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Racing Contacts is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being sold through WAP Bets. The service boasts some incredibly strong results to date, even at SP.

Introduction to Racing Contacts

One of the more frustrating elements of looking at tipster services etc. is when you get a service that I like to refer to as “conditional”. What I mean by this is that said service has performed well enough, but this only really counts if you’ve been able to obtain odds that aren’t widely available, or you have to use a certain bookmaker that only allows a specific bet type. And of course the bane of my existence in this line of work are services that are only profitable to BOG. Because this simply isn’t an option for a lot of people.

Which his exactly why today’s review subject, Racing Contacts, is of interest to me. Not only is this a service that has performed with consistency, and some incredibly impressive results, but it has managed to make a profit across the board. In theory, so long as you were following the tips that WAP Bets sent out, you’d be in the black here. And quite a lot in the black as well. Because this isn’t just a service that has made that “across the board” profit. It is one that has made more profit in 4 months than some tipsters will see in a year.

Make no mistake about it, this is an exciting service. Even putting aside the results, you are dealing with a dynamic and engaging group of tipsters here. So, you might be thinking, Racing Contacts is a bit of a shoe in, right? I mean, I’ve talked this up a lot. And WAP Bets really seem to be able to back everything up. Which would beg the question, why wouldn’t I want to recommend this? Well, the fact is that whilst there is a lot here that is truly impressive, there are still some things to keep in mind.   

What Does Racing Contacts Offer?

There is a lot to like about Racing Contacts. This isn’t really a typical tipster service in many respects. All of which count as strong positives. And this is something that you will see throughout this review. References to things that simply aren’t all that normal for a tipster service, as well as praise for when those things work. However, I also acknowledge that this is something that might be a bit polarising.

So, first things first, let’s talk logistics. WAP Bets have been operating as a tipster stable for a while now and it’s fair to say that they’ve got a decent handle on what is what at this point. As you would expect, selections for Racing Contacts are sent out to subscribers directly via email (pretty much industry standard at this point) as well as via Telegram. A messaging app.

Now, under normal circumstances, I’d touch on why Telegram is superior to email (directly to your phone, quicker receipt of messages etc). And all of this is still very applicable with Racing Contacts in a general sense. But because of the way that the tipsters behind the service operate things, it is really doubly important here.

You see, tips are sent out on the morning of racing. Typically, they will be posted by no later than 11am. This is a little bit later than is necessarily ideal, but it is working for Racing Contacts. It is however one of the considerations that I mentioned earlier. However, WAP Bets also say that there are some bets that are posted an hour before the off. With these, it can be very important to act quickly, and frankly, Telegram allows that edge which can make all the difference.

With all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the bets. Yet another area where Racing Contacts seems to manage avoiding “the norm”. I always talk about horse racing as generally being win or each way betting. These are by far and away the most common markets. However, the tipsters behind this are clearly not afraid to leverage any advantage that they can for profit.

So, yes, you do still have those straight win and each way bets. As you’d expect. There are however also various lay bets that pop up from time to time (which of course means having an account with a betting exchange. Not that this is the worst idea with Racing Contacts), as well as various doubles, the occasional place bet, and even forecasts.

Whilst we’re talking about the bets themselves, let’s talk odds. To BOG, Racing Contacts sits at 13.84. To SP, 13.12. To BSP, 17.77. What is interesting about this to me though is that whilst there is usually disparity on odds across the different ways of betting, it isn’t really reflected in the results. Here though, everything falls nearly inline and is representative of what you can expect.   

Volume wise, you can expect to see anything from 3 bets to 5 bets on a given day as an average. But that isn’t the top end of it. On some high volume days, you can expect to see as many as 10 selections being advised. This might sound overwhelming but something to keep in mind is that you aren’t necessarily betting every day. Something WAP Bets’s proofing clearly demonstrates. It is also a blessing with those high volume bets.

Something that is arguably less of a blessing however is the staking plan. Now this isn’t an aspect of Racing Contacts that is discussed explicitly, but it seems to me like the tipsters behind the service are staking more or less depending on their “certainty” of a bet coming in. This can mean staking up to 4 points on bets, however, it doesn’t necessarily seem to have much rhyme or reason.

As a final note, I want to talk about the strike rate for Racing Contacts. Honestly, at this point, you might not be expecting much. Everything that I have presented so far suggests a service that shouldn’t necessarily be wining simply all that often. WAP Bets’s proofing shows that there is an average of 39.46% though. A number that is surprisingly reflective of the kind of results you can realistically expect.  

How Does Racing Contacts Work?

When it comes to talking about how Racing Contacts works… well, there isn’t really a whole lot to say. In the sales material for the service, WAP Bets post a bit of an interview with the team of tipsters behind the service. What we are basically told is that all selections are based off inside information. Something that I am typically very sceptical of. Here though, I don’t find myself feeling that way.

You see, what we are told is that Racing Contacts is operated by a group of four friends who met “working at one of Ireland’s biggest trainers yard”. Naturally, we aren’t told which yard, however, that does make some sense. The fact of the matter is that because the service relies on that inside information, these things do have to be kept out of the public eye.

From here, we are told that the “high quality of info” that the Racing Contacts team get allows them to take advantage of “all the betting aspects with the bookies”. Something that is ultimately responsible for the wide range of bets that are leveraged to make this as profitable as it is. Ultimately though, you have to take the word of WAP Bets that their team is actually engaged in this fashion.

But like I said earlier, I don’t really doubt this. WAP Bets’s proofing shows a service that in my mind really does have some inside information. Whilst it isn’t necessarily too selective, what youa re seeing are plenty of big odds winners coming in (including a very recent 100/1 each way double). Whilst this could simply be guesswork, the fact that 4 in 10 of these bets is winning suggests that this isn’t really what Racing Contacts is about.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for Racing Contacts, there are a few different options available, each of which varies wildly in terms of your outlay as well as value for money. The least expensive option is a monthly subscription. For this, WAP Bets are asking £24 for your first month after which the cost goes up to £48. Given that this seems to include VAT, it isn’t too bad.

There is better value to be had in a quarterly subscription, although this does come at a much higher cost. Whilst your first 3 months will be £48, the cost of this rises to £96 per quarter once this has elapsed. The final option is so simply sign up to receive selections from Racing Contacts for 6 months. This is a one time payment of £97, however, it is by far and away the best value option longer term.

Something worth noting is the fact that there isn’t any money back guarantee or refund in place with Racing Contacts. This isn’t something that I think can be counted too much against WAP Bets though as it is generally standard practice for the industry.  

What is the Rate of Return?

I have alluded to the profit for Racing Contacts a few times, but I think it’s time to talk numbers. At the time of writing this, WAP Bets’s proofing shows a service that is up by 210 points. In 4 months. Oh, and that is to SP. The lowest profit option. If you were betting to BOG, you would be looking at a profit of some 280 points, whilst betting to BSP runs away with it showing a shade over 300 points profit. That means a theoretical 75 points per month.

Now, whilst I really don’t want to put a dampener on these incredible numbers, there are a few other things that are worth mentioning. The ROI ranges from 42.45% up to 60.73% showing that whilst Racing Contacts is performing immensely, it isn’t necessarily a complete picture.

Furthermore, I do feel it would be remiss of me to mention that 110 points of profit came off one set of bets. This may well be a part of the plan. The way that the tipsters behind the service talk about it, I would entirely believe it. But irrespective of whether these kinds of bets are backed with the intent of winning, the fact is that Racing Contacts isn’t going to be seeing these every month.  

Conclusion for Racing Contacts

There is no mistaking that Racing Contacts is performing above and beyond the wildest expectations. I cannot remember the last time I looked at a tipster service that has been this profitable, this quickly, without intentionally relying on niche long form accumulators. What you are seeing here is consistent growth with even the worst month still showing 25 points.

Now I’ll admit that because of the stakes that are involved, I thought that there would be some inflation of the results. After all, you’re staking as much as 4 points on a bet. And yet, the average stakes work out at just 1.65 points per bet. So, whilst there is some inflation, it is a long way from what I was expecting. Which is a pleasant surprise. That doesn’t alter the fact however that you do still invite drawdown.  

This is now my third attempt at writing this paragraph. Because it feels like there should be a but for Racing Contacts. And there sort of is, and I will get to that. But the fact of that matter is that this is one of the most impressive looking tipster services that I’ve seen launch for a while. Everything about it demonstrates success, and it is difficult to ignore that.

The strike rate, the profits, the consistency… there isn’t anything that stands out as a negative. Even the typically questionable betting approach doesn’t hold much truck here. The fact of the matter is that you get so used to tipsters claiming to have a little black book, a man in the know, contacts within the industry. And rarely do I look at a service and say to myself “that tracks”. But it does with Racing Contacts.

The fact is that having average odds of as much as 17.77 with a strike rate of almost 40%. That is almost unheard of. It’s certainly way above and beyond the sorts of results that I normally see from tipsters who are using a system. That isn’t to say that they won’t be profitable, but they won’t be profitable in the same way Racing Contacts is.

But there is one major consideration for this. And that is the size of your data sample. Racing Contacts has definitely performed well, but it is only for 4 months. As such, some people may look at this and be a little bit apprehensive, and reasonably so. Whilst there is clearly something here, there are simply no guarantees.

Now, would I recommend Racing Contacts? That is the biggest question. And I don’t think that there’s necessarily a straightforward answer. For my money, when you look at the value that is on offer here, both in terms of the quarterly trial and the longer subscription… I think there is something there.

However, all of this should be framed by the fact that there is definitely a risk involved in doing this. Racing Contacts could go wrong. The team behind it could simply hit some hurdles with that inside information. But really, those initial results WAP Bets show are simply too strong to say that you should discount this on the grounds of it being a new service.


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