RaceBetter Premium Tips Review

RaceBetter Premium Tips is a  brand new service which has been launched by the long running horse racing website RaceBetter. It is claimed to provide a superior service to their free tips.

What does RaceBetter Premium Tips offer?

I always like a tipster service which does not like to exaggerate what you are getting into and RaceBetter Premium Tips delivers in this regard. Put simply, the RaceBetter team say that RaceBetter Premium Tips allows subscribers to “Get The Very Best Horse Racing Tips That We Have To Offer!”.

This is a pleasant change from stories of jockeys who are in the know, ex bookies who have turned rogue and elite computer software developers who have cracked the code.

In other words, RaceBetter Premium Tips appears to be a genuine and down to earth tipster service and I can tell you here and now that there are not nearly enough of them on the market. With this in mind, let’s take a look at whether or not this is worth your consideration.

The first thing that stands out about RaceBetter Premium Tips is that the RaceBetter team have kept things simple and this is by no means a bad thing. Selections are issued on a daily basis and these are sent via email. The tips themselves are relatively straight forward and you shouldn’t have too much in the way of trouble with RaceBetter Premium Tips.

So What is RaceBetter Premium Tips?

This is in no small part down to the fact that there is a decent amount of information included with the selection email.

racebetter-reviewMoving on to the bets themselves, there is a bit of an eclectic mix of both win and place bets advised.

Whilst RaceBetter don’t have anything specific to say on the matter, this suggests to me that a betting exchange is the best place to bet with RaceBetter Premium Tips (as always, I feel that it is necessary to point out the fact that there is more liquidity in Betfair, however there are less expensive examples that may lead to increased profits in the long run).

There are between 1 and 4 bets advised each day and these can have massively differing odds.

This leads me nicely onto the numbers aspect of RaceBetter Premium Tips and it seems that here, RaceBetter have opted to be safe as well. All bets are recommended to be placed at 1 point stakes which means that there is generally little long term risk to the betting bank. Whether this will be changed in the future remains to be seen, but for now I consider it a sensible staking plan.

All of this only leaves the strike rate and at the time of writing this, it  is one of the things that really made RaceBetter Premium Tips stand out for me. It may still be the first month for RaceBetter Premium Tips but it is difficult to ignore the fact that the strike rate currently stands at a rather astounding 43%.

Of course it is very early days yet and there is nothing longer term which immediately suggests that RaceBetter will be able to continue in the same vein.

How does RaceBetter Premium Tips work?

I find it to be rather unfortunate that we are not given any information on what the selection process for RaceBetter Premium Tips entails. That having been said, I do believe that the RaceBetter team know their stuff.

They have been running the website for a considerable amount of time now and this includes a free tipster service, so the concept is not foreign. Furthermore, whilst it hasn’t been updated for some time, you can look back at their blog posts to see that there is a reasonable understanding of horse racing as a sport and an industry.

What is the initial investment?

By far and away one of the most appealing aspects of RaceBetter Premium Tips is the price.

RaceBetter are offering two packages for those who want to sign up which are a monthly and an annual subscription. The monthly option comes in at £12 per month which is the lesser value of the two.

The annual option does not renew and costs just £67 which is equivalent to paying just £5.15 per month for the service. On top of this, because RaceBetter are selling RaceBetter Premium Tips through Clickbank, this means that there is also a full 60 day money back guarantee in place on both options should you find that it isn’t for you.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return puts us on slightly questionable ground unfortunately however this has nothing to do with the quality of the service and entirely with the longevity. At the time of writing this, RaceBetter Premium Tips has produced a profit of 16.86 points for April, all of which is fully proofed. This is a solid starting month in my opinion, something which is better demonstrated through an ROI of 25.16%.

Conclusion on RaceBetter Premium Tips?

There is no getting around the fact that RaceBetter Premium Tips is a new service and in some respects, this does make it more difficult to judge. Taking a cynical approach, there are a number of problems that immediately present themselves here. For example, any profits which have been generated so far are by no means an indicator of future profits.

Tying in with this, RaceBetter Premium Tips also managed to lose 8 points in the first few days, far from an ideal start. This concern for the future of RaceBetter Premium Tips as a profitable tipster service is a very genuine and well justified one. I have watched plenty of tipsters make very strong starts, only to end up losing out 6 months down the line.

With all of that negativity out of the way, I want to talk about the positives, because whilst the fact that RaceBetter Premium Tips is so new is like one big black cloud that might rain, the rest of the service is a bit of a parade. First things first, I want to talk about the fact that RaceBetter Premium Tips actually has a bit of pedigree.

This isn’t being run by a Joe Average who has tried his luck with a tipster league and ended up on top after a lucky few months. RaceBetter have operated their free tips for a long time.

The other factor that really stands out for me is the value for money which is so clearly on display here. It is difficult to compare the performance of RaceBetter Premium Tips to the cost right now, I will freely admit this. But even at £12 per month, it will be hard not to turn a profit so long as the tips are reasonable.

This is a direct contrast to some of the (significantly) more expensive tipster services which are available elsewhere.

For my money, getting on board with RaceBetter Premium Tips now is a pretty smart move.

It is not going to break the bank, it comes from a reputable source and there is undoubtedly the potential to make a decent second income. In fact, I would be inclined to build on this a little and say that this is ideal for anybody who has been looking for a first horse racing tipster service that isn’t going to break the bank.


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Premium tips going great until I started only receiving them occasionally. Emailed 6times without reply now tips have stopped coming, careful anyone who joins.

Been with them since May, thru to July around 42 points profit with emails every day except on Sundays (no flat racing). Email would arrive before 9 am, now they arrive at various times up to noon, would receive ‘no bet’ email on occasion

Since around 10th August emails have been rather sporadic, lucky to get tips 2 days in a row. Notice on website their daily free tip not updated for over 3 weeks.
August there were 13 days without an email, though they managed around 16 points profit , however last 11 bets all lost.

I wonder if ownership has changed hands, Andrew Mellor would respond quickly when you emailed.
I have sent email to them regarding this issue, if no reply then time to cancel, pity for the cost were pretty decent.


Just received reply from Race Better – apologising for lack of tips and contact all due to a bad case of food poisoning, sending tips when he could.
Feels he is now over the illness and things should be back to normal

Fingers crossed Race Better get back to normal as 43% winners and ROI 20% is not too shabby.


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