Racing Consultants Review

Racing Consultants is a horse racing tipster service from alleged horse racing experts Rory Delargy and David Massey

What does the product offer?

Racing Consultants offers subscribers daily selections for that day’s races. Selections are chosen by Rory Delargy and David Massey in the evening and then mailed out to users the next day. Racing Consultants does a very good job of providing not just selections, but the reasoning behind them. This is something that I feel many tipster services lack as it allows subscribers to make an informed decision whilst also helping to understand how to pick selections. Outside of this, Racing Consultants is a pretty standard tipster service and doesn’t offer anything exceptional.

How does the product work?

Rory Delargy and David Massey make frequent references to the claim that 10,000 hour of experience in something makes you an expert. This suggests to me that Racing Consultants will draw heavily on their combined knowledge of horse racing as well as form and statistics although this is somewhat speculative on my behalf.

What is the initial investment?

Rory Delargy and David Massey have chosen to make Racing Consultants available for £29.95 per month or £199 for a year. As with many tipster services there is no refund policy or guarantees.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing, Rory Delargy and David Massey claim that Racing Consultants is 55.53 points of profit since June 29th although there is unfortunately no proofing of this.


Honestly, the biggest draw about Racing Consultants seems to be the names attached to it that based of research seem to be quite big player in horse racing. What does somewhat worry me is that Dave Massey has operated tipster services before which appear to have quietly closed down after uninspiring years. This makes me wonder what the long term prospects of Racing Consultants are. That having been said with the men at the helm there is some potential; I just wish that there were proper proofing to help paint the scene.

Without this, I would personally recommend buying into Racing Consultants as it would likely be on the back of the names of the creators rather than viable merit.



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From: Simon Roberts