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Racing Delights is a new horse racing tipster service from the Betfan group. It is a seasonal effort which is based around national hunt racing.

Introduction Racing Delights

National hunt racing is something of a niche based off my understanding. Where flat racing and all weather courses have a degree of consistency which makes form reading etc. easier, national hunt is a bit more eclectic.

racing-delights-review-betfanThis in part seems to be a big part of the appeal of the Grand National where a horse hasn’t won at shorter odds than 14/1 in the last 7 years. In spite of this, you can make consistent money if you know what you are looking for.

According to Betfan, Racing Delights will furnish you with this knowledge. In spite of this seemingly straight forward approach, there is actually a little bit more to Racing Delights as a service. So, with some very strong claims made about the service’s potential, and results that are definitely very strong, can Racing Delights deliver as a top national hunt tipster service?

What Does Racing Delights Offer?

It is no bad thing, but Betfan have a very uniform approach to their tipster services and as such, you can generally anticipate what you are letting yourself in for. In the case of Racing Delights this means that you are signing up for a near daily tipster service.

Selections are sent out each day via email, however they are also made available in a member’s area on the Betfan website. The quality of tips that comes from Racing Delights is of a reasonably high standard.

This brings me on to the bets themselves. Rather interestingly, Racing Delights is concerned exclusively with betting on horses as doubles (both win doubles and the occasional each way double). With this knowledge, I was expecting to see longer odds however a look at the proofing from Betfan shows that they are very moderate.

In fact, a quick glance through shows that the longest odds worked out at 10.00 to date.  The volume of bets advised through Racing Delights is pretty unremarkable with 4 doubles being the most advised to date.

I now want to talk about the staking plan for Racing Delights. This is very important when looking at anything from the Betfan group as there is something of a predilection towards backing all bets at 5 points.

At the start of proofing for Racing Delights there has been the odd day where other stakes have been advised. Unfortunately, the majority of bets advised do follow this Betfan plan. This does mean that Racing Delights carries something of a substantial risk in my opinion.

Finally I want to talk about the strike rate for Racing Delights.

You are betting on doubles so it goes without saying that this will take a hit. And whilst I can appreciate that the odds aren’t necessarily monumental, there is no getting round the fact that it is harder to pick two winning horses than one. This is undoubtedly reflected in the strike rate which stands at 12.97%.

How Does Racing Delights Work?

When it comes to the inner workings of Racing Delights, we are actually given a fair amount of insight by Betfan. In fact, the tipster behind the service actually talks quite a bit about everything which is a welcome change. They say that when they began to study National Hunt racing, they learned a number of skills.

This includes things like in what handicappers give the wrong weights, the hardest race conditions to pick winners in, and how to find an edge in the most competitive racing. This does provide insight, however it is not at the core of Racing Delights.

The sales material then changes tack a little and talks about how the tipster behind the service realised that bookmakers are forced to make mistakes. Supposedly, they make their money by balancing the books in such a way that they profit whichever horse wins.

This is a pretty literal description of what bookmaking is. What Betfan says however is that bookies have to lower odds based on which horse the betting public think is most likely to in.

This leads to a situation whereby bookies are forced to offer better odds when the public isn’t sure which is the strongest in order to keep people betting. There are supposedly a “very specific” set of conditions in which hoses are overvalued as a result of this, and Racing Delights capitalises on it.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Racing Delights, there are just two options available. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is charged at £40.00. Now it is important to note that this cost is actually incurred every 28 days so you will ultimately end up paying for Racing Delights 13 times a year that way.

Alternatively, you can choose to sign up to the service on a quarterly basis. This has been priced at £90 by Betfan which does represent much better vale or money over the year.

It is worth keeping in mind that there is no money back guarantee in place for Racing Delights. Betfan do say that they will review all refund requests, however these are not typically given.

What is the Rate of Return?

In 2 months (August and September), Racing Delights has produced a profit of 346.41 points. This is fully proven as well so there is no ignoring these results which are very strong. I do however feel that it is important to keep in mind that this result is based on 5 point stakes.

racing-delights-profitsFactor this in and calculate Racing Delights’s results down and Betfan have a somewhat less impressive profit for the service of 69.28 points.

Conclusion on Racing Delights  by Betfan

It has been some time since I have seen a product which really fits the Betfan mould, however I have long suspected that it wasn’t going away. It goes without saying that Racing Delights fits this bill very nicely.

Of course, just because a service hasn’t made as much as is claimed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it hasn’t performed. This is where weighing up Racing Delights becomes a little more difficult.

For the purposes of considering Racing Delights, I am going to work off the profit of 69.28 points rather than 350 points, mostly because I don’t believe that it represents realistic profit potential for most subscribers. This leads me into the first topic which is value for money.

If Betfan weren’t inflating the results, there would be no question of Racing Delights representing fantastic value. The question that really stands though is whether or not 35 points per month is worth £40. Judged purely on this, I think that it is reasonable to say that there is still a lot of value to be hand from Racing Delights.

Obviously this will also depend on the stakes you use.

The question that really stands for me though is whether or not the profits can be continued moving forward and I think that this is something that deserves serious consideration.

The strike rate for Racing Delights is very low and there is no getting around the fact that this is unlikely to change. Whilst the odds have obviously been favourable enough so far, the sample size is not substantial enough in my opinion that this is a real possibility for the future.

With all of this in mind, I am going to say that I don’t think that I would necessarily recommend Racing Delights right now.

If the results can be kept up for a few more months, then it will be worth some very serious consideration, but here and now, I don’t believe that it is.



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