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Racing Net Review

Racing Net is a piece of software by Pro Gambling Products that can allegedly forecast potential winners.

What does the product offer?

Racing Net is a piece of software that claims to offer users access to the best selections for any given horse racing event within the UK and Ireland. Pro Gambling Products say that Racing Net works by narrowing down the runners in a race to the top 3. This then allows you to place your own choice of bet (realistically win, place or each way).

How does the product work?

Interestingly there is no information on how Racing Net actually works. Whilst I wouldn’t expect Pro Gambling Products to give away everything, I also think that you should be able to make an informed decision before you lay down your hard earned cash. It is worth noting that there isn’t even a betting guide in place for Racing Net which means you would have to work out a staking and betting plan.

What is the initial investment?

Racing Net is available for a one off cost of £47. It is worth noting that as well as providing no information about how Racing Net works, Pro Gambling Products also don’t provide any refund or guarantee with the product.

What is the rate of return?

Once again, this is something that is at no point explored. Realistically, if Racing Net works as advertised I wouldn’t expect to see huge returns as I believe that the most consistent results would come from each way or placed bets.


Personally I find nothing about Racing Net to be appealing. There are no results, there is nothing about how it works. The whole sales pitch seems to be “It’s cheaper than a tipster”, but with nothing to show how much you can make with Racing Net, this doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny. Value is only inherent in a product that provides something tangible and as Pro Gambling Products don’t show anything of the sort for Racing Net, I can only conclude that this is worth avoiding.



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From: Simon Roberts