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Rapid Cash Creation Review

Rapid Cash Creation is an upcoming product from Julia Rosa that provides a guide to starting out as an affiliate marketer.

What does the product offer?

Rapid Cash Creation offers users a step by step tutorial to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Rapid Cash Creation is video based with each video presented by Julia Rosa herself. The course is split into 15 modules that cover each aspect of starting up an online business as an affiliate marketer from scratch. Rapid Cash Creation offers basic information and doesn’t go into huge amounts of technical detail but provides enough for newbies to gain an understanding of how to market successfully. Rapid Cash Creation has a release date of September 25th at 9am EST.

How does the product work?

Rapid Cash Creation appears to draw heavily on the knowledge of Julia Rosa as a marketer. The course covers all topics from identifying a niche through to constructing a website and ultimately driving traffic to your new website.

What is the initial investment?

Rapid Cash Creation is still in the pre-release phase so there isn’t a price for it as of yet. Julia Rosa however says that the price will be less than $10 so I am anticipating a $7/8 product. This is however speculative on my behalf.

What is the rate of return?

Julia Rosa is already claiming that you can earn more than $50 per day by using what Rapid Cash Creation teaches.


As I have mentioned Rapid Cash Creation is a very simple course that offers very basic information. For example there are 6 modules dedicated to some aspect or another of installing and optimising WordPress. This makes it ideal for those who have no knowledge of running an online business. If however you have even the slightest inkling you are unlikely to find much. Another minor issue that I have is in regards to costs for Rapid Cash Creation.

Whilst it will likely be very cheap come launch I don’t believe that the information contained is particularly ground breaking and is likely available for free elsewhere. I think that if you were to view Rapid Cash Creation as consolidating that information it may serve you better, but there certainly isn’t anything new.



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