Racing Pro’ Selecta Review

Racing Pro’ Selecta is a horse racing tipster service which his being offered through the Tipster Street stable of tipsters. It uses a number of different bet types to generate a profit.

Introduction to Racing Pro’ Selecta 

There can be a lot of merit to leveraging multiple betting styles in order to maximise your profit. In fact, when it is done well, it can be a very sensible way of betting allowing for a combination of smaller wins to keep your betting bank topped up, whilst bigger wins drive your profit.

This appears to be a driving force behind today subject, Racing Pro’ Selecta. Combine this with Tipster Street’s claim that the service is “one of the leading horse racing tipsters on the net” and you have a pretty compelling argument. With this having been said, the results seem to indicate something a little different here. So, what is the truth here? Let’s find out.  

What Does Racing Pro’ Selecta Offer?

There is a lot about Racing Pro’ Selecta that warrants some attention or stands out to some degree or another. This applies to a number of different aspects of the service, but I want to start by talking about selectivity. Logistically, this isn’t a service that will work for people who want to put on a bet every day.

Tipster Street’s proofing shows just 8 bets for the month of January, 5 over December and similar numbers going back further in the year. As is the case with all products from Tipster Street, when selections are available you can expect to receive them directly via email. In the case of Racing Pro’ Selecta, this is the morning of racing, between 9am and 11am.

In terms of the bets themselves, Tipster Street describe Racing Pro’ Selecta as advising “single, double, treble & accumulator bets”, although looking at recent proofing there is little of the latter two.

It goes without saying that the volume of bets is very much on the lower side. Whilst Tipster Street say that the average is around 17 bets per month, it is a very long way from the more recent results. There is definitely a massive variance in terms of odds. This is mostly down to the inclusion of smaller accumulators.

Moving on to the staking side of Racing Pro’ Selecta, the proofing demonstrates that there are some huge stakes involved. It is advised that you stake anywhere from 1 point all the way up to 10 points on a given bet.

This number isn’t a particularly uncommon occurrence either. Naturally this kind of staking requires a very substantial betting bank and Racing Pro’ Selecta doesn’t disappoint. Tipster Street recommend having 300 points at your disposal if you want to follow along with the service.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything particularly strong in terns of the strike rate for Racing Pro’ Selecta. After all, Tipster Street launched the service some 2 and a half years ago and features accumulators. Something that typically brings the number down. Instead though, you are looking at a quite remarkable 37.33%. This is however only a small part of the picture when it comes to results for Racing Pro’ Selecta.

How Does Racing Pro’ Selecta Work?

Rather disappointingly, there is almost nothing to say about how Racing Pro’ Selecta actually works. Tipster Street make reference to how the tipster behind the service is professional and what not, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

This is all rather disappointing as I do believe that as a consumer you should be able to have some information, if only so you can get an idea what you are getting into. This doesn’t mean giving away everything in detail, but I would prefer something to nothing.

 I can speculate on the notion that the service is combining accumulators and singles for reasons that I explained earlier (consistent and then bigger wins), however I wouldn’t take that as gospel. Honestly though, there is very little to go off in terms of discerning what the selection process for Racing Pro’ Selecta may involve.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you want to sign up to Racing Pro’ Selecta, a monthly and a quarterly option. The monthly subscription is priced at £14.95 per month (plus VAT) whilst the quarterly subscription represents better value at £29.95 (plus VAT).

It is worth noting that both of the options come with a 30 day trial period which is priced at just £3.79. Unfortunately, Tipster Street don’t offer any money back guarantee for Racing Pro’ Selecta however they do say that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since it launched, Racing Pro’ Selecta has produced an overall points profit of 169.21. This isn’t a particularly a huge amount of money, however when you factor in that this comes from 2.5 years of betting, that is a very disappointing figure in my opinion.

Even more so is the fact that this number is down from some 375 points a year and a half ago.

In real world terms, this means a loss over 200 points in that time period which would be a substantial chunk of your 300 point betting bank. With this in mind, I believe that the average monthly profit that Tipster Street have of 5.47 points and ROI of 7.75% are somewhat misleading.

Conclusion on Racing Pro’ Selecta 

It isn’t very often that I struggle to find positives from a tipster service. If I had to really push to find something, I guess it would be that Tipster Street aren’t asking a lot for Racing Pro’ Selecta? If you had been with Racing Pro’ Selecta since the service started, you would have some profit?

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that there are a lot of problems with the service. This is rather disappointing as Tipster Street really talk up the positives of the service (of which there are arguably some, well, one…).

With that out of the way, it is time to address the rather monumental numbers of negatives that surround Racing Pro’ Selecta. I want to start by talking a little bit about profit and loss and my thoughts on the matter.

Essentially, I find that when you are looking at a tipster service and the results, there are a lot of things to take away and different ways of looking at results. For example, I have seen services with huge points profits but low ROI’s and likewise, I have seen services that are the opposite of that. There are also things to consider such as consistency of results.

Arguably the most important thing though are what I refer to as “real world” results. This is how the profits translate to real world situations.

For example, a tipster that has level stakes of 5 points and claims 500 points profit in real world terms could be considered 100 points of profit. In the case of Racing Pro’ Selecta, whilst the overall profit is indeed some 170 points of profit, that is based on the notion of you having been involved since day one.

In real world terms, there have been consistent losses for a significant period of time and that is ultimately a reflection of what I believe you can expect in the future.

Nobody wants to lose money and the unfortunate truth is that that looks like the most likely outcome if you are following Racing Pro’ Selecta. I can appreciate that services have their ups and downs, but a loss over the most recent 12 months just doesn’t bode well .Whilst I can appreciate that the service isn’t necessarily expensive, this doesn’t really matter if you are paying to lose money.

Whilst I can appreciate that historically Tipster Street has done well, that just doesn’t count for much in my opinion, especially in more recent times.

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