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Race Revolution is a relatively new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by WAP Tipsters. Selections come courtesy of Amada Davies.

Introduction to Race Revolution

When it comes to betting and horse racing, I think it’s pretty fair to say that it’s a man’s world. Almost all of the tipsters that I have looked at in my time have been male, and when there have been female tipsters a disconcerting number of them have been… shall we say of a questionable nature. So, if nothing else, simply seeing a tipster service that is run by a woman is quite interesting. But when the tipster stable selling the service is also claiming some massive profits, well, it’s hard not to pay attention.

Enter Race Revolution and a huge amount of pink. Because boy oh boy, do WAP Tipsters like to push that this is a tipster service that is ran by a woman. But I am here to make money, and as such, none of that matters. What matters more than anything is profit, and there are some seemingly compelling reasons indeed. The sales material says that Amada Davies’ tips have made £26,000 since October. They also say that with the right staking plan, you could have seen this turn into £55,000 worth of profit!

There is no way of dressing it up, those are some incredibly impressive numbers. And as I often think when something looks this good, Race Revolution really only has to deliver on half of this to make it a winner. But here’s the thing, I’m not certain that is the case. There are elements here (that I don’t necessarily think are down to Amada Davies) that cast some doubt on these numbers. Don’t get me wrong, WAP Tipsters aren’t lying at all. But they do skip over a lot of context for the results. So, let’s have a look at what this context is, and what changes. 

What Does Race Revolution Offer?

In a lot of respects, I like what Race Revolution is about. This isn’t the kind of service that is about throwing it at the wall and seeing what sticks. It isn’t the most complicated beast either, all of which means that in theory, it is a very easy to follow service. The fact of the matter is there is a lot to be said for just keeping things simple. And that is exactly how Amada Davies does things.

So, let’s talk about what this actually means. Because at the moment it is a bit of a vague nothing statement, I know. One of the first things that stands out to me about Race Revolution is that you are dealing with just one bet per day. This of course limits things like your potential drawdown, the amount of time that you have to spend on following tips, and to a lesser degree, the amount that you need to get started (a point I will be picking up later).

Why the reason for this selectiveness? Well, Race Revolution is a NAP based service. I’ll go into this in a bit more detail soon, but it really means that you are dealing with Amada Davies’s pick of the day. Unfortunately, what you don’t see when you are looking at NAP bets is typically longer shot horses. Because let’s be honest, a 33/1 outsider is very unlikely to be the most likely winner.

So how low are we talking on the odds? Well, WAP Tipsters’s proofing shows that the average odds come in at just 2.73. And this seems to be a somewhat accurate representation of what you are getting into. In the last month, the highest odds have been just 4.5 and only 5 bets have been advised that have had odds higher than 3.0 (all to BOG I should point out).

Naturally, you can try to help offset this by using an odds comparison site. Whilst this does increase the work that you have to do a little bit, the rewards are very clearly there for you. In my experience, if you are willing to take the time to see which bookies are offering the best odds, you can see increases of as much as 20% on returns for a bet. Of course, that’s a personal choice, but something to consider if you are looking at Race Revolution.

As a final aside whilst I’m actually talking about the bets that you will be placing. As you might anticipate from a service that has such incredibly low odds, Race Revolution is based entirely around win bets. The fact of the matter is that the low odds involved, you aren’t really going to be getting much value in sticking extra money into backing horses to place.

With all of that out of the way, I want to talk a little bit about the way Race Revolution is managed. Like pretty much every modern tipster service, selections are sent out directly via email. Amada Davies does also point out that WAP Tipsters have set up a Telegram group for her tips as well. This is definitely the best option as far as I am concerned. The messaging app allows you to receive messages directly to your phone, where it is generally harder to miss them.

Now, let’s talk stakes. I mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t need too much to get started with Race Revolution, and in theory that is correct. However, also of note is that WAP Tipsters’s proofing for the service seems to suggest that you should be using level stakes of 5 points per bet. If you are betting to those stakes, this does mean that following Amada Davies’s advice can get pricey.  

In theory though, this should all be mitigated by Amada Davies’s strike rate. This sits at a very impressive looking 46.77%. A number that is very impressive on paper. Importantly though, it actually seems to be at least somewhat representative of how often you can expect to win if you’re following Race Revolution.

How Does Race Revolution Work?

I said earlier that I want to come back to the idea of NAP bets, and now is the time to do so. Because they are undoubtedly a very key part of how Race Revolution works. The fact is that simply saying that a NAP is a tipster’s pick of the day doesn’t quite do it justice. In actual fact, it is generally the horse that has the most chance of winning. Something that is reflected in the low odds of the service.

The big question here though is how exactly is Amada Davies finding these bets of the day? Well, WAP Tipsters are keen to tell us, because it is a fascinating read that all boils down to one thing. Inside information. You see, before becoming a tipster, we are told that she was a stable girl “for one of the top leading yards in the UK”. During this time, we are told about how she has made a number of contacts through this previous work.

These contacts now provide her with “more in-depth information that the bookmakers don’t have access to”. That makes sense. And it is a good foundation for Race Revolution to build on. I have always said that ultimately, successful long term betting comes from simply knowing more than the bookies. Unfortunately, as much as I am inclined to believe the above, the results don’t necessarily show a tipster who knows that much more than the bookies.

Something that I think is of credit here though is that WAP Tipsters do give very comprehensive proofing for the service. Whilst I admit that this isn’t necessarily gaining insight into the selection process for the service, it definitely goes a long way to allowing you to get an idea of what you are getting into. Especially in terms of the ups and downs that Race Revolution has encountered.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you wanted to sign up to Race Revolution there are three different options available. The first of these is a weekly subscription and it is priced at £13 (which seems to include VAT). Of course, this is a very low outlay to have to pay, but it is definitely the worst option for value.

There is also a monthly subscription which is priced at £36 (again, inclusive of VAT). This is a much better option in terms of  overall value, effectively giving you a free week on every month. If you want the best value though, probably not surprisingly, you have to turn to a longer term subscription.

The final subscription that Amada Davies and WAP Tipsters are offering is a quarterly subscription to Race Revolution. This is priced at a cost of just £37.50 for your first quarter. Admittedly, the costs do go up to £75 per quarter after this has elapsed, but that’s the equivalent of only paying an extra £3 for your third month. 

Something worth keeping in mind is that WAP Tipsters do not offer any real money back guarantee on their services. And not surprisingly, this does also include Race Revolution.

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing this, Race Revolution stands at 267.78 points of profit (using BOG), all generated since October 2020. That is impressive looking. But let me actually put all of this into context. Firstly, this means that the headlining £26,000 figure is based on unrealistic (for most people) £100 per point. But of course, WAP Tipsters have proofed all this using level stakes of 5 points. Which means £500 per bet.

Of course, those 5 point level stakes mean that you can look at Race Revolution and quite reasonably factor down those numbers. All of a sudden, if you were actually just staking 1 point per bet, you’d be looking at a much more modest 53.55 points in 8 months. All of a sudden, Amada Davies’ tips look a but less impressive.

But that isn’t where it ends. Using the proofing, we’re currently looking at 267.78 points of profit. Really putting a lot into context though, January ended on 249.88 points. This means that in 4 months, there have been 17.9 points of profit made. And all of that is to 5 point stakes. This means that Amada Davies has effectively produced 4 points of profit in 4 months.

Conclusion for Race Revolution

Even before I get onto my thoughts about Race Revolution, I want to address something that will instantly make up a lot of people’s minds on this. Because of the fact this is a NAP based service, there are some limitations to what you can expect. I’ll be touching on this shortly, but your profits are always going to be dictated by putting large bets on. It is simple math. 

With that said, I want to make a pretty uncontroversial statement. The tipping game is a profit driven one. I’ll be really blunt about this for you. If you aren’t making money, you aren’t doing a very good job as a tipster. Now, I’ll be fair to Amada Davies, long term she has made money. In fact, whilst I didn’t mention it just, the ROI comes inz at 29.43%. A respectable looking number, and to the right kind of bettor, it is very good.

And if I’m really honest, that ROI is probably where Race Revolution should be judged. It’s hard to look at a points profit for a tipster service that just advises a single NAP per day. With a 100% strike rate and using those average odds, Race Revolution would still only be able to make 51.6 points of profit in a 30 day month. Compare this to a tipster who bets 4 or 5 times a day, and it becomes clear that there are restrictions.

All of this begs the question, is Race Revolution worth it? Personally, I’m not sure that it is in the here and now. Being really blunt about it, the results haven’t been great. March saw a loss of 25.55%, April 2.62%. Both numbers that you can come back from for sure, but it is important in my mind to ascertain whether these are blips or a trend, and only time will tell there.

You see, one of the reasons this is such a concern to me is a very simple one. WAP Tipsters and Amada Davies both say that these are the bets tips of the day. So, if the best is having losses, where does that really leave you? There is no way to improve on that because you are giving your best bets. And when these best bets are based on inside information, well, how do you improve your system?

What I mean by this is that if Amada Davies were, for example, entirely based on a formula to find her bets, that could be tweaked. But we are told that Race Revolution leans heavily on this inside information. I don’t know if there’s a way to just get “better information” out of your contacts. I could be wrong, and I would be interested to see if this happens. What I wouldn’t want to do is pay out to see what happens here.


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