Racing Winner Review

Racing Winner is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by Steve G. He claims that his service can make a substantial profit for users, even on a betting exchange.

Introduction to Racing Winner

One of the worst things that you can hear if you are a serious bettor is that your betting account has been restricted, or worse, closed. I mean, in some respects, it is a nice problem to have. Clearly you have done the bookies over. But it also means that your potential income for the future is drastically reduced. Which is of course why betting exchanges are immensely popular. There are never restrictions, because anybody who wins pays the exchange at the back end. But making profit on a betting exchange can be a very different kettle of fish.

All of this is exactly why Racing Winner stands out to me. Because the marketing makes a very big deal about how Steve G’s bets are also profitable to BSP. This means that if you are one of those people who find yourself in that position where you have those restrictions, you may well be something that you can take advantage of that is evergreen. And in theory, this could well be a solution. The results certainly seem to suggest that this is possible with a pretty small difference in terms of the profit to BSP and through bookies.

And I’ll be honest with you here and now, the fact that Steve G is involved isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have looked at stuff from him before, and they aren’t bad services. Importantly, most of them have been up and running for a number of years where they have proven profitable. Does this mean that the same thing will happen with Racing Winner? Of course not. There are no ways of truly knowing much when it comes to betting. But there are definitely worse foundations to build on. So, let’s get into it. 

What Does Racing Winner Offer?

The core offering of Racing Winner is a pretty simple one. Even the headline for the service reads “Racing Expert Reveals How To Make £12,759 in Just 5 Months With a Simple Win Bet System”. And if I’m really honest, I am pleased to see that simplicity here. The fact of the matter is that there has been a trend recently towards complicating betting with tipsters. And I haven’t ever quite grasped why.

So, what does “simple” translate to for subscribers? Well, Racing Winner is a near daily tipster service. Now normally, when I say near daily, it means that there is a very occasional day where a tipster misses a bet. Steve G however has a structure in place, and even better, he justifies his decision.

Basically, we are told that he only chooses to bet between Tuesday and Saturday. Not having selections for Racing Winner on Sunday and Monday, we are told, makes the service easier to follow. More importantly though, he goes on to say that you are cutting out the days with the poorest racing opportunities.

In terms of the management side of things/the logistics, Racing Winner is probably what you would expect from a modern tipster service. Selections are sent out to subscribers directly via email. They typically land between 11am and 11.30am, admittedly a bit late in the day for some people. But if you are betting to BSP, that doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Importantly, Steve G includes a decent amount of information including time stamped odds for those who are betting through a bookie.

With all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the bets themselves. As you might expect from a service called Racing Winner, that makes explicit mention of a “Simple Win Bet System” in the headline of its service, well, you’re dealing with simple win bets. Something that is incredibly welcome, because especially if you are betting on an exchange, this makes this much easier.

Now, something that I do feel the need to talk about is the odds. The reason for this is because there is inevitably some disparity between the advised odds and those that you can get at BSP generally speaking. This is something that you should probably expect. But actually, that disparity isn’t quite as extreme as you might think. Importantly, Steve G’s proofing shows that quite often, you end up winning more at BSP.

So far, I think it’s pretty fair to say that I have been very positive about Racing Winner. Unfortunately, there are still things that you may want to keep in mind if you are looking at this. One of these things is that Steve G does operate a pretty high volume affair. Considering that you are only betting 5 days of the week, Steve G found 18 selections last week. And these kinds of numbers are somewhat commonplace too.

And in theory, your drawdown shouldn’t be too significant either with Racing Winner utilising a level staking plan of just 1 point per bet, or occasionally, 0.5 points on a bet. Something worth noting however is that Steve G does also say that 1% equates to 1 point. This is of course great when you are winning and can significantly increase your profits. It can mean struggling if you incur substantial losses.

In theory, with a strike rate of 30.2%, that really shouldn’t be a big problem. And so far it hasn’t been in the main. However, Racing Winner has incurred a 13 bet losing streak over a week in March. Obviously this kind of thing can really impact your betting bank in the longer term, and you be mindful of the possibility of this playing out again. 

As a bit of a bonus, Racing Winner also comes with 3 months of access to Steve Hudson’s Acca Tipster (at the time of writing). A service that provides you with football accas. There is a focus on longer form accumulators here, and of course, there are no guarantees. However, I won’t be considering this in any way a part of this review, what with them being completely different services. 

How Does Racing Winner Work?

One of the undoubtedly frustrating parts of Racing Winner is the fact that there is no real insight into how the service works. Pretty much at all. When you boil it down, much of Steve G’s marketing is focused on tee fact that his bets are profitable to Betfair’s start price, as well as to his advised odds. And building on this a little, we are told that odds are sent out later in the day to ensure that everyone can get similar odds.

This is admirable; however, it still doesn’t really tell you anything about the service and what you are getting yourself into. When it comes to the rest of the marketing material for Racing Winner, Steve G focuses on how other tipsters have let you down, and how they have let you down. There may well be some merit to this for a lot of people. But the astute amongst you will note that this still doesn’t actually tell you anything.

All of this is a little problematic in my mind. As much as Steve G will point to his longevity as a reason to buy into his services, I don’t think that is enough. The fact of the matter is that you should always be positioned to make an (at least somewhat) informed decision on a tipster service. I don’t believe that you can say that you are doing this here. If I sound unreasonable, understand, I am not looking for a detailed step by step breakdown. Just… Something.

It isn’t even like you can afford to put too much weight on the proofing. Now, I don’t mean this in so much as I doubt the claims Steve G makes for Racing Winner. Far from it. But this is still a relatively new service and as such, you are looking at 4 complete months of data. That might provide some insight, but it is a long way from complete. 

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing, there are two options available if you want to sign up to Racing Winner. The first of these is a monthly subscription. This is honestly quite reasonably priced at £14.95 per month (plus VAT). Alternatively, you can sign up to Racing Winner on a special “Early Bird Offer”. This gives you full access for a year and is priced at a one time cost of £67 (plus VAT).

Whichever option you go for, Steve G does very clearly advertise a 30 day money back guarantee. This is backed up by Clickbank (who handle payment for the service). As such, if you weren’t happy with Racing Winner, you shouldn’t have any real problem claiming this.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining claim for Racing Winner, as mentioned earlier, is that Racing Winner has made a profit of £12,759 in 5 months. This all looks very impressive, however, it is based on stakes of £100 per bet. This works out at a respectable enough 127.59 points. That really isn’t too shabby and means a 44.8% ROI.

What I am really interested though is the profit to BSP. The whole reason Racing Winner stood out to me is because it works at both the bookies and on Betfair’s exchange. Now, there is a small drop in terms of results. However, with Steve G showing a profit at 115.84 points, I really don’t think that is too bad at all.

Conclusion for Racing Winner

I don’t think it’s controversial to say that Racing Winner is a pretty good looking service. I know that most people aren’t actually going to achieve that £12,579 figure, just by virtue of the fact that most people don’t stake £100 per bet. But the fact is that 127 points in 5 months is respectable. It puts Steve G’s tips on course for a 300 point year, and I think most tipsters would be happy with that.

Of course, to BSP those numbers drop a bit. That is, I feel, generally to be expected. But the fact that they are still in the same ball park is genuinely quite impressive. I cannot stress enough how often betting to BSP over the bookies price usually means taking a bloody big hit to your profits. For some context on this, I have seen services losing hundreds of points profit between BOG and BSP. Of course, all of this is a huge positive for Steve G.

This is something that is key to the appeal of Racing Winner in my mind. The blunt fact of the matter is that most services that I have looked at that claim to be able to work to BSP often end up failing. What typically ends up happening is that the odds tend to drift substantially on the bets that don’t win, and shorten drastically on those that do. This means that you have high looking average odds, but not results that reflect that. Not here though.

As, if I’m really frank, is the pricing. I am always a bit cautious of allowing the cost of a service to influence my thoughts on it. One of the things that I often find myself saying is that if you haven’t paid a lot for a bad product, you have still paid money for a bad product. But in the case of Racing Winner, I don’t think it is a bad product per se. It also happens to be about a third of what I would expect to pay for a service.

 So, does all of this mean that I would look to recommend Racing Winner? If you are in the market for a budge horse racing tipster service and don’t mind coming in blind, this isn’t a bad option at all. Steve G seems to be producing a profit relatively consistently and that is really all that some people might care about. Especially at that price. 

But there are definitely better systems and services on the market. I believe that they generally have more proven and better staying power than what Steve G is doing here, and whilst more expensive, can be better value for money. So, if you are willing to invest a bit more, there are better options than Racing Winner out there.


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