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Racing Dossier Review Michael Wilding

Racing Dossier is a piece of software from known bettor Michael Wilding that claims to offer users a selection method that is allegedly used by a number of tipsters.

What does the product offer?

According to Michael Wilding, Racing Dossier provides users with his personal ratings for horses in a given race. Racing Dossier comes in the form of a piece of downloadable software that shows users what these ratings are and from there you can make the relevant selections. This isn’t all that there is to Racing Dossier however with Michael Wilding saying that you will require additional training in order to make the software work for you. Fortunately this support is provided by the creator. Unfortunately there is no proofing offered to calculate further results. As well as the support from Michael Wilding, Racing Dossier also comes with access to a private betting forum.

How does the product work?

Michael Wilding says that he started out as a form reader where he would spend hours per day trying to identify horses. This came to a head and whilst at a race in the US, he says that he was introduced to the concept of ratings, a concept that was cemented 12 months later when Michael Wilding started working with developers for betting syndicates. Racing Dossier applies ratings to a huge number of statistics including things like weight, ground conditions and form. The idea is that by working entirely with ratings you are better positioned to manage how horses perform and as such, when to back them. This is essentially what Racing Dossier is based around with Michael Wilding sharing his own ratings system.

What is the initial investment?

Racing Dossier is subscription based and only sells with a quarterly subscription. The cost of this is £49.75 per quarter with your first quarter coming with a 50% discount. Unfortunately there is no money back guarantee in place with Michael Wilding only offering a convoluted refund policy that offers you a percentage of your money back.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t really any claims made about how much you can expect to make using Racing Dossier and as mentioned, Michael Wilding provides no proofing so this is a very difficult thing to gauge.


This is not the first time that I have looked at a Michael Wilding product that involves using ratings, the core difference being that last time he was showing you how to create your own. Whilst I am well aware of ratings and how they work etc. it is difficult to see how exactly Michael Wilding’s claims have any real foundation. For example he refers to top tipsters using his ratings system to generate selections for his product and yet, there is absolutely no evidence of this. He also claims that Racing Dossier will make selecting horses easier and whilst I can agree with this, without any proofing it is difficult to see if these selections will prove profitable and that is the most important part. Personally, I’m not sold on Racing Dossier however if you are inclined to have a punt despite any real evidence there isn’t too much risk with the half price first month.



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From: Simon Roberts