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Racing Odds is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by one Paul Towers. He claims to provide a respectable amount of profit through horse racing betting.

Introduction to Racing Odds by Paul Towers

“Consistent Low Risk Horse Betting Tips” claims the sales page for Racing Odds. This is about as close to a headline as the service gets with Paul Towers actually managing quite a restrained approach to his marketing.

This is somewhat refreshing in a sea of blatant BS. What is perhaps a little more fanciful however is when he asks “Why Racing Odds?” the answer? Because it is “A low risk money making machine”.

Now we are stating to get into some interesting claims. None the less, a glance over everything shows a seemingly genuine tipster service which does boast some very impressive results. Does this mean that Racing Odds should be a part of your portfolio? Let’s have a look and see.

What Does Racing Odds Offer?

In terms of what you are signing up for, Racing Odds is arguably one of the more selective consistent horse racing tipster services I have looked at for a while (by which I mean, they aren’t recommending silly numbers like 8 bets per month).

What this means is that you will generally receive bets on most days, however there will be occasional periods where Paul Towers doesn’t issue selections to Racing Odds subscribers. When bets are advised, they are sent out as an email.

I have already touched on the low volume nature of Racing Odds but I feel I should stress just how low this is. Over 6 months, Racing Odds has averaged just 28 selections per month. These do however have quite high average odds with the proofing Paul Towers provides showing a range of 4.43 to 5.04.

What is pleasantly surprising about this is that these numbers are a genuine reflection of the odds you will be backing rather than a combination of highs and lows balancing out there. Finally, it is worth noting that Paul Towers exclusively advises straight win bets for Racing Odds which makes it a very easy to follow service.

In terms of the numbers, there is a staking plan in place which is based around backing bets to level stakes. Now, it is important at this point to highlight that Paul Towers recommends that you back all bets to 2 point stakes.

This isn’t inherently a problem at all, however I do think that it is something that needs to be kept in mind when calculating profits. It is worth noting that all the proofing for Racing Odds is based on a 100 point betting bank.

One thing that definitely stands out about Racing Odds is the strike rate. Given the average odds that are involved, I don’t think you’d be unreasonable in anticipating quite a low one. Paul Towers has somehow tipped the scales on this however with an average strike rate of 34%. This is a very strong result in my opinion. Doubly so given the nature of Racing Odds.

How Does Racing Odds Work?

It is clear to me that fundamentally, this is a service that is based around identifying where there is good value in bets. In fact, Paul Towers refers to his selections as “Great value researched tips”. Now, this does provide a small amount of insight into the selection process for Racing Odds, however I would personally have liked a little more information.

I can entirely get on board with the fact that Paul Towers wouldn’t want to give away his system (especially as it seems to be something genuinely quite decent), however I don’t think enough detail for customers to make a decently informed decision is a big ask.

With that having been said, you do receive full proofing for Racing Odds and this goes some way to counteracting this. The fact of the matter is that I strongly believe you should only purchase a tipster service with an understanding of what you are getting. Because you can look at historic results, there is at least some semblance of what to expect going forward and I will never see that as a bad thing.  

What is the Initial Investment?

Paul Towers only has one option available if you want to subscribe to Racing Odds and if I’m honest, it does lean towards the expensive side of the tipster market. The price is set at £50 per month with payment handled directly via Paypal.

As is the case with a large number of smaller independent tipsters, there is unfortunately no money back guarantee in place for the service, nor is there any sort of trial. As such, you should be pretty certain if you’re going to consider Racing Odds.

What is the Rate of Return?

Paul Towers provides proofing for Racing Odds going back to October last year. Since then, a total profit of 147.16 points has been generated. Now, this is a respectable number for some 7 months of betting (the average monthly profit is 24.19 points), however I do feel that it is important to refer back to the point that this number is based on 2 point stakes.

Here are thr profits claimed:

racing-odds-review-profits I don’t believe that this is a deliberate attempt to inflate the numbers, but you should bear that in mind when considering Racing Odds as an option. Perhaps the best context I can provide (and also the most impressive number in my opinion) is the ROI for the service as this doesn’t change no matter what you bet. Paul Towers has managed an average of 42% which is a very strong figure to maintain.  

Conclusion to the Racing Odds  Service

Ultimately, I am quite impressed with Racing Odds. But I do have to say that there are a lot of elements of the service that need to be discussed to place everything into some kind of context. First things first, there is the pricing.

I have always maintained that about £30 per month is a reasonable price for a tipster service. This isn’t a number that comes from nowhere, but is based off the large quantities of tipster services that I look at and the profit potential of them etc. Racing Odds comes in quite substantially higher than this.

There is also the fact that the profits for Racing Odds are effectively doubled as the service is based on level stakes, but at 2 points per bet. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that the performance is bad.

You would still be looking at 12 points per month which is acceptable. The ROI doesn’t change either. In some respects, it doesn’t matter what the points profit is, if you have enough to invest, a 42% return is solid return.  But it is very much dependent on that caveat of having enough to invest, and that is a relatively niche market.

With all of that out of the way, I am still a touch on the fence about Racing Odds. The results are pretty solid, and whilst you are paying quite a lot for Paul Towers’s selections, the selective nature and strong results somewhat counteract the expense to some degree.

Is it better to spend £50 on tips and stake £480 on bets, or £30 on tips and end up staking twice that on more bets for a similar return? Sticking with £10 stakes, do you consider 20% of your monthly profit a reasonable stipend for the profit you take?  

I hate saying this at the end of a look at a product or service, but whether Racing Odds is for you is a very personal choice. Some people will look at this and recognise something that will fit their betting style and return a lot of money. Others will see something that ultimately has made less than 75 points in 6 months. Both of these views are right, despite being at pretty much opposite ends of the scale.

I think that ultimately, I can conclude by saying that Racing Odds appears to be a genuine and profitable service.

That has to be credited to Paul Towers no matter what you think of the results and how they’re structured. To what extent you want to view this as enough of a win is a much more subjective thing. Especially when you factor in that if you shop around, there are some services with similar (albeit not as long lived) results for less money.

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From: Simon Roberts