantee in place. Bet Social make no mention of this, and when I have looked at their other products, this has been the case there. As such, I would expect the same for Race Reader Pro.

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing this, Race Reader Pro doesn’t have a rate of return. What I mean by this, is that the service simply hasn’t made any money. Bet Social’s proofing shows that in the best case scenario of using BSP, you would be 21.41 points in the red. To industry start price, this number is even worse showing a 33 point loss. All of this since June 2020.

Honestly, I’d like to be able to try and frame this in some kind of positive, but the straight truth is that it simply isn’t good enough. These kinds of losses are quite significant and there is no longer term evidence to really suggest that they might be temporary.

Conclusion for Race Reader Pro

This is always a difficult thing to do with a tipster service that is operating at a loss and… Well, so clearly not great, but I think I’m going to have to defend Race Reader Pro a bit. So just bear with me here. Straight up, the bottom line is that had you been betting to £10 stakes, you’d currently be as much as £330 down following Jonathan advice. And there is absolutely no getting around this fact. But I do think there are some considerations.

First things first, you are ultimately dealing with a pretty small sample size when you look at Race Reader Pro. Jonathan and Bet Social both talk about how his tips have been profitable in the past. And honestly, as naïve as it might be, I am inclined to believe them.(although it is noteworthy that this isn’t proofed, and it is also acknowledged that more recent results lend more weight to what to expect).

And using that as a jumping off point I can see how Race Reader Pro might be profitable in the future. Because of the long odds that are involved, just a few bets coming in could potentially turn everything around. And I believe that this is the expectation of Jonathan. This isn’t baseless speculation.

At several points in the sales material, there is reference made to both long term profits and “plenty of time wasters who were looking to make a fortune overnight”. And any tipster worth their salt will always have their eye on that long term goal.

Now, with that said, it doesn’t mean that you should be happy to simply sit and bankroll loser after loser, just because you might be up over a year. There are certainly some people who are happy to take that approach to betting, but I’m not one of them.

Whilst I’m still roughly on the subject of mitigating points when it comes to Race Reader Pro, I think it’s also worth pointing out that Jonathan clearly does know what he’s talking about. The fact is that you don’t get tipsters providing full write ups of their selections if they’re just going to feed you BS. It’s far too easy to see through.

For my money, this latter point definitely carries more weight than the former. I can speculate about long term profits and what Bet Social claim Jonathan has done in the past all I want. But it doesn’t matter because in the here and now Race Reader Pro is operating at a loss.

But a demonstration of knowledge… Well, that is much more important. Somebody who genuinely knows what they are doing will eventually get it right. Even if it can be a frustratingly long time before it happens. And because you are actively seeing that knowledge, it is difficult to argue too much with it (and if you are going to, why sign up for a tipster service?).

So, here’s the thing. Would I recommend Race Reader Pro? Absolutely not. A potential loss of 33 points over a short period of time simply isn’t good enough. Especially when you factor in that if you were on a monthly subscription and using £10 stakes, you could add the equivalent of another 8 points onto your losses for your subs.

But with that said, I don’t think that I’d necessarily want to dismiss this out of hand either. I believe that there may be some potential. And with that in mind, I’m going to say that this might be worth keeping half an eye on, just for a few extra months. If Jonathan can find his feet again, this could well turn around. But as it ultimately stands, in the here and now, this is a definite no go.


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