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Racing Pays Review

Racing Pays is an independent horse racing tipster service from Phil Marsh that claims to be able to offer subscribers a consistent profit.

What does Racing Pays offer?

Racing Pays is a daily horse racing tipster service providing subscribers with selections directly via email. Unlike most tipster services where the emails are sent out each morning, Phil Marsh will typically notify subscribers to Racing Pays closer to the race time. Racing Pays subscribers will typically receive between three and four selections per day which will be made up of a combination of win bets, place bets and each way bets as well. Staking is to a level plan of 1 point per bet which means betting 0.5 points on an each way bet. Unfortunately (and not too surprisingly) there is no proofing whatsoever so there is no way of calculating a strike rate, nor is there any provided. Phil Marsh does however say that in 21 months 5 of those have been losing months with a largest loss of 21.59 points in February 2014.

How does Racing Pays work?

Phil Marsh unfortunately does not offer any information whatsoever when he talks about how Racing Pays works. Instead we are treated to his thoughts on how all other tipster services are wrong for only focussing on a single bet type (for example win bets or each way). This unfortunately means that the only thing that I can discern about the Racing Pays “strategy” is that it uses multiple bet types.

What is the initial investment?

Racing Pays is being sold by Phil Marsh at a cost of £30 for 3 months of access to selections. Because the transaction is handled via Clickbank, Racing Pays does come with a 60 day money back guarantee however I do find it to be noteworthy that the subscription lasts a month longer than the money back guarantee runs for.

What is the rate of return?

According to Phil Marsh, Racing Pays has made an average of £284.30 per month on average over the last 21 months to £10 bets. This means a points profit of 28.43 per month or 597.03 points for the entire period.

Conclusion on Racing Pays

Racing Pays bears more than a passing resemblance to another service that I looked at recently, Profitable Runners and I am driven to reach the same conclusion for Racing Pays as I did for that. Namely that if you want to take a bit of a risk on Racing Pays being a cheap tipster service with a reasonable enough profit margin then you should feel free to however there are concerns. The fact that Racing Pays runs for a month after the Clickbank money back guarantee window is rather concerning, especially as 3 months is the next point that would seem “reasonable”. There is also the fact that Racing Pays was only recently registered and is done so anonymously through GoDaddy.

Personally, I find these to be strong indicators that something isn’t quite right here and as such I would avoid it however if you don’t mind putting money at risk for the potential of profits then Racing Pays is possibly worth a look.



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From: Simon Roberts