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Rainbow’s End Betting System Review

Rainbow’s End Betting System is a horse racing betting system created by former trader Val Harrison that shows you how to make big profits from small stakes.

What does the product offer?

Using Rainbow’s End Betting System is, according to the sales pitch, a way of making consistent and easy profits with minimal risk. In fact, Val Harrison says that the minimal risk side of things is key to the whole system. Rainbow’s End Betting System comes as a 45 page downloadable guide that shows you how you can identify certain races in which you employ the method to make money. Rainbow’s End Betting System also comes with a staking calculator that is built into a downloadable spreadsheet. The nature of Rainbow’s End Betting System allows you to pick when you bet and works for horse races across the UK. That having been said, because of the selection criteria, there may not always be races that fit the bill. It is worth pointing out at this point that whilst not discussed in the sales pitch, you will ideally need to have 15 different bookmaker accounts open in order to take full advantage of Rainbow’s End Betting System.

How does the product work?

Val Harrison says that his betting system, like his trading methods, is based on the core idea that to acquire wealth you have to not lose money. Without going into too much detail (for obvious reasons), Rainbow’s End Betting System is heavily steeped in statistics and is based around using bookmakers odds on certain races to your advantage. This method isn’t a bonus bagging system (however as Val Harrison says, they are well worth taking advantage of) but some of the methods employed may not be unfamiliar to somebody familiar with arbitrage.

What is the initial investment?

Access to Rainbow’s End Betting System does not come cheap with Val Harrison charging £199 for access to his system. This does however come with a (vendor backed) 30 day money back guarantee should you find that you are unhappy with the product (Val Harrison invites users to try everything on paper during this trial period which is reassuring).

What is the rate of return?

There are a number of different figures discussed in terms of profits for Rainbow’s End Betting System. These range from making £20 – £50 per day to £6-£94 returns on a bet and even one beta tester making £7,000 in just 5 months. The most reasonable sounding figure however is Val Harrison’s claim that Rainbow’s End Betting System made £6,825 last year.


Rainbow’s End Betting System is not a bad system however it definitely comes with a premium price tag. As I have touched upon, although it isn’t mentioned you will need around £1,000 to get started with Rainbow’s End Betting System in order to open all the relevant betting accounts and to have enough to bet with successfully. This isn’t a get-rich-quick product and is built on some sound principles which really leaves the question of value to be examined. Personally, I find Rainbow’s End Betting System to be a little too pricey for my tastes. There are other systems out there that are cheaper that still work.



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Authenticated Profits Rainbow’s End
2015 March +£1149
April +£1570
May +£1110
June +£1092
July +£1497
August +£1693
Sept +£1049
Oct +£1548
Nov +£1059
Dec +£1768
2016 Jan +350
Feb +£455
Mar +£921
May +£1009
June +£585
July +£1149
August +£1166
Sept +£1263
Total Profit Since Public Launch +£20,914
Would you like to reconsider your review? This method has never had a losing month in seven years but I can only claim the profits since public launch.

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Hi Val,

Not really, epsecially as the concept is a direct copy of ‘All By The Book’ by Steve Davidson and is one of the fastest ways to get your bookmaker accounts limited.



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