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RacePreneur is a new horse racing tipster service that is being offered through the Tipster TV arm of the Betfan group. Selections come courtesy of tipster Kevan Minter.

What does the product offer?

I find it to be rather interesting that the fact that Kevan Minter and Betfan have had business excursions together (in the form of Kevan Minter The Colonel) isn’t something that is mentioned in the sales material for RacePreneur. I also find it more interesting that Kevan Minter claims that his experience has allowed him to “steer clear of some of the biggest betting mistakes” as this clearly isn’t true. This is something that the results of the last product that Kevan Minter had with Betfan demonstrate. For now however, I will turn my rather cynical eye to RacePreneur.

The service is described mostly as being the one that will finally help you to beat the bookies. “The bookies are on a mission to empty your wallet!” and the only way to take them on these “accounts magician[s] who is armed with the discipline, business knowledge and long term investment skill” is with Kevan Minter. Of course, this is complete and utter crap as I will get to.

In terms of the logistics, RacePreneur is a relatively straight forward affair. Kevan Minter does appear to be somewhat selective with there frequently being several days from one tip to another. When the selections do actually go out, RacePreneur does take the somewhat unique approach of texting users with their selections.

So what kind of bets can you expect from RacePreneur? The vast majority are straightforward win bets as well as each way bets. This is something that RacePreneur favoured on his other service with Betfan, Kevan Minter The Colonel. In line with this is the fact that the odds that Kevan Minter recommends for both RacePreneur and Kevan Minter The Colonel were averaging out around the same as my memory serves me, namely horses that don’t often get above around 3.5 on average.

The staking plan for RacePreneur also isn’t exactly new with selections advised to be staked at 5 points per bet. Whilst Kevan Minter did mix things up a little bit with Kevan Minter The Colonel, this clearly isn’t the case any more. Instead there is a firm commitment to what I often refer to as the usual Betfan Model. Numbers wise, this only really leaves the strike rate and here, RacePreneur continues to perform in line with how Kevan Minter The Colonel did at launch with a very respectable looking strike rate of 54%. I shan’t however get too excited about this side of RacePreneur’s results at the moment however.

How does the product work?

In terms of what the selection process for RacePreneur actually entails, there is (perhaps not surprisingly) no real information provided by Tipster TV. Instead, we are treated to spiel about how you have to have an understanding of horse racing and a natural gift for numbers in order to make betting on it profitable. Of course, Kevan Minter is able to carry out this hard work and simply notifies you when he’s found a bet.

It is worth noting that the full name for RacePreneur appears to be “Late Information Service – RacePreneur”. This strongly suggests that a key component of RacePreneur as a service is based around identifying late bets. The fact that selections are sent out via text message supports this, however it is worth keeping in mind that there is no information that tells us how zz is finding late selections, simply that he is.

Whilst it is disappointing that Tipster TV chose not to provide anything tangible in terms of how selections for RacePreneur are made, there are some clues provided. The fact that RacePreneur is fundamentally based on a selective process suggests to me that Kevan Minter is using his not inconsiderable experience in horse racing to find winners, something that he did with Kevan Minter The Colonel. Unlike previous efforts however, it seems like there is a stronger focus on value and finding bets that can prove profitable in the long run. This is only speculation however, and ultimately, the selection process for RacePreneur is known only in the head of Kevan Minter. A man who has at least one failed tipster service under his belt.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, there are two different options available for RacePreneur. The first of these is a monthly subscription (which actually only runs for 28 days) which is charged at a rather eye watering £67 plus VAT per month (meaning a grand total of £80.40 overall!). There is a quarterly (90 day) option which is considerably cheaper at £97 (again, plus VAT) for the period.

As Tipster TV are a part of the Betfan group, there is no real money back guarantee in place unfortunately. The group do however say that they will review any requests for a refund and where they feel it is justified, they will provide one.

What is the rate of return?

RacePreneur went live in December of 2016 and since then, it has generated an overall points profit of 181.48 points. According to Tipster TV, this represents a very strong return on investment of 72.59% which is a very strong figure. It is worth pointing out however that since the end of January, RacePreneur is actually showing a loss of 20 points for the month so far.


Judged solely on its own merits, you could be forgiven for thinking that RacePreneur is a winner. There are some seemingly strong results out there, and I can’t lie, even I was impressed with the ROI over the last couple of months. Unfortunately for Kevan Minter, I am of the opinion that any service is the sum of all its parts and this means that I have to look at his previous series with Betfan, Kevan Minter The Colonel, as well.

I have looked at Kevan Minter The Colonel before now and the sales material was very similar to RacePreneur. In fact, the only real difference was that the team decided to focus on Kevan Minter’s connections with various horse racing press outlets, something that is conspicuously absent from RacePreneur. Now, if you go to look at this service, it no longer exists on Betfan’s website as such. The sales page can however still be accessed, although there is little there of significance at this point.

Unfortunately, the proofing for Kevan Minter The Colonel (which is what is important) no longer exists. This would be the end of it and I would simply write this off as being a failed service relaunched, however a Google search unveiled that the old proofing page for Kevan Minter The Colonel, whilst not fully available, does provide some information in the website preview on Google’s search page. This reads as follows:

“Proofing for Kevan Minter The Colonel. -50.26 All Time Points. -38.53Year To Date. 58.43Best Month (October 2014).”

This seems to suggest that the service ended on a loss of just over 50 points. Given that this also includes a peak profit at some point, it does not necessarily bode well for RacePreneur.

Having addressed this elephant in the room, I feel like there is more than a fair amount of justification in being cynical about RacePreneur. There has been a failed service before now, and my best guess is that RacePreneur will follow suit. After all, it is hard to ignore that just a few months in, RacePreneur is already starting to show a losing month.

There is also the small fact that the results that have been generated are based off the 5 point staking plan. Whilst I admit that this does negate the losses to some degree, it does also mean that the profits take a massive hit as well. The reality of RacePreneur is that if you break it down to 1 point bets, there is a profit of just 36.2 points of profit which in 2 months isn’t anywhere near as impressive.

When you balance all of this against the not inconsiderable costs of RacePreneur I see a service that I simply can’t justify any recommendation for. Betfan continue to push out the boat in terms of how much they charge for their services and there is nothing to suggest that they are necessarily able to justify these. Whilst I am sure that the Betfan group would argue that there is substantially better value in the quarterly subscription (which I wouldn’t argue with), it is very difficult to ignore the monthly costs of almost £100 per month.

With all of this in mind, there are plenty of other tipsters out there who, in my opinion, are better equipped to produce results than Kevan Minter. They also charge a lot less than Tipster TV and Kevan Minter do for their services as well. The fact remains that the tipster market is a competitive one, and with so many decent options out there, you have to really be on the ball or offer something special. Kevan Minter has demonstrated in Kevan Minter The Colonel that he isn’t able to do this in the long term, and with nothing to suggest that RacePreneur is actually doing anything new, I simply can’t see anything here to recommend.



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