Raceology Review

Raceology is a new horse racing tipster service from one Matthew Simms that the creator claims is able to produce substantial income from very small numbers of bets.

What does the product offer?

On the surface of things, Raceology is a relatively straightforward tipster service however it is only when you stop to read some of the claims that anything feels amiss. To give some context on this, one simply has to look at the claims which are made, many of which simply seem unreasonable and unfeasible. For example, the “results” show several bets per day on average with a monthly average of 7 winning bets.

These are claimed however to have average odds of 9.58 BSP which appears to be a long way from more recent bets. Despite this extremely low strike rate, Raceology is claimed to remain profitable. Personally I don’t see this and I am even less convinced by claims that 2016 has made 153.74 profits in 4 months.

The fact is that whilst there is “evidence” to back this up, it all seems a little suspect for a number of different reasons I will look at below.

How does the product work?

I am not at all surprised to find that there isn’t any information provided in terms of how exactly (or even vaguely) the service works. There is mention of a team being behind Raceology (they allegedly all met on Boxing Day to turn around the services fortunes) however this isn’t something that is really capitalised on and as such, one is left feeling somewhat sceptical once again.

What is the initial investment?

Matthew Simms is selling Raceology on a trial basis and an annual basis. The trial basis will provide you with selections for May and June and costs just £15 whilst if you want selections for the rest of 2015 the cost is £50. Both of these options also come with a full 60 day money back guarantee as they are sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

If you do buy into the rather dubious sales material for Raceology, Matthew Simms and the team have allegedly made a profit of 153.74 points since the start of 2016 with their new tweaks. There is some evidence to support this however there definitely isn’t anything that I would consider to be conclusive and as such, I remain sceptical.


Maybe it is simply that I have developed a degree of cynicism in my time spent looking at various betting systems and tipster services, but Raceology definitely raises some questions. For example, the “proofing” seems to be somewhat sporadic with rather substantial gaps in dates.

Also, and rather interestingly, whilst Raceology has allegedly been around for some time, the website was registered just a few days ago. This is coincidentally the same date that proofing stops and is also the date a massive number of affiliates have started pushing Raceology..

I have seen this kind of behaviour on other products that have categorically failed to deliver and something tells me that Raceology won’t be any different unfortunately.


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May 2022 – now to be marketed by Bet Social in 2-3 days time – add email address and qualify for free tips every Friday – is current offer. (13/5) Early bird sign up discount. 1 mth £9 3month £33 6 mths £67. Says one time offer you wont see again. So hate these sort of deadlines – never makes a service or product look credible when they do that.

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