Racing Genius Review

Racing Genius is a service which is launching shortly which, according to creator Pete Thomson, has the potential to generate a lot of money for his subscribers.

Introduction to Racing Genius

When something is being name dropped before it has launched means one of two things. The first is that it is very very good. The other option is that the marketing team behind it are very very good. Either way, somebody is doing something right. What has all this got to do with the price of tea in China? I hear you ask (and probably rightly).

Racing Genius is a product which is being very heavily touted and given that there is a week before the service launches, I am quite excited. With this kind of publicity surrounding the service, I am hoping for good things and so I decided to preview it a little bit. So, consider this article the shaking of the box and the looking through the tiny hole in the corner of your present, before Christmas day.

What Does Racing Genius Offer?

Racing Genius is very much in the preview stage at the moment and so it is important to note that there isn’t a whole lot of information available.

This hasn’t stopped me digging around however and I have found out enough to identify that there is a decent amount of potential here. You will forgive me if some of this sounds vague but I am not sure how much I can divulge, but stick with me because there will be a much more in depth look at Racing Genius in the future.

racing-genius-reviewObviously Racing Genius is a horse racing tipster service. From the information that I have seen however, it is not necessarily your typical thing. There is very much an air of selectivity when it comes to Pete Thomson’s tips and this is definitely backed up by the few results that I have seen. In fact, I don’t think that it is unreasonable to mention that Pete Thomson has said that he hates long losing runs.

Don’t we all?

One of the things that has stood out for me as well as how often Racing Genius wins, is that Pete Thomson has mentioned that you can start out small. More specifically, there is mention of starting with bets of just £10 which should make it an affordable option.

In fact, looking at the information that I have seen, it seems very reasonable to say that if you use these stakes, you will only end up betting around £20 per day. This is a figure that I think most people will be comfortable with.

This brings me on to the strike rate. I don’t believe that this is something that I should publish ahead of time, but I have seen some figures that relate to this. I think that it is very fair to say that they are impressive looking. Without divulging too much, I can say that Pete Thomson is claiming that his win rate is tracking well above the 25-30% mark that I consider to be fairly good (depending on the odds you achieve, of course).

How Does Racing Genius Work?

Racing Genius has not launched (although it may have if you are reading this after the launch….) and so honestly, there is no real information available on what the selection process entails. Based off the data I have seen, it seems that the service is reliant on backing selectively and winning often.

racing-genius-review-detailsGenerally speaking, I am a fan of this approach however I have to be honest and say that it sounds incredibly obvious here. So much so, I am not going to pretend that it doesn’t feel like a cop out saying it. The fact is that Pete Thomson doesn’t say a whole lot to whet our appetites though which even at a preview stage, I would like to see some information.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is currently no pricing information available for Racing Genius which is a shame. What I can say however is that there is currently a free trial basis available.

This will give you access to selections each Saturday. Pete Thomson recommends placing these bets through Bet 365 however I should point out that even at this early stage of the launch, the service is linked through an affiliate link which leads me to believe that it will be worth shopping around for odds here.

What is the Rate of Return?

This is what the website claims:

racing-genius-resultsThe numbers that talk about how much you can make with Racing Genius are not too well defined at this early phase, and whilst I have seen some results, there is nothing detailed.

These do however claim some very interesting numbers and I believe that it is fair to say that if they are correct, Racing Genius will be worth some serious consideration.

Conclusion on Racing Genius

Trying to write up a conclusion here is a pretty difficult thing to do. There is a simple fact here and that is that there has been no launch yet which means it is difficult to know exactly how Racing Genius has performed. I have seen numerous products perform fantastically, only to end up losing it when the service goes live.

This isn’t the case every time and I like to think that Pete Thomson will be just fine with Racing Genius, but it is a definite possibility.

I have seen enough of Racing Genius to get an idea of what it is about and using this as a basis, I am going to say that it may well turn out decent. The results that Pete Thomson is claiming are not outside the realm of possibility and this is half of the battle.

I am not familiar with Pete Thomson and unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any information on him although this isn’t uncommon for tipsters who are getting started.

With all of this in mind, I think that it could worth getting on board with Racing Genius, if only for the free trialracing-genius-results. This simply requires you to sign up with your email address and is a rare case of something for nothing.

How well the free tips will perform remains to be seen (naturally), but given the results for Racing Genius it seems reasonable to say that this alone may be enough to cover subscription costs, presuming they aren’t too high.

If you have already tried Racing Genius, then please let us know your thoughts.

If you want to take a look at Racing Genius when it launches, please click the following link:

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Curtis, I’ve read your thorough and brutally honest reviews before and you are one of the best out there. Looking forward to your opinion on this one.

6 bets , 6 losers so far
1did get beat in a a photo î

Started on May 22,so far from 15 bets,2 wins,3 e/w places,9 losses and 1 void..Safe to say from now on I will be paper trading to see if this improves,i know it’s still early however i’m sceptical already.

Yeah, definitely not the best start. Joined May 24 and from the first 3 days, 9 bets were issued – all lost. Like John before me, I am getting very sceptical about this which is rather early for that feeling but based on the historic performance, this start is far from what I had expected.

Also, I have not received any tips for the last two days and no mails about “no tips today” which any decent service should send, when that is the case. I am worried.

To be fair, it does say on their website that they don’t tip on Sundays and Mondays.

I had actually not seen that. In all fairness then, obviously I owe an apology to the vendor for unjustified criticism regarding the two non-betting days and the absense of mails on this.

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