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Racing Exchange is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Tipster Street platform. The claimed profits are absolutely immense and show no sign of slowing down.

Introduction Racing Exchange

I have seen a lot of different tipster services use a lot of different ways of talking up their products. Whether it is talking about bashing the bookies, life changing sums of money or focusing in on a single niche number or concept.

What I don’t think that I have seen before now is a tipster service be talked down in the market. And yet. In the case of Racing Exchange, Tipster Street themselves say that they took the profits with “a pinch of salt”. And I can see why. The income potential for Racing Exchange is absolutely immense and can genuinely say that I am very excited for this.

I do not get to say things like this often, but if Racing Exchange can delver even a quarter of the results to date, with any form of consistency, it will still be one of the more profitable tipsters on the market.

What Does Racing Exchange Offer?

Racing Exchange is fundamentally very straight forward. In fact, I feel like the only thing that “complicates” matters is that you need a Betfair account and that you are betting to BSP. Realistically though, this actually counts in favour of Racing Exchange, as it means that even if you are banned from bookies, this will still work for you.

Furthermore, set up a bot and you can go about your day without having to place bets manually. All that you need to do is wait for Tipster Street to issue Racing Exchange selections via email.

There are a few things here that do need to be built on though. First of all, I want to talk about the automation of bets. You probably will want to do this as Racing Exchange is a very high volume service.

Whilst Tipster Street say that the average number of bets per day is 6, without looking hard at the proofing, one day had 21 bets. The next, 11. This can be a lot of hassle if you need to be in front of a computer. In terms of odds, it is a little bit like the Wild West when it comes to BSP. I can see horses that have been backed at 2.96 and won, 10.69 and won, and 186.51 and lost. It is worth keeping in mind though that Tipster Street say the average odds for Racing Exchange are 11.56.

With such large odds involved, it goes without saying that you probably don’t want to be staking silly amounts of money on Racing Exchange. The tipsters behind the service seem to know this with Tipster Street’s proofing showing that all bets ae advised as just 1 point stakes.

This combined with a recommended starting bank of 250 points means that you should be well positioned to take the rough with the smooth. And Racing Exchange does have some very rough with the smooth.

Given the kind of odds that are involved, you would be forgiven for thinking that Racing Exchange will have a really naff strike rate. I certainly did. However Tipster Street show that this stands at 21.69%. This isn’t a number that is going to blow anybody away at first glance, but placed into context, I think that it is a very strong result.

How Does Racing Exchange Work?

Whenever it comes to anything from the Tipster Street group, there is always one area that causes conflict for me. That is the lack of information on how products work. There are some mitigating factors that I want to discuss, and I get it, no tipster is going to sign up for their service if it means publishing their system. I have always said however that we should be given enough information to at least have an idea of what we are signing up for as consumers.

Unfortunately, this is a luxury we are not afforded with Racing Exchange.

What we are provided with is reams of data and numbers which go a long way to making up for this. Whilst I know of some tipsters who are happy to obfuscate information, seemingly on purpose, Tipster Street are much more straight forward. They are transparent about how a service has performed and how things stack up.

Combine this with almost 2 years of proofing and it becomes quite apparent to me that whilst I would have still liked some more information about Racing Exchange, you are far from going in blind.

What is the Initial Investment?

One area where I am very pleasantly surprised and pleased with Racing Exchange is the costs. There is only one option in place if you want to subscribe, which is a monthly one. Tipster Street are asking just £19.95 for this though.

Putting Racing Exchange into the same context of other tipster services, this makes it phenomenally good value for money. I know of some services that would try to charge triple this and I think that it is to Tipster Street’s credit that they haven’t tried to do this with Racing Exchange.

On top of this at the time of writing, you can actually get access to Racing Exchange for the first 30 days for just £9.99. There is no money back guarantee in place, however I believe that the trial period and general low prices make up for this.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since the wider proofing for Racing Exchange began, the service has produced an overall profit of 3,069.38 points of profit. Given that this means since January 2017, that is a hell of a lot of profit even to £10 stakes. Now there has to be some context for this as the majority of this profit has been generated in very short windows of time. Even with this said, there have been just 4 losing months in 21. To create some wider context for all of this, it also means an ROI of 68%, a massive figure over 2 years.

Conclusion on Racing Exchange

Honestly, there isn’t really a lot that I can see wrong with Racing Exchange from the results. The profit is immense given the time that it has been operational. The fact that you are betting to BSP means that even if you have restrictions with bookmakers, you can still bet along with Racing Exchange. All of this with level 1 point stakes and at a price that makes for some of the best value on the tipster market at the moment.

There are a few things that you should consider if you choose to buy into Racing Exchange. I don’t want to call them negatives because honestly, they are probably closer to statements of fact. The first of these is that the bulk of the profit that Racing Exchange has seen comes from big wins.

It seems like an obvious thing to say, but these don’t really happen every day. The other element is that you do have to reasonably literate with Betfair. Whilst Racing Exchange doesn’t do anything particularly advanced, this should be kept in mind.

With that out of the way though, I can honestly say that Racing Exchange looks like one of the best tipster services I have reviewed for a very long time. I can truly empathise with Tipster Street when they say that they were inclined to take the results with a pinch of salt, because honestly, I would be inclined to feel the same way.

If you can keep your discipline and don’t get bored easily, then I can genuinely say that Racing Exchange looks to be in a different league to most tipsters on the market. All of this at an incredibly low price.

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